A Lover's Journey

by Sara Bevins 11 months ago in erotic

They worked together at the office... Always sending each other a small tease, to keep their mind racing for what's in store.

A Lover's Journey

There he was laying in bed completely naked, underneath the silky sheets. His lover stepping towards him wrapped only in a fresh towel. She begins to unravel herself gently kissing his lips. Starting to push his neck upwards, taking her lips lower and lower.

Pressing her tongue down his stomach, until she started on his shaft. The movement of her freshly painted nails scratching his thighs, making him moan louder. His beautiful lover wanted to try something new. She grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed, so he couldn't push her away. She grabbed some whip cream and put in in her mouth. She put her mouth on his shaft swirling her tongue around it.

His moans got louder, clenching his fist in the cuffs. He wanted to be inside of her, but he didn't want her to stop. She told him, "I want you now," as she un-cuffs him. He flipped her over on her back, pressing his lips on her stomach until he got to her neck. He started to insert his shaft into her, as she grabs the silky sheets, arching her back, moaning oh so loudly.

He goes deeper inside of her, watching her beautiful face as she bites her lip and moaning his name. He starts pulling her hair, thrusting deeper and harder. They both finished, and couldn't believe the amazing sex they just had.

Jack wanted a relationship with Tori, more than just sex buddies. Tori just liked the sex, she had no feelings for Jack. They worked together at the office... Always sending each other a small tease, to keep their mind racing for what's in store.

Jack couldn't stop thinking about Tori, her looks, her personality all of it. He wanted to prove to her that good men do exist. The more sex they had and intimacy they shared, Tori began to have feelings for Jack. She wanted to tell him in a sexy manner. They planned to go to her house that night. She had a little something planned.

Tori had on the sexiest school girl outfit for her lover, but Jack had other things in mind. He got some rope and tied her wrist and ankles to the bedpost, telling Tori she's been a very bad girl. He blindfolds her so she doesn't know what to expect.

Jack takes a cube of ice in his mouth and gently presses it on her neck. He starts going down to her breast circling the ice cube around her nipples. She begins to moan, at that moment he knew to go lower—the ice cube dripping water all over her chest.

He starts going lower pressing the ice cube hard down her stomach. Leaving the cube on her belly button while his tongue goes even much lower. Licking her clit in all the right spots she moans and talks dirty to him. Tori can feel her body tensing up and that's when Jack knew he was hitting her g-spot. She couldn't take the sexual torture any longer. He enters his shaft into her, caressing her body. He wraps his hands around her thighs pulling her towards him as he goes deeper.

Finally, they both finished and as he is taking the rope off her hands, she smiles at him saying "I love you." Jack said it back to his precious, but very naughty Tori. Their sex life couldn't be more perfect.

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