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Wolf girl looking for "mother"

One day in August 1996, Isabelle and her new husband Edward drove into the valley in the southern Alaska Mountains.

By SalamPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Strange visit

One day in August 1996, Isabel and her new husband Edward drove to the valley in the southern Alaska Mountains in the United States. Who knew that this gentle and charming girl was actually a wolf child who returned to the world. Today, she is here to find her "adoptive mother", a kind she-wolf.

After I left it, it grew old so quickly and became so sick. "Tears welled up in Isabelle's eyes again. Scenes of the past emerged before her eyes...

Dances with Wolves

Isabel is an illegitimate daughter. Before the age of 1, she was thrown into the big forest. One day, a newborn baby wolf was taken away by a leopard while her mother was out foraging. After the she-wolf found it, she searched frantically, and at dusk on the third day, she found this little life. The she-wolf's nipple accidentally touched her little hands and mouth, and Isabel, who was so hungry and thirsty, immediately grabbed the nipple with her little hand, stuffed it into her little mouth, and then sucked desperately. In this way, the she-wolf kept feeding her until she was old and weaned and could survive independently. In the wolf environment, she "wolves" quite quickly. In order to adapt to the cold climate, she also grows long hair on her body. She is already a veritable "human-shaped wolf".

One day, while Isabelle was chasing a duiker, an old hunter found this "humanoid monster". After some fighting, the old hunter subdued her and tied her firmly with ropes. In this way, she was brought back to the world.

Return to the world

However, in the first few months, people had to put her in an iron cage because her bestiality was deeply ingrained and she was often bitten at first sight. She was 10 years old when she was caught, the oldest "wolf child" ever discovered by mankind. How to transform her so that she can survive has become a big problem.

A team led by Dr. Kirk took on the heavy responsibility. They came up with a name for the wolf girl - Laura. After three months of hard work by psychologists, Laura finally developed the habit of eating cooked food, but she still grabbed the food with her hands and even bit it directly. However, the psychologists were not discouraged. They knew that this was a battle between human nature and animal nature. They believed that human nature could defeat animal nature. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, a miracle finally happened. Laura's behavior, habits, lifestyle, thoughts and feelings were slowly "humanized", and the hair on her body slowly faded. This is the most successful transformation of the beast child in human history.

After obtaining the consent of the relevant departments, Kirk made a surprising decision: to completely reshape Laura, change her name to Isabel, and make up a resume to let her live an ordinary life in a different place. Later, she fell in love with Edward, a graduate of Columbia University. After marriage, she revealed her true identity to her husband. Not only did Edward not despise her, but he respected her even more. Because Isabel misses the wolf mother, her husband accompanies her back to her hometown.

Meet again

Isabelle hugged her mother wolf tightly, and there was a strange look in the old wolf's eyes. It stuck out its tongue and licked her cheek lightly. She stroked the she-wolf and found that she was too old to run, and her heart felt sad.

It was getting late, and Isabel was about to go home, so she said goodbye to the wolves. The old wolf's eyes showed reluctance. At this moment, Isabel suddenly made an amazing decision - to bring her "adoptive mother" home. So, she took it slowly out of the forest. But when she was about to leave the forest, the she-wolf refused to go any further. Isabel was surprised, she decided to put it on her back and continue walking. Suddenly, a fierce look appeared in the wolf's eyes. Then, it let out a terrifying roar. It also opened its mouth wide, revealing its long wolf teeth. Isabelle understood and said to her husband, "It resolutely refused to go." They had to say goodbye to the old wolf. The two walked a long way, and when they looked back, the old wolf was still watching them in the cold wind...

Last goodbye

One day in October 1996, Isabelle came to the forest again with her husband and the reporters. When she arrived at her destination, she began to call, but after a long time, the wolves did not come.

The people dispersed. In the end, only Isabel and her husband were left, so she "called friends" again. After a while, she heard "rustling" footsteps. "Ah, it's still here!" Isabel was delighted. However, only two wolves came, and the mother wolf did not come. One of them was her "sister", and the wolf looked at Isabel, turned and left. Isabel knew something was different, so she followed it. Not far away, she found a wolf lying under a big tree, dying, it was the mother wolf! Isabel shouted affectionately. A light suddenly flashed in the she-wolf's eyes! It struggled to stick out its tongue, licked her hand with its last strength, closed its eyes, and died. Isabel was in grief. She and her husband buried the body of the "wolf mother". The two bowed deeply to the wolf grave for three times. "I will never come again, I will bid farewell to this history, I will never appear as a wolf girl again, a new life awaits us".

Short Story

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