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“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”

by Insatiable-ness 2 years ago in humanity
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You know what is the best thing in the world? Friendship. I mean it generally, like friendship with your children, spouse, women, girls, boys, men, animals, whatever your preference. All I'm saying is it’s essential. Having good (or bad) people you can confide in is a blessing. You know there is a “but'' in this situation though. Friendship means trust and trust entails a lot of effort. If you haven’t done so already, go read my prior stories so you can get a better picture of who I am. So when I meet people, I initially tell them not to love me. Seriously! You know why? Not putting a defense mechanism up, it’s more like I know what I want and don’t want. The sad truth is that most people end up loving you when you say that. Jesus... It’s like telling a child not to cross the street by themselves and they just want to do it more. Then how the fuck can you be mad at me for that? Get mad at yourself. There were rules and recommendations, and you decided against them. Not my problem...

This story starts out by me wanting pussy so bad that it had me doing every dirty thing to get it. Unfortunately, you need a better understanding of how my mind works. First off, I truly believe we all have some sort of multiple personality syndrome that we are not aware of. But if you watch yourself carefully (especially with different types of alcohol involved), you get to find out all those different personalities you actually become. I started realizing it pretty early on in life and started naming them for the fun of it (with guidance of several fuck buddies that know have experienced a few of them). The below are some of the names I have been called or came up with and what personality comes with that name. More of a reason not to love me HAHA. I thought it was Schizophrenia for a while so I researched it (cause I’m curious if I’m normal all the time), I am defintely not that!

I’m going to start from the worst to the nicest version of me. First up is Tornado Tina, this monster of a human being is the worst person you will ever meet. She gives no fucks about people, legal enforcement or any type of “rules”. She will get physical and reckless (she's the one that crashed a few cars in her lifetime). She also thinks she’s invincible and can get away with murder. The downside, the sex sucks here (unless it’s make-up sex), but I have already pissed you off at this point and you left or put your hands on me to calm my ass down. Thank God she doesn’t come out too often, but when she does, she causes havoc for days!

Next up is Nasty Geezy who is a tad calmer than Tornado Tina in the physical sense (just verbal abuse), but she is still loud and obnoxious and hurts complete strangers because she is on a high horse. Sex won’t happen here either unless you stop combatting me and give in to the crazy.

Suzie homemaker is as fun as June Cleaver (shit, I didn't know who that was and googled that shit), she makes full blown meals in the middle of the night. She is happy, high, horny and apparently will do anything for some physical touching. She cooks and dances her ass off. Sex is really good here because the baking/cooking and dancing at all hours of the night apparently turns men on, lord have mercy.

Woody Woodpecker is special, because she thinks she’s a fucking detective. She interrogates the shit out of you and pushes every little button you might have. The difference with her and the nasty ones is that if you touch her in any way she instantly becomes a full blown nympho. She will go on for hours and will not let you sleep (porn star kind of sex).

Then there's Big Booty Judy which is the biggest attention seeker you will ever meet. She can knock over drinks with her ass and no one will say anything. She loves to be touched and played with. Sex is amazing here because her confidence is soooo up her ass that she will do anything (even lick your ass)!

Last but not least, there’s Sabrina, she is the one I call "sexy librarian", I have also heard that she can be categorized as a “frisky nerd”. Sabrina has a raspy voice, curly hair and glasses. She’s smart (or at least I look like it) and kills people with kindness. This is my favorite person because she is less intoxicated than all the rest and can be in control. Sabrina sex is fearless and she loves trying new things (fuck me in the ass kinda shit). She loves to dance and ride dick to the fullest. Sabrina has amazing fuck sessions!

Now that you understand a little more about the different personalities I have discovered, let’s get back to how I started out the night craving pussy! I ended up going out with a friend I met at the gym. She was different and hot (in my eyes), so of course I befriended her. We went to a local bar and got piss drunk together (Nasty Geezy level). The bar closed up and we ubered back to my place. Thank god for that car ride because it made Nasty Geezy sober up to Big Booty Judy. My girl ended up staying over and I did everything I could to get a taste of pussy (cause dick wasn’t on the brain). I convinced her to sleep in my bed, so I took full advantage of that situation. I ended up walking in the bedroom butt naked and slid under the covers. I sat on top of her and started to kiss on her tits and lips (nice ones as a matter of fact), then went lower to her ribs, her stomach, her lower stomach and her pussy. She let me eat her out for a while and she enjoyed every moment of it. Then I tried to place a finger inside her pussy and she went crazy. Not good crazy, scared crazy because she has never done this before. Shit all I was trying to do was finger you woman (not fist you)! She let me grind on her a bit more, but then she pushed my ass off cause I was getting too aggressive. Shit, I was horny hello! Let's just say I turned my ass to her and played with my vibrator. She fell asleep and that friendship went down the drain. Who knows what would have happened if Sabrina was the one who appeared that night...


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Married 14 years. 2 kids later. Happily divorced and living the dream or is it a nightmare...

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