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Twenty years ago, I had a horse, and it took my dad and I nearly a week to get it to me.

By SalamPublished 8 months ago 7 min read

20 years ago, I had a horse. This horse was approved to me after grinding with my father for nearly a week. It was the most beautiful mare among the 20 horses my father came from Inner Mongolia. It had a green coat, affectionate eyes, and a docile character. I named it "Xuexue". At that time Xuexue was pregnant, and in her spare time, my father took me to ride Xuexue to Dianzi. Although Xuexue is only a breed of ploughing horses, when she went to the big dianzi, Xuexue was high-spirited and unrestrained. The wind blew strongly from the opposite side, and the little me, lying on its warm back, felt the speed and was full of joy. Slowly, stop, it whispered softly "" twice, telling me it was time to come down and go home. If I didn't come down, it would run another lap and beg me to come down again, because Dad had already called us home for dinner. I was willful, and before I came down, it would run another lap and beg me repeatedly. Its voice was full of maternal pampering and love.

What a happy day like this! Me and my Xuexue, and later me and my Xuexue and Xuexue's children - Xiaoxue, who looks exactly like Xuexue, passed a summer and a winter, and another summer and a winter. It was the winter of the third year after Xuexue came to my house. It was a rare cold winter. I took advantage of the winter vacation to have fun. I took my third brother's one-legged ice car, pulled on two ice brakes that were half as tall as me, and walked Xuexue and her son Xiaoxue to Liaohe to set up an ice car.

Stepping through the snow nest and through the snow wall, we came to the Liaohe River, which is several feet thick with ice. I said to Xuexue and Xiaoxue, "Go, walk by yourself and find some grass to eat, I want an ice car!" Xuexue and Xiaoxue were very obedient. They stood on the river bank and looked at my ice car. After watching for a while, they followed the river bank to find grass under the snow to eat. Just when I was having a good time, I accidentally paddled the ice car onto a stump of reed grass on the shore. The strong rebound force overturned me, and I only felt that the back of my head was hit hard on ice that was harder than a rock. I didn't know anything.

Then something happened that still moved me to this day.

Xuexue and Xiaoxue must have sensed something, and they ran to my side. Then, Xiaoxue stayed here, while its mother Xuexue ran back to the village.

Xuexue deftly dodged the pedestrians on the village road, and ran to my house, jumping over the one-meter-high wooden gate to find my father. There was no one in the main room, and Xuexue hurriedly circled in the yard. Dad and Mom were going down to the house to clean up farm tools. Xuexue heard the sound of iron hitting, and it shouted at the window of the lower house. Dad thought we were back, and it was asking its owner for water. Dad said, "Xuexue, wait a minute, I'll be ready soon." Seeing that her father ignored it, Xuexue became anxious. It repeatedly kicked and screamed in front of the room, and her father knocked on the window lattice with a shovel to scold it. Dad's carelessness made Xuexue anxious. It turned in circles frantically, suddenly stopped, stood quietly for a while, and then slammed open the wooden door of the lower house. A deep wound hung on its face by the iron nail on the door, and blood dripped down. Despite these, it just stubbornly whispered and whimpered at Dad. Dad was irritated by Xuexue's abnormal behavior, and raised the shovel in his hand and swung it down on Xuexue's body. Xuexue didn't retreat, but also rushed into the house. Dad was very angry and hit it harder and harder, but against Dad's fury, it began to turn its head to my mother for help. Mom didn't understand what happened to Xuexue, who has always been docile, today. In her doubts, she found that Xiaoxue didn't come back, and neither did her daughter.

Mom called Dad: "Quick, something must have happened to Xue'er!" Dad was stunned for a while, only to realize that his daughter, who usually goes out with Xue Xue, did not come back. Seeing that Dad stopped, Xue Xue looked up to the sky and screamed, then ran to the gate of the courtyard and looked back at Dad. Mom said, "Dad Xue'er, quick, ride Xue Xue and go with Xue Xue!"

Xuexue, who was beaten all over by my father, carried my father and rushed to my side quickly.

At that time, Xuexue's son Xiaoxue seemed very quiet. It obeyed Xuexue's arrangement and stayed here waiting for its master. It must have known the coldness of the ice, and knew that if I wasn't taken away in time, I would freeze to death. So Xiaoxue, the righteous horse that usually looks naughty, lay beside me, tightly, using its body temperature to warm the comatose me.

Xuexue stepped on the snow, and the snow dust was raised high behind her, and the sweat steaming from her body brought its master to me. Dad patted the quiet Xiaoxue, and Xiaoxue saw her master and mother coming. "Skipper" called a few times, stood up, and left a deep depression where it lay. Dad stepped forward to hug me, but the blood from my head made my hair and ice freeze together. At this time, the miracle happened again, Xiaoxue, it lowered its head, warmed with the hot air spewed from its nose, licked with the warmth and wetness of its tongue, and bit by bit, separated my hair from the ice. And its tongue was glued off by ice, and it was bleeding.

Dad cried. Dad never cried easily, but that time, Dad cried. The mothers and villagers who came saw the blood on Xuexue's face and Xiaoxue's mouth, as well as the tears in Xuexue and Xiaoxue's eyes.

Xuexue and Xiaoxue, who had grown into a strong "young man", pulled me into the car and sent me quickly and steadily to the township hospital twenty miles away from the village. I was diagnosed with a concussion.

However, Xuexue and Xiaoxue, who stayed at home, began not to eat or drink from the day I was sent to the hospital. Xiaoxue's left front leg would twitch from time to time, which was the side of the ice when it was warming me up. Dad painfully wrapped the injured leg with an old cloth, while feeding it carefully milled corn residue and fine grass. It just leaned on Xuexue's body, lowered its head, and ignored it. Dad moved the trough to Xuexue again, and Xuexue used her front hoof to lightly dig a few floors without eating. Dad was helpless, so he scooped a bucket of warm water: "If you don't eat forage, you should drink some water, right?" Xue Xue sniffed and twisted her face to the side, while Xiaoxue looked a little irritable and kicked up in place, head up and overturned the bucket. One day, two days, three days, Dad tried all kinds of methods, but they just didn't eat or drink. Dad has raised horses for half his life, and how disobedient horses have become very obedient in Dad's hands, but this time, Dad was helpless. The scars on Xue Xue's back that were beaten by Dad with a spade handle bulged one by one, and she quickly shed her hair. Xiaoxue's usual bright coat color also became dull and messy.

It's already the fifth day, and if it goes on like this, Xuexue and Xiaoxue will definitely collapse. Dad came to the hospital and told Mom. I cried as soon as I heard it, my Xuexue, my Xiaoxue, they must have thought I was dead and that I would never go home again. No, they can't be so worried!

Xuexue and Xiaoxue no longer had the strength to drive, so my father found my fifth uncle's horse and pulled me home. Mom helped me out of the car and approached the stables. I held back my headache and shouted: "Xuexue! Xiaoxue!" They raised their heads at the same time, and they saw me! Xiaoxue began to wave her head, trying to break free from the rope tied to the shed pole, Xuexue squealed in excitement...

After the death of Xuexue and Xiaoxue, our family never raised a horse again. But their stories are still told as legends by the villagers, and because I have actually witnessed them, I will miss them even more deeply, and I will be moved by their revelation full of divinity and humanity.

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