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Lonely bunny

There is a lonely little rabbit, its name is Mumu.

By SalamPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

There is a lonely little rabbit, its name is Mumu.

  It always feels lonely.

  The wood hides behind a tree, hidden by bunches of grass beside the roots.

  On the grass over there, a group of rabbits are jumping, playing, and chatting to their heart's content.

  Mumu really couldn't stand the way they were giggling and was very annoyed.

  The sun is so good, the fragrance of flowers is floating in the air, the flowers are competing, and the birds are singing moving songs on the trees.

  A bird flew slightly over the tree, and it saw the wood sitting sullenly behind the tree.

  "Hey, what are you doing here alone?" The bird tilted its head and asked, its small eyes full of questions.

  "I'm so bored." Mumu replied breathlessly.

  The bird looked at it, then at the rabbits on the grass who were having a good time, and couldn't think of a reason.

  It doesn't have an inquisitive personality, and it doesn't care why the rabbit is far away from everyone and unhappy alone.

  The bird fluttered its wings and left to find its companion.

  Not even a bird cares about me.

  The little rabbit lowered his head, tears rolling in his eyes.

  Then it cheered up again - I don't need a bird's attention, I'm going to get out of here and find a good partner.

  It made up its mind and went deep into the forest.

  The weather is getting hotter.

  The sun rose into the air, and it pitied the lonely, sweaty, panting little rabbit.

  But it has to do its job, and the sun is more vicious than before.

  Mumu hurried desperately, its sweat falling one after another, and its brand new light blue cotton coat was more than half wet.

  The pink pig was enjoying the shade in the bushes. It saw the wood on its way under the big sun, and beckoned it to stop and enjoy the shade together.

  "Mumu, it's cool here, come in and hide from the sun."

  The little rabbit looked at the pink pig's four mud hooves and the rotting leaves on the ground, frowned and refused, it didn't want to stay with a dirty and smelly pig.

  Mumu moved on, its coat soaked through.

  It was so thirsty that smoke could come out of its voice.

  The kind frog in the pond saw Mumu.

  It lay under a lotus leaf, half its head emerged from the water, and croaked.

  "Mumu, you must be thirsty on such a hot day. Stop for a drink, the water in the pond is cool."

  "No need."

  Mumu refused without thinking, how could it drink the water in the pond, and the frogs still bathe there every day.

  The owl sitting in the tree hole also stopped Mumu and asked Mumu to sit in the house. Its tree hole was very cool.

  Mumu disliked that the owl was too old and did not go in.

  Mumu passed a melon patch and saw Lara the hedgehog struggling to stab a melon into her back.

  Mumu was thirsty, it jumped into the melon field, picked a large melon, and ate it in large mouthfuls.

  Melons are delicious.

  The scarecrow in the middle of the melon field was blown around by the wind. When it saw Mumu and Lala on the melon ground, it grinned and shouted. Mumu and Lala ran away in fright.

  Mumu followed Lala and fled to Lala's house at the foot of the mountain. The small house is very clean and comfortable.

  Lala is very friendly and invites Mumu to drink precious honey juice.

  If it doesn't have such hard thorns, you can consider being my friend.

  Mumu thought while drinking juice, and finally, it left Lara's house glumly alone.

  The sun is setting in the west, and Mumu has not yet found a good friend.

  The fox hiding behind a short tree stump was happy when he saw a lonely rabbit.

  It jumped out from behind the stump, and Mumu almost fainted in fright.

  The fox excitedly opened his mouth and was about to bite Mumu's neck.

  Fortunately, the uncle owl in the tree hole had already seen the sneaky fox.

  It flew quickly towards the fox and grabbed the fox hard on its back.

  Mumu will not die.

  "Ow!" The fox cried out in pain.

  The cry alerted the lesbian in the small room.

  Lara stuck her head out and saw everything that had happened, so she hurriedly shouted at Mumu; "Mumu, come here quickly, hurry up."

  Mumu finally woke up and ran to Lala's house like running for his life.

  How could the fox let go of a delicious meal that was about to arrive.

  Regardless of the pain on its body, it chased after it at full speed.

  Lara ran out of the house, and it rolled out of the grass to the side of the road, at the feet of the fox.

  The fox was accidentally stabbed by the hard thorn on Lara's body and screamed.

  Mumu arrived safely in Lara's house.

  The fox can neither eat the rabbit nor do anything about the thorn-covered hedgehog.

  Had to leave in dismay.

  Mumu took his life, both grateful and ashamed.

  Thinking about what he had just thought about Uncle Owl and Lara, and other little animals, he blushed.

  Later, Mumu stopped being picky, and it also made a lot of good friends.

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