A Little Brat

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A Little Brat
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"OH, will you knock it off?!"

Daddy said in a playful tone, one that i loved so much cause usually when he is being playful, that was my que to set up a scene of me being the biggest brat and then being put in my place long enough for a quickie.

" You want me to knock it off, How about you get up and 'MAKE ME' Mister big shot. That's right you heard me, get up, come over here, grab me by my throat, throw me against the wall here and remind me why i call you 'Daddy'"

I said in a sarcastic playful tone back as i straighten out my neck inching closer to him in a playful taunting manner. A huge smile on my face as he winks back at me, but yet, all he did was smile and chuckle a little bit.

"Not now baby girl i have to go to work soon."

he said in a sweet soft and apologetic tone. And me still thinking this was part of the set up i pouted and crossed my arms over my chest and humphed.

" Never stopped you before 'Daddy'"

i say using my index and middle finger on both my hands to make the quotation air quot around the word 'Daddy'. But, again he chuckled and smiled more. And, when he moved to reach for his shoe i quickly jumped back and started to run away. But, all he grabbed was his shoe to put it on, he winked at me and softly asked.

"Nervous much baby girl."

" Me nervous never. Who in their right mind would be nervous of you Mister Big Shot."

I say again in a teasing and taunting tone, but just then, his phone chimed and he stood up my hopes instantly dashed away crashing into the ground with a sinking feeling that he may not have sex with me for a while still. No matter how hard i try, I still cant seem to get him to love me and have sex with me. The brat thing always used to get him right where it hurt the most and he loved it because it set up the scene for some primal play. But, as of lately he hasnt been even the slightest bit interested. He opened his arms and looked to me signalling that he has to go and i almost started to cry and throw a tantrum right then and there.

" Come give me a hug and a kiss baby girl."

He said softly calling me over to give him a hug and a kiss. I lowered my head to hide my disappointment and walked to him giving him a hug and a kiss before following him to the door to see him off to work and closing and locking it shut before turning away and walking back to the back room of the apartment that we are living at. If only i knew that he still wanted me like i want him which seems to be on a continuous basis now. Every move he makes, every time he touches my skin, or his beard rubs against my cheek, neck, and ear i get soaking wet with desire and lust. I cant describe just how much i feel the need to have him in me, on me, and around me. Its almost painful to sleep in the same bed with him and not be able to touch him, feel him, or have him be in me.

I miss the days when i would give the perfect set up and he would grab my throat, growl deeply against my ear turning me on so much that he could feel just how wet i was by rubbing his fingers against my folds through my cloths. How once he felt just how soaked i was by feeling me through my cloths he would growl again and have his lips lightly rub against my neck and his beard only hightening from the sensations he was causing. And that would be then the moment that i knew he was ready, ready to tear my cloths off and fuck me so hard and so fast the my toes would curl and we would be a growling and panting mess. Sweat rolling down over our bodies, the loud clapping sounds from his hard powerful thrusts into my wet wanton folds as he takes me from behind.

I swear i would be in complete bliss as he finishes inside me and allows me to play with my self till i finish while he was gone. Oh, if things could just go back to the days when that would happen. To depressed to stay awake i lay down in the bed and dont even try to play with my self and fall into a deep slumber.

Some time later, I wake up at 5:30 pm and rush out of bed and quickly run to the bathroom. I do my daily thing after i wake up from some sleep, and jump quickly into the shower and clean my self not knowing what could have happened, I then remembered this morning and wondered why i even bother. I highly doubt that he would even care to do anything and he may not even be in the mood.

I finished showering and wrapped a towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom and when i did i was grabbed by my throat in just the right spots. I know those rough hard labored hands any day. Daddy was home and i think he might be in the mood. He lowered his head down next to my ear and growled deeply next to my ear while rubbing his soft lips and rough stubble against my neck, cheek, and ear.

"What was that about 'Make me remember why i call you Daddy' baby girl?"

he growled out and i became instantly wet all over again. And, when he growled out those words he squeezed my throat a little more and i gasped out loudly. He smiled and said to me.

" Now im going to shower and then i expect to find you in our room naked and in the doggy position when i get in there. Am i understood baby girl?"

He asked in his sexy voice and all i could do was nod. He smiled and let me go walking back into the bathroom and i quickly ran into the room to wait putting coconut oil all over my wanton we folds and my ass my cause i know that Daddy had to be hungry and i only want the best for him.

His shower ended quickly and when i heard the bathroom door open and i quickly got into position when he walked in i bowed lower and wiggled my ass in the air. He smiled broadly and whispered Good girl before closing and locking the door behind him. He removed his towel and came up behind me and leaned down. I felt his tongue touch my most intimate part and i whimpered out loudly. He slid two of his rough fingers deep inside me as his tongue played with some thing far more nerve racking. I was officially a whimpering, moaning puddle in his far more then capable hands. When he was done having his fun making me orgasm he leaned up and grabbed my hair and finally connected with me. He pulled my hair back causing me to lean back as soon as he penetrated my wanton womb fucking me hard and fast. He was hitting so hard and deep against my womb that his member poked out through my belly.

My daddy was hung like a well breed horse and it hurt but it hurt so fucking good that i would cry and moan with each thrust. I love it when my daddy possesses me like this. Fucking me roughly from behind, him smacking my ass hard, and reaching down and softly grabbing my throat and lightly squeezing to remind me of who he was and how he was. Soon i heard my daddy moan as he released his load deep inside of me and we both fell to the mattress a sweating, heated mess of passion.

"I .. love you daddy."

I said through heavy pants, he pulled me on top of him and whispered.

" I ... love you to baby girl. Now Rest."

I nod and soon together we both fall asleep happily in eternal bliss.

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