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Weird man in armor

Benny the Mole felt as if his head had gotten bigger recently - moving to a new house is a joy, but the neighbors are too weird to make people happy.

By SalamPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Benny the Mole felt as if his head had gotten bigger recently - moving to a new house is a joy, but the neighbors are too weird to make people happy.

  Speaking of which, Benny's neighbors didn't do anything harmful, they just looked too similar, and they didn't admit to looking like each other.

  Strange neighbor with a mystery

  It was a starry night that Benny still remembers. As soon as Benny went out, he met a new neighbor.

  "Hey, hello! You have nice soft hedgehog armor!" Friendly conversations always start with compliments.

  "Hello, your beard is not bad either! I live on the left side of your house and will see you often in the future!" "Left Neighbor" smiled at Benny.

  It was obviously a good start, but things took a turn for the worse after a few hours.

  When they got home, Benny met each other again.

  "You're back? Are you still used to living on my left? Hehe, theoretically you can see the sun earlier than me. But I'm not at a loss, I see the moon earlier!" Proper display of your humor should make it easier for the other party to feel good, right?

  The other party looked at Benny with strange eyes: "We don't know each other yet, right? Also, I live on your right!" After speaking, it burrowed into its cave with its arrogant head held high.

  Benny rubbed his eyes suspiciously - although it is well known that moles have poor eyesight, poor eyesight does not mean they are blind! When I went out, I clearly saw it and said it lived on my left, how could I say that I lived on my right when I came home?

  Could it be that this armored geek only has 3 seconds of memory?

  Or does the armored geek have schizophrenia?

  Or, its special identity is deliberately intended to confuse everyone's attention?

  Or, is it really Benny's mistake that the neighbors are actually twin brothers?

  The best way to test this problem is to gather neighbors together and confront them face-to-face, won't everything come to light?

  Left neighbor and right house

  A few minutes later, two separate individuals walked into Benny's cave.

  Benny looked left and right, and asked them a serious question: "Are you sure you haven't been to the same plastic surgery hospital? I heard that the parts there are mass-produced, so they will be similar."

  "Sure not!" The two roared in unison.

  "We don't look alike at all!" "Left Neighbor" said indignantly.

  "That's right! Where do you think we have similarities?!" "Right She" was also angry.

  Benny was a little shocked by the other party's anger. After thinking for a long time, he said tremblingly, "Your tail, face, and body are all alike!"

  "That's your face blind!"

  "You all know how to punch holes!"

  "You are a mole, and you can also punch holes, that doesn't count!"

  "You all wear armor and don't take it off when you sleep! You can all curl up into a ball! You still" Benny snapped his fingers, and the more he talked, the more he got excited.

  "Stop, stop, stop - let's not talk about how similar we are, let's talk about how different we are!"

  Benny twirled his tentacles, pondered for a while, and finally said reluctantly, "Then try it!"

  Both "Left Neighbor" and "Right She" had an extremely difficult time restraining the urge to do it.

  Like and not like

  "I'm an armadillo (qiúyu), also known as the'armored rat - a mouse in armor. I'm from the Americas, and I used to be the mascot of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which is considered a little famous, so many people feel familiar when they see me." "Left Neighbor" introduced himself with a little pride on his face.

  "My name is pangolin, also known as dace carp, and I am mainly active in Asia and Africa." "Right Neighbor" was expressionless and concise.

  After hearing this, Benny pouted and said innocently to his finger: "Different names don't mean anything. Zhang San and Li Si have different names, but they are both human!"

  "Take a closer look, our armor is different. The armadillo wears plate armor, which is composed of many small bone fragments, and a layer of cuticles grows on each bone fragment, which is very hard. In addition, the bone scales on the shoulders and buttocks of the armadillo are like tortoise shells, which are whole and cannot be retracted; while the scales on the chest and back can be retracted freely." The armadillo explained and demonstrated.

  "The armor of the pangolin is the same from front to back, one by one, with scales arranged like tiles." Because of its cool personality, the pangolin just turned around a little to show it.

  After reading it, Benny concluded: "Although it's different when you look closely, it's still the same!"

  "Although we can all turn into a ball, the shape of the ball is completely different. The armadillo becomes'basketball. '"

  "Pangolins have become'football!"

  Benny nodded silently after reading it: "It's not the same."

  The armadillo and the pangolin finally looked better, but Benny then added: "Actually, it's about the same."

  Trick shot

  "Our eating habits are also different. Armadillos are omnivores and like to eat many things, such as insects, small animals, and some plants." The armadillo added as he recalled.

  "Pangolins like to eat insects. They like termites and ants the most, and they also eat bees or other insects." Pangolins admitted frankly.

  Benny continued to question: "Kindergarten children like different foods, they are all children too!"

  "Our specialties are also different. In addition to digging holes, some armadillos can also swim. If the water is shallow and the river is narrow, the armadillo will choose to sneak; if the river is wide, the armadillo will inhale air, fill its stomach, and swim over in one go."

  "In addition to digging holes, pangolins can also climb trees."

  "Some of the kindergarten children can dance, some can sing, but they are still children." Benny continued to say slowly.

  "When an armadillo is born, it is almost like an adult armadillo, but it is smaller and has softer armor. A few hours after birth, the little armadillo can already follow its mother to forage, and two months later, the little armadillo will be weaned and go out to find its own territory." The pride on the armadillo's face could not be stopped.

  "When a pangolin is born, it is much weaker. It can only crawl, not walk, and it has to rely on its mother to move on its back. The little pangolin will leave its mother to live independently after 6 months." It can be seen that the pangolin is a little embarrassed in front of the armadillo.

  "Sorry to interrupt, can you come up with stronger evidence now? If not, I will tell everyone that armadillos and pangolins are the same animals!" Benny's tone was very tough.

  This time, after changing the norm, the pangolin spoke first: "Little Mole, face blindness is a disease, and it must be cured! Confusion is a terminal illness!"

  Benny was noncommittal, but fortunately the armadillo still had a tough move.

  "Little Mole, for the sake of the neighbors, I have something very important to tell you: Armadillos like to eat all kinds of meat. Speaking of which, I have also eaten mice, which taste good, I don't know the taste of moles"

  Before the armadillo could finish speaking, Benny disappeared. Since then, no one has questioned the relationship between armadillo and pangolin.

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