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Last Dream

One night I have dream that's change my life completely.

By Kushagra yadavPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Dream's make reality bitter.

One night, it turned into raining very closely and the wind became additionally roaring. The time became 12:30 l became watching a horror movie it turned into going to cease best. the primary issue l became by myself in the hall and my circle of relatives members went to sleep. At 1:00 the movie got over and l went to sleep in my room.l slept on my bed my window commenced making noise, l become too scared then l were given up and l went to peer what became that so that was a wind roaring. Then l once more went to bed and slept. once more after sometime l heard some whispering in my room, it changed into too close to me. i was scared but l forget about it and closed my eyes. again that whispering l may want to this time it was very loud. whilst l opened my eyes there has been one girl, because of darkness l could not see her properly but she appeared so dangerous. I did not shout because l become a bit courageous and l were given up and sat. but the mysterious aspect was that she talked to me she informed me "please come with outdoor for a while,l need your help and l will not harm you". I asked her"why," she informed "my daughter desires assist, she is in a big trouble. I stated, " why do not you help her". She stated nothing, keep my hand, and took me out of my domestic. while l went together with her.

i was stunned! I saw there one female coincidence turned into performed and she or he was fallen down close to one tree and her blood became bleeding. So l at once took her to the clinic and her remedy changed into on time so she was safe and after somedays she changed into satisfactory and fit. She became very grateful to me. I requested her "last night time with you who was there at the scooter she stated, my mother". I requested her in which is she? She said "she isn't any greater because of that twist of fate ". I asked her for her mother's image she showed me and l noticed and l changed into very shocked to peer that woman who asked me for help. I went domestic and l told everything to my dad and mom. They stated "we're happy with you" and also scolded due to the fact with out asking them l went out. all at once, there was a noise arise dear arise it is school time now. I got up and l noticed that was my mother. i was absolutely felt with sweat and to relifed additionally that was my dream. My mom requested what occurred? Then l told her everything and got up and went to get equipped for faculty. whilst l was back home from faculty. Out of my house, there was the equal female and female who got here in my dream last night. I checked out them and that they smiled at me. the principle element l did not recognize them and also l didn't saw them earlier than in my metropolis or near my house.

As I awoke from my horrifying dream, my heart raced, and my body trembled with fear. The conclusion of my nightmare left me in a state of dread and unease, lingering long after I opened my eyes.

Why dreams comes?

Dreams are thought to occur during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. They are a natural part of the sleep cycle and serve various purposes. While the exact reason behind why we dream is not fully understood, there are several theories. Some experts believe that dreams help us process emotions, consolidate memories, and make sense of daily experiences. Others suggest that dreams serve as a way for the brain to problem-solve and engage in creative thinking. Overall, dreams are a complex phenomenon that continues to be studied by scientists and researchers.

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