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A Curious Creature

Creative Desires - I

By Rice BeanPublished 23 days ago 8 min read

The sun was beaming on the shores of the beach. The beachgoers grilling in the rays of radiation, the ocean glistening in its natural blue hue, and the sky devoid of any negativity. It was the perfect day to go surfing.

Further away from shore, the tides reached elevations of around 6 feet, ideal conditions to catch a couple of swells.

Cora was sitting on her surfboard with her legs resting apart at each side taking in the wind, the beaming mid-summer heat, the trickling of the water, and the peace that came with practicing her favorite sport. She brushed her hands through the water feeling, measuring, anticipating when the next wave would arrive.

She eventually picked up on the ocean’s currents, and readied herself for the next swell. She swam on her board towards the lifting waters, and stood up once she was adequately positioned to glide along the wave. A smile formed on her face as she relished the feeling she had adopted since young. A mix of liberty and familiarity. As if the water was her home.

After about a minute of surfing, the wave died down and she proceeded to lay on her stomach. From a couple of meters away, she was cheered on by a couple other surfers. It was the first wave of the day the someone caught to completion. She bowed at the applause with grace.

“You know Cora, it’d be nice if you fell a few times. They say bones become sturdier the more you drop, plus, you would make the rest of us look better.” Mark said with a playful pout.

Mark was a friend she had made through surfing a some time ago. They both shared a passion for the sport, and he admired her unwavering courage. They displayed their enjoyment for each other's presence with playful banter.

“What can I say, years of practice and dedication. You simply need to understand how the waves interact, and feel the motion.”

“How poetic. All this talk about motion is moving gears in my stomach. I’m gonna grab some ice cream. Want any?” He said while dramatically grabbing and rubbing his chiseled belly.

“I’ll get some later, I’ll just enjoy the tides for now.”

“Suit yourself. Don’t over do it and overheat.” Mark replied and swam towards a group of other surfers to announce his plans. She watched as he convinced them to ditch the waves, and swim the dozens of meters back to shore to grab a cone of the tasty treat.

Sweet talker. Pun intended.

Cora shook her head in amusement and glanced back to the open sea. She was now alone at that distance and decided to indulge the serene environment. She laid back so her backside was to the board, and her eyes to the clear sunny skies.

She was wearing a peach colored two piece bikini, with a regular bikini bottom and a secured triangle top with two sets of straps. The garments complimented her dark brown skin and delicate features. Not to mention her gentle green eyes that remind its gazers of a glade. She was the epitome of a harmonious spirit, with beauty inside her soul, as well as on her features.

The sunbathing session was so relaxing she closed her eyes.

After a few minutes of floating on the surface of the water, she felt a tickle on her hip. With nothing in the vicinity but a board and water, she assumed it was an insect of some sort. Cora was not a stranger to bugs. She had lived in many forested areas throughout her youth, with mosquitoes four times the size of blackflies. They merely blended into her surroundings. She did not pay any mind to the organism on her hip. Yet the tickle persisted.

Suddenly she felt a skinny arm lay laterally along her stomach. What woke her up was not the length of the arm, but rather the suction it was creating the wake of its movement.

What the fu-

Cora shot straight up from her resting position and crossed her legs on the board. She looked down with confusion. Her mouth widened with realization at the tentacle that was now wrapped around her person. She was being touched by a squid. And by the length of the tentacle reaching out from below the ocean’s surface, it was a large one.

She couldn’t make out the frame of the squid due to the dark blue waters.

I should’ve gone to that aquatic girl scouts camp. How the HELL am I supposed fend of an invisible squid with no weapons and no army? I’m too far out from shore, and I can’t exactly throw my bikini at it or kick it. Maybe I could strangle its tentacle with my underwear strap… no stupid idea. It would definitely take me to Bikini Bottom to meet Patrick. Come on Cora, THINK-

In the midst of her thoughts, another tentacle made its way onto her back, suctioning straight up her spine. Her thoughts paused and she shivered.

The long and firm arm crept up her spine to her neck, giving her small choke. Cora finally regained control of her limbs after her brain freeze, and used them to stop the cephalopod from suffocating her. But it simply rested there, while the other circled her abdomen, as if it were keeping her steady.

Cora was confused at the unexpected gentleness in the creature’s movements. Both tentacles moved with care, almost as if careful not to harm its prey.

Suddenly, two more tentacles shot out of the dark blue waters and wrapped around her crossed legs. She gasped as they swiftly dragged her legs apart, both limbs placed into the water while keeping her seated on her surfboard.

Whatever this creature wanted, it was evident she couldn’t fight back.

A new tentacle slid out from the water in snake like fashion along her leg and momentarily froze at her inner thigh. Cora glanced below the tentacle wrapped around her neck like a boa, and saw the moving limb touching her brief.

She inhaled a short breath of air, and barely had enough time to calculate its next move. The tentacle bypassed her bikini from the top and slithered south. She exhaled a long moan as the arm grazed over her clit. The rugged texture provided just enough friction to inch her closer to her pleasure.

She bit her lip in an attempt to exercise restraint.

This doesn’t feel good. A fucking squid is trying to get a taste of you, Cora. Get a grip! This doesn’t feel good.

While she was repeating those thoughts like a mantra, the squid advanced towards her entrance and explored. She screamed out a moan as the tentacle discovered her g-spot during its exploration. Cora move her arms to grab onto the tentacle that was pleasuring her in an effort to protect her person.

It was futile.

Two more tentacles shot out of the water with her vocal response, and worked to untie the bikini top back slip knot. The string came undone and loosely fell on her sides. The top knot still tied on her neck remained untouched. The tentacles initially tentatively fiddled with her breasts while the movement in her core slowed. They caressed the sensitive areolas and Cora panted.

Fuck, I’m getting handled by a squid- Aaah

The tentacles then enveloped her tits, giving them a squeeze.

Mmmmmmffhhh~ I love a good boob play. Nooooo mmmffhh Stay focused Cora! I can’t just let a squid finger me.

Her resolve was weakening by the second, as the squid once again initiated its motions in her pussy, in addition to the fondling of her bosom. She couldn’t help but express herself in a series of grunts and moans.

The squid kept its movements steady, and rubbed the sensitive bundle of nerves inside her core repeatedly.

What if I didn’t resis-

She couldn’t even finish the thought, as the tentacle in her hole edging her towards her sexual pleasure started sucking her bean. Cora's moans abruptly increased in volume, and she eased into an incoherent state. She was close to her peak.

A new tentacle emerged from the dark sea, and dragged her left shoulder down to her board, her feet now restrained in the air.

She momentarily thought about what a passerby would see: her limbs enveloped in tentacles, legs sprawled in the air, neck strangled with just enough force to make the breath play erotic, her boobs expertly massaged by foreign arms, cunt exposed to the sky and dripping with juices from the invasive member.

Just the thought turned her on impossibly more.

The tentacle near her shoulder moved to hover above her flower, as if admiring the external folds.

It’s almost as if it was giving her a choice to feel good. To wholeheartedly enjoy the moment with her pussy and not her brain. Doing just that, she grabbed onto the tentacle that was inside her, guiding it to the most pleasurable regions while in a mind numbing bliss.

It then smacked her pussy once. A loud moan erupted from the innocent surfer at the unexpected action. It took her a few seconds for oxygen to return to her, and the coiled tentacle around her neck was no help. She had discovered a new kink.

And she liked it.

It only took a couple more whips on her cunt and intense suction to her clit, in addition to the fondling, to release her fluids. Her body arched up from the surfboard with the tentacles clamped to her legs, as she squirted a stream of clear fluid. The gushing lasted many seconds, draining out the last of her reserves and leaving her a quivering mess.

When she finally returned from her high, the tentacles slowly deposited her back down to her board, with Cora unable to control her spasming. The tentacles around her gradually eased up and let go of her sensitive body.

She couldn’t speak or think in her naked fucked out state. She tried to catch her breath, but under the burning heat, it proved difficult.

Cora slowly turned to the tentacles retreating back towards their source. She tried to focus and catch a glimpse of the creature under the surface that gave her the most amount of sensual gratification she had reached in her life. She only managed to catch a large eye staring in her direction before she passed out.

When Cora’s eyes opened, she was met with a very worried Mark and his fellow surfer friends standing around her with concern. She got up to a sitting position on her board, trying to tune out the hurried words of a concerned friend. She ran her hands down from her shoulders to her thighs, and was internally relived that her bikini was in place.

“Cora! You gave me the fright of a lifetime! I told you not to over do it! The sun is not to be reckoned for some simple waves. What if you had fallen into the water and some sea creature had eaten you up?! What then?”

She looked at her surroundings. She appeared to be in shallow waters, she derived from the surfers standing in the ocean. She wondered about how she returned to shore.

Did I pass out from heat exhaustion? What an erotic dream.

She gazed past the surfers, towards her previous location further down the bay. From a distance, she barely noticed a single tentacle coming out of the water and waving, as if symbolizing a goodbye, before breaching the surface once more.

She smiled.

“Don’t be so overdramatic. Sea creatures don’t usually come this close to shore. Though, I'll take that ice cream now.”


About the Creator

Rice Bean

Thanks for stopping by my page !❤️

My imagination is filled with random specks of creativity that I would love to share with you all. Many desires never come to light, so I explore them in writing and in thought.

Hope you enjoy!

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