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One morning, your character wakes up, and chooses not to go to work. Wait…chooses?!...

By Kushagra yadavPublished 7 months ago 16 min read
Hallie awoke right earlier than her alarm went off.

As always, Hallie awoke right earlier than her alarm went off. despite this, she nevertheless set the alarm each night before mattress, just in case. You never knew when something that turned into recurring may abruptly trade.

although if Hallie turned into being flawlessly sincere, now not a great deal ever changed around here, not except there has been a accidental worm in one of the network updates, or even the ones they typically constant within minutes.

She sat up and slid her naked ft into the fuzzy brown slippers that were constantly at the floor proper by using her bed. She then yawned, did a few quick stretches and shuffled her way into the kitchen. there was a mug of steaming hot coffee already brewed inside the pot. Hallie introduced a few 1/2 and half of and a spoonful of sugar, and sat on a tall kitchen stool, wrapping her fingers around the mug, taking part in the warmth on her skin. while she turned into completed along with her coffee she stood up and spoke out loud to the empty room.

“hi there Siri, set my day.”

She couldn’t sense something of path, but she knew that the chip in her head became presently downloading and programming all of her selections for the day: what she wore to paintings, what she ate for lunch, even which streets she walked down.

Hallie knew that preceding generations had devices that they had to hold and examine to get information, and before that, humans simply believed that they were making their own choices. She had rolled her eyes while she had learned that final element, because anybody knew that free will became an phantasm. people inside the olden days should have been pretty dumb, Hallie concept. She couldn’t consider taking walks around all day making choices, it sounded definitely onerous.

Hallie heard the gentle beep that intended that Siri became completed. She placed her empty mug into the dishwasher and went into her bedroom to get dressed for paintings.

It was Tuesday, which become an on site day. most places of work nowadays had 2 or 3 on website online days and each other time personnel worked from home, except for teachers who have been on site Monday-Friday. Hallie’s pleasant buddy taught fifth grade and she changed into constantly complaining approximately the more commuting days. the faculties had attempted all far flung first of route, having the academics livestream classes to their magnificence from home, however it hadn’t labored for maximum children.

“It become like you'll be coaching math and all of sudden you will realise that half your class was logged in however not really there,”Jess had complained. “They were off gambling video video games or ingesting Goldfish crackers or something. This one time I caught one of the boys taking pictures baskets in his yard instead of taking the test. He had set up one of the AI bots to reply questions for him, as though we don’t realize all about that. children are so dumb.”

It additionally turned out that children intellectual fitness suffered substantially when they were not physically round other kids. After a terrible rash of young suicide attempts, the college districts had in the end decided that instructions need to move back to being in individual all the time.

Hallie become in the shop today, checking stock and supporting the few customers who wanted to try something on before shopping for. the majority ordered garments on-line of route, however a few matters had been still higher purchased in character. dresses for one, that needed to fit just right, and occasionally footwear.

Hallie knew that the people who came into the shop these days had been randomly selected by the community. She had learned this whilst she become a kid, it turned into how the economic system saved going. every day precisely the proper wide variety of people had been programmed to buy groceries. The network additionally kept tune of who become running low on milk, bread, lavatory paper and made positive their day’s schedule consisting of a forestall on the grocery shop. couples might go out to consume now and again; once every week become the same old, and households could go to the movies. the whole lot turned into flawlessly distributed.

Hallie had additionally discovered that earlier than the chips had been implanted and absolutely everyone connected to the network, there have been individuals who didn’t have enough to devour, folks who didn’t have a place to live. That made best sense to her. whilst you left people to their own gadgets, of direction they messed up, made horrific picks. There had even been something known as climate alternate that had genuinely threatened the existence of the whole planet.

fortunately AI had placed an end to all of that. It had commenced off just doing beneficial obligations like writing term papers for university college students and code for programmers, but the real genius become while it determined to put off all of our selections.

Hallie opened the shop, and wandered round, ensuring the clothing on the cabinets had been perfectly neat and folded, that the entirety hung simply proper at the racks. It become additionally essential to position the right hues together, ones that complimented each different and made the show look shiny and attractive. no longer that each person became in reality choosing out clothes of path, they already knew what they had been there to get. however it never hurt to make matters look great anyway.

On her lunch break, Hallie went to the coffee save round the corner to grab a sandwich. the man who labored behind the counter favored to flirt together with her. He had large blue eyes and floppy blond hair and he could constantly draw a foam coronary heart into her cappuccino before handing it to her with a wink. She knew his call was Justin and that he had dogs. from time to time he introduced the dogs, beagles named Jonie and Josie, to the cafe with him and let them wander around sniffing at customers toes and licking up crumbs.

Hallie ought to see no puppies anywhere these days. Justin toasted a bagel for her, and introduced some strawberry cream cheese. when he surpassed her the brown paper bag, she noticed some thing written on the aspect. It changed into a telephone range.

“you recognize, if you need to go out sometime,” he said with a grin.

Hallie smiled back. It changed into about time he requested her out. She had been thinking what became taking him goodbye. and in reality writing his wide variety down in place of just sending it from his community to hers was lovely. She winked at him and mumbled beneath her breath.

“whats up Siri, shop facts.” She checked out numbers at the facet of the bag, and after a second there has been a soft beep.

He nodded. “amazing! So like perhaps name me this night. And we can seize a drink or something.”

After paintings Hallie went domestic, took a quick bathe, and modified into a lovely crimson dress with high heeled sandals. She left her hair down so it fell across her shoulder in darkish waves, and applied only a touch of mascara and pink lip gloss. Her and Justin met at a bar approximately 5 blocks from her residence. He ordered a lager and he or she were given a white wine and that they made witty small talk for approximately an hour before he followed her to her apartment and he or she invited him upstairs. whilst you preferred a person, she notion, there was no point in gambling video games.

She paintings up early the next morning. sunlight was pouring thru her bed room home windows, leaving warm swimming pools of mild across the wooden ground. Hallie slipped her feet into her slippers and went into the kitchen to get coffee, however fairly, the machine had now not became on. Frowning, Hallie checked the wire. It become nevertheless plugged in. Had there been a few form of energy surge overnight? She knew that befell on occasion. Signing, she pushed the button and listened as the water inner commenced gurgling. as a minimum it appeared it was nonetheless running.

“hiya Siri, şet my day.”

‘I’m sorry i can’t get entry to the community right now. Please reboot.”

Hallie blinked. She could not do not forget ever hearing that message before. still, she knew what to do. She pressed her left thumb in opposition to the smooth skin of her right wrist, feeling for the small button that turned into there and pushing it firmly. After about 5 minutes she attempted once more.

“hiya Siri, set my day.”

‘I’m sorry i will’t get entry to the network right now. Please reboot.”

Hallie frowned. She was quite positive she had done it effectively but she pushed the button once more just in case. a few minutes later she were given the same message.

a loud beeping sound filled the kitchen. The espresso changed into completed. Hallie got a mug out of the cupboard, stuffed it to the brim with hot coffee, then paused. should she placed milk? Sugar? some sort of flavored syrup? A quick peek into the refrigerator showed that she had half of and 1/2, two percent milk and vanilla flavored Coffeemate. She stared on the cabinets, feeling the cold air brush across her face, but not anything took place. become she imagined to just pick one?

Flustered, Hallie grabbed the Coffeemate and slammed the fridge door. She poured some into her mug and took a long sip. It tasted much sweeter than normal.

She carried the mug back into her bedroom, putting it onto the bedside table. Now what?

It was Wednesday, some other in man or woman work day. Hallie meant she have to find something to put on but whilst she opened her closet she changed into beaten by way of all the unique colorings. After staring into the rows of garb for a complete minute, she ultimately determined on a flowered get dressed that fell simply beyond her knees. She figured it was just like the apparel they offered in the store so it changed into truely suitable for paintings.

Hallie put on the get dressed, brushed her hair and then, as an afterthought, brought some eyeliner and mascara. She then sat on the brink of the mattress, looking around her bed room. Her partitions have been painted a pretty faded blue. Curtains of a similar color framed her huge windows. Her bed changed into protected with a fluffy duvet with a geometrical print in blue, crimson and gold. The room became brilliant and sunny and made her feel satisfied. She didn’t need to go away it.

With a sigh, Hallie pulled herself to her toes. She was approximately to go out the door when unexpectedly a idea made her prevent dead in her tracks.

What if she didn’t go to paintings?

It turned into so progressive it took her breath away, should she do that? simply stay home?

Hallie surely idea she should! She could climb lower back into bed, pull the relaxed comforter over her head and go returned to sleep for awhile.

Hallie idea for a second. The handiest time she ever overlooked paintings became while she was not feeling properly. So perhaps she ought to just say she changed into unwell?

“good day Siri, message work.”

‘I’m sorry i'm able to’t get right of entry to the community right now. Please reboot.”

Hallie frowned. Now what? She opened up her pc and become surprised to peer that it changed into absolutely practical. was it simply her personal community that changed into damaged? That had in no way happened earlier than. After confirming that her computer become in fact connected (whatever the problem became, it had nothing to do along with her wifi), Hallie sent a short email to her boss:

not feeling well.

Will work from home today.

See you subsequent week,


She knew it changed into sort of blunt, however it have been awhile seeing that she had virtually written a message to all of us. She turned into just about to shut her laptop when some other electronic mail popped up in her inbox.


Is your network down? i will’t seem to access mine. I made eggs for breakfast. I don’t assume I really like eggs. Lol.

What’s happening??


Hallie replied together with her own message of confusion, including a note about how her espresso have been too candy. laughing, she closed her pc and slid beneath the blanket.

“whats up Siri, switch on bed room television.”

‘I’m sorry i'm able to’t get admission to the community right now. Please reboot.”

With a groan, she climbed off the bed again and pushed the small black energy button at the real tv. This was truly going to take a few being used to.

The screen flickered on to expose what appeared like a information broadcast. That become extraordinary, Hallie never watched news suggests. simplest honestly old human beings did that, the ones who nevertheless remembered what the sector turned into like earlier than you can simply ask the network for the each day report. Hallie was surprised those suggests even nevertheless existed.

A girl approximately Hallie’s age become talking. She had shiny pink hair that cascaded down her returned like flames and vivid inexperienced eyes. Her voice changed into assured and commanding.

“It’s freedom day, ya’ll! Take price of your own lifestyles! we're human beings not machines! “

there has been a sluggish crawl of phrases across the bottom of the display screen and Hallie’s eyes widened as she study them.

“All Networks went dark this morning. An unknown vigilante institution that call themselves Y2K have claimed obligation. authorities are presently running at the hassle and hope to get it returned online soon,”

Terrorists? The girl on the display in reality didn’t appear like any terrorist Hallie had ever visible. In fact, she seemed greater just like the type of women who shopped at her save.

“loose will is actual!”, the female shouted. “Fuck AI! pass outside. Make choices. Be HUMAN!” She defiantly pumped her fist in the air and then the shot switched to one of the nearby newscasters alternatively.

Hallie shut the television off and reopened her pc as a substitute. not tremendously, there was some other electronic mail from Jess.

No manner I’m operating nowadays! Wanna meet for espresso?

Hallie became approximately to reply that she already had coffee at home when she found out that of direction the drink wasn’t virtually the point; her buddy just desired to hang around. Hallie once more seemed round her relaxed bedroom. certain, staying in mattress sounded quality. but what approximately meeting a pal on the coffee save on a workday morning…just due to the fact she could?

perhaps that girl at the tv changed into directly to something. Shouldn’t she do what SHE desired along with her day, rather than truly what the network programmed her to do?

Smiling to herself, Hallie slipped on a pair of sandals and walked out into the arena.

Hallie had in no way visible the coffee save so crowded this early inside the morning. It seemed that everyone within the neighborhood had either visible or heard about the printed, and chosen to satisfy a chum to talk about it. Justin become swamped with orders but he did take a 2d to shoot her a flirtatious wink. Hallie blew him a kiss in return. last night time were a laugh, she could definitely do it again. Assuming the whole lot went returned to ordinary this is.

Hallie ordered a blueberry muffin and an iced coffee. Jess had snagged the ultimate desk inside the nook and she or he grinned up at her while she sat down.

“Wild morning huh?”

Hallie agreed. “What do you think is going on?”

Jess frowned. “It might be just a exposure stunt,” she said. “Like it's far going to show out that that crimson-haired woman is just promoting a brand new line of footwear or some thing.”

Hallie paused, considerate. “It doesn’t appear like that although. I suggest you listen all the time approximately crazy individuals who need to free us all from the confines of the network. maybe certainly one of them in the end succeeded.”

Jess shook her head. “Why might all people honestly need that although? To make all the ones picks all day? I should slightly discern out what to wear this morning.”

It become genuine, it had been perplexing. however also, Hallie idea, type of amusing.

the 2 women sat within the espresso store for nearly hours, looking different groups of people are available in and out. anybody seemed to have their very own idea of what become happening.

when they finally left, they decided to go to the park. it appears that evidently many mother and father had decided to keep their youngsters domestic from faculty for the day and the playground was complete of shouts and laughter. Hallie watched as a boy about five years antique rolled a large ball down a slide wherein some other boy was waiting to capture it. She couldn’t remember while she had final played any sort of sport.

The day went on like that, her and Jess wandering across the metropolis, spontaneously making alternatives for what to do subsequent. Hallie sold an ice cream cone from a cart gambling blissful music, and a funny t-blouse from a shop she had in no way noticed earlier than. It wasn’t until the solar beginning dipping low at the back of the homes that they finally decided to head back to their separate residences.

Hallie become exhausted. She heated up a few leftover pasta that she had in the refrigerator and took an extended warm bathtub. It have been a top notch day but she become ready to subsequently climb into mattress.

right before shutting off the lights, it passed off to her to check the network one extra time.

“howdy Siri…”

“network reboot whole. How can i assist?”

Hallie paused, suddenly unsure of herself. generally she would inform it to shut her lighting fixtures, to set the alarm for morning. It had by no means occurred to her to now not do this. till now.

“whats up Siri, cancel.”

She heard a smooth beep and then the whole thing changed into quiet. Hallie walked over to the turn on the wall and close off the lighting herself. She didn’t need to do something now, the day become over. She should just begin the whole thing all yet again in the morning...if she chose.

She slipped her body beneath the fuzzy comforter and closed her eyes.


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