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Yue Fei, the national hero of Song dynaty

How hero become a hero,Just look at his mother

By David cenPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Yue Fei was born in Tangyin County, Henan Province in 1103. He was the youngest of three sons, and his family had a long tradition of serving the Song dynasty. From a young age, Yue Fei showed a great interest in martial arts, and he was trained in archery, horseback riding, and other military skills.

Yue Fei's mother was a strong and determined woman who played a significant role in his life. She was deeply committed to her son's success and was known for her strict discipline and high expectations.

Yue Fei's Mother: "You must work hard and train diligently if you want to become a great warrior. There are no shortcuts to success."

Yue Fei took his mother's words to heart and worked tirelessly to improve his skills. He became a skilled archer and horseman and was eventually appointed as a general in the Song army.

In 1127, the Jin dynasty invaded the Song dynasty and captured the capital city of Kaifeng. Many of the Song officials fled, but Yue Fei remained loyal to the Song dynasty and continued to fight against the Jin invaders.

Yue Fei: "We must not give up hope. We can still defeat the Jin and restore the glory of the Song dynasty."

Yue Fei led his troops in a series of battles against the Jin dynasty. He was known for his bravery and his military strategy, and his reputation grew with each victory.

However, Yue Fei's success also made him enemies within the Song court. Some officials were jealous of his popularity and saw him as a threat to their own power.

One day, Yue Fei's mother came to visit him in his camp. She saw that her son had a tattoo on his back which read "Serve the country with the utmost loyalty". She was moved to tears by this display of patriotism.

Yue Fei's Mother: "My son, you have always been brave and loyal. But remember, loyalty to the country must come before loyalty to any individual."

Yue Fei took his mother's words to heart and continued to fight for the Song dynasty with all his might. However, his enemies within the Song court were plotting against him.

In 1141, a corrupt official named Qin Hui accused Yue Fei of treason and had him arrested. Yue Fei was brought before the court and was forced to confess to crimes that he did not commit.

Yue Fei: "I have always been loyal to the Song dynasty. I have never betrayed my country."

Despite his protests of innocence, Yue Fei was found guilty and was sentenced to death. His mother tried to intervene and pleaded with the officials to spare her son's life.

Yue Fei's Mother: "My son is innocent. You cannot condemn him to death."

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, and Yue Fei was executed in prison. His mother was heartbroken by the loss of her son, but she continued to fight for justice and to honor his memory.

Today, Yue Fei is remembered as a national hero in China. He is celebrated for his courage, his loyalty, and his patriotism. His story continues to inspire and motivate people to serve their country with honor and dedication.

Yue Fei died at the age of 39, after being falsely accused of treason and executed by the corrupt officials of the Song dynasty.

Yue Fei's death was a great loss for the Song dynasty and for the Chinese people. He was a hero who had fought bravely to defend his country and his people, and his loyalty and patriotism were an inspiration to many.

Despite the circumstances of his death, Yue Fei's legacy continued to inspire and motivate people to serve their country with honor and dedication. His story was passed down through the generations, and he was celebrated in literature, art, and culture.

Today, Yue Fei is still remembered as a national hero in China, and his legacy continues to inspire and motivate people to serve their country with courage, loyalty, and patriotism.

In many ways, Yue Fei's sacrifice was worthy, as it served as a reminder to future generations of the importance of serving one's country with honor and dedication. His unwavering loyalty and patriotism continue to inspire people around the world, and his story remains a powerful symbol of the human spirit's capacity for courage and selflessness.yuemu

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