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A hard workout

by D-Donohoe 2 months ago in sexual wellness
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The best way to work up a sweat

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As the treadmill began to slow to a stop Jodi grabbed hold of the handrail and stood to the side of the still moving belt. She took a big drink from her water bottle and started to catch her breath. As she reached down to pick up her towel and her keys from the floor next to the treadmill a few drops of sweat fell onto the floor. She wiped away the sweat from her forehead and neck, but she could feel her whole body soaked from a solid session on the treadmill.

Jodi had never been that keen on running, but recently she had enjoyed the 30 minutes of uninterrupted time on the treadmill to finish off her workout. She had developed her own playlist to run to, and she found that the endorphin release was much stronger. Even though Jodi was usually up and going at 6 am, she preferred to have a solid workout to end the day.

She’d wallowed in self-pity for a while after her breakup and eventually decided she wanted to do something positive, that’s when she decided to start exercising again. She had been quite sporty in her younger days but in recent years had let work and life get in the way of prioritizing her own fitness. She wasn’t doing it to look good for anyone, she wanted to do it for herself.

She wouldn’t deny that she was loving the way her body was starting to look and was loving her recently purchased gym gear. Jodi caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she liked the way she looked. She especially admired how her backside looked in those leggings, normally she wouldn’t wear a color like the vibrant red of these tights, but she decided to go a bit out of her comfort zone. She was glad she did, on more than one occasion she’d gotten compliments from women on them and caught guys checking her out.

As Jodi stood there for a second longer admiring herself, she caught a glimpse of someone else in the mirror watching her just as intently. It was Simon, another early morning gym goer. He was young, fit, and good-looking. He had spoken to her once before when they’d been the only people in the gym. Jodi liked his smile, and she liked his body, in a world where there were lots of guys that didn’t get her attention, Simon certainly got hers.

She could see his mouth moving but then realized her headphones were drowning out the sound of his voice. As Jodi took the headphones out of her ears, she turned to face him. “Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you couldn’t hear me,” Simon said with a smile, “I was just saying that it looked like you smashed out those last few minutes.” Jodi kept wiping the sweat off her face and shoulders and said, “I’m absolutely fucked now!” Instantly she regretted that statement, and said “I mean… I… I’m exhausted.” With a slight chuckle Simon said, “I was going to say, if that’s how you get fucked, you’re doing it wrong.”

Looking to change the topic Jodi asked, “Got any plans for the weekend?” To which Simon replied, “Work and study is pretty much my life now. What about you?” Jodi pondered for a second making her life sound more exciting than it is, but instead, she said, “If I can get a solid five hours of Netflix in, I’ll be happy.” Simon smiled, he replied, “Got to aim high!”

Just then, the young guy who worked the evening shifts walked past. Not caring if he was interrupting, said to the two of them, “I’m shutting up in 30 minutes, ok?” He didn’t wait for a response and walked off. Jodi had found him to be equal parts rude and unengaged, as much as it was against her nature, Jodi had never bothered to find out his name. Simon looked at Jodi, shrugged and said, “Guess I’d better get moving then”. Jodi was so annoyed that her opportunity to flirt had been cut short.

They walked off towards their respective change rooms. Jodi had hoped to talk to Simon some more, she loved looking into his eyes and dreaming about his muscular arms and chest. Her thoughts continued to think about Simon and how she’d love to experience him as she undressed and turned on the shower. She liked to walk out of the gym with the sweat washed off her, by the time she got home she would be ready to climb into bed. As the warm water began to flow on her bare skin, she imagined Simon’s hands moving gently over her body, it excited her. As her finger touched her clit it sent tingles through her body. She was thinking that maybe she should get home so she could have an extended play. Then without warning, the lights went out and the room was plunged into darkness. Jodi paused for a second, hoping that the lights would come back on, but they did not. Through the darkness, she yelled “Ummm, hello?” The complete absence of light meant she had to fumble to turn off the water, she reached out her arms to find her towel. She began drying herself but knew that it was going to be challenging to move too far without some light.

“Is anyone there?”

She called out again, it was quiet for another ten seconds, and then she heard the door to the change room open and a small beam of light enter the room. Then she heard Simon’s voice say, “I think the kid decided to lock up and leave.” Jodi couldn’t believe it; she couldn’t believe that the young guy had such little professionalism that he would just leave and lock up without checking if people were still there. She also couldn’t believe she was standing there naked, and Simon was a few metres away. “That would be right” replied Jodi.

“Do you need anything?” Simon asked. And Jodi thought she did need something from him, but opting to keep it PG rated, she instead said, “I just need to get to get to my phone so that I have some light to get dressed”.

“Ok, well I’ll turn around and you can get what you need.” With that response Jodi thought that he mustn’t have been interested in her in that way. But she liked that he was that much of a gentleman. She wrapped the towel around herself and opened the door. As she walked the few feet to her clothes she looked over at Simon, his back turned with his phone held over his right shoulder. As she bent down to get her underwear, the towel slipped to the floor. “Damn it” Jodi muttered. The light moved, she looked over at Simon, he had turned to see what was wrong. As her eyes caught his, she figured that this was as good a time as ever, she stood up straight, put her hands on her hips and said, “Do you think that my exercise regime is working?” Simon smiled and said, “It’s hard to tell in this light, from this distance”.


Jodi began to walk towards him. She summoned every ounce of courage and confidence; the cool night air was making her nipples hard. As she approached, she could see Simon’s eyes wandering over her body, he was looking so seriously, so intently. As she stopped an arm’s length in front of him, she recaptured his gaze, tilting her head to the side she asked “Well?”

The hand not holding the phone became outstretched, he placed it on the side of Jodi’s abdomen. That first touch of his skin on hers felt ecstatic, instantly Jodi’s breathing changed. He slid his hand slowly upwards over her skin, until was on her breast, his fingers gently touching Jodi’s hard nipples. The sensation caused to Jodi to make an involuntary inhale. It had been months since she had felt the touch of man, and she was now being touched by someone this handsome.

Simon’s hand moved behind Jodi’s back, he pulled her towards him, and they began to kiss. Simon’s phone tumbled to the ground, and they stood there kissing with only the light from his phone. As their bodies pressed together, she realised that he was hard, she could feel him pressed against her. Measuring the inequity of the situation, with Jodi naked and Simon fully clothed she decided to even the score. Jodi lifted Simon’s shirt, he hadn’t gotten to the shower, but she loved the smell of him sweaty. As her hard nipples pressed against his chest, she felt more turned on than she had in years.

She felt his hand move between her legs, those fingers of his began to gently caress her already wet pussy, it made her take another deep breath. Her hands fumbled with his shorts, she had to release him, he helped, and his shorts slid down his legs to the floor. She felt how hard he was, and it aroused her even more, knowing that she had him so turned on from her. She needed to feel him inside her, that was one sensation she needed.

Jodi pulled back for a second, she leaned back in and kissed his lips some more. Then she lifted her right leg and wrapped it around Simon. Moving with the same purpose, Simon helped lift her up as Jodi also wrapped her left leg around him. In less than a second, she felt him slide inside her. She felt that warm hard cock, move deep inside her. It felt amazing, she could tell by the way Simon started to breath harder that he loved it too. He walked forward to a high bench in the change room that was about waist height, Jodi could rest her backside there, and Simon could start moving hard inside her.

Jodi lifted her legs just enough to allow him to get that little bit deeper, and she felt him moving hard and fast inside her. He leaned forward and kissed her, the passionate warm kisses that Jodi had craved and longed for. In the near darkness she relied on her other senses, the sounds of him sliding in her so wet, the smell of him sweaty, and her all turned on, and the feeling of his body joined with hers. It was almost too much; she felt her body ready to cum. But then..


Suddenly, the room was aglow again, all the lights were on, Simon stopped momentarily, stunned by the sudden brightness. Then came the voice from outside “Hello, is someone in here?” Jodi was shocked and annoyed. She wasn’t going to let this poor gym management ruin her fun again. She moved one hand to cover Simon’s mouth and the other she placed on her clit. She began rubbing as Simon started his rhythm inside her again.

She blocked out the sound of someone calling out, and all she could hear was her own breathing. She was close and she needed this. Her fingers excited her on the outside, and Simon was driving her wild on the inside. His motion reached peak thrust and she knew he was close. She wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him in to her for one final thrust. That warm explosion inside her triggered her own response. Her body was hit with a wave of pleasure, it flowed over her, she threw her head back, knocking it on the wall. She didn’t care, she loved how her whole body felt.

The sounds outside were getting closer, and louder. Simon withdrew, but Jodi sat there for a few more seconds. Simon smiled and said, “I’ll handle it”. Jodi thought that she thought he already had. He raced to his clothes and got re-dressed, going back out of the change room. Jodi could hear him talking to the gym worker, explaining that we had been locked inside and were not happy. The young guy was all apologetic and just afraid he’d get in trouble.

Jodi got herself re-dressed and went outside. The young gym worker was apologising again, but Jodi ignored him and walked out with Simon.

She invited him back to her place, where they had a proper shower and over that weekend entered into an extensive training program.

sexual wellness

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