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Waiting at the wooden window

by Hanla.qiaozhi 2 months ago in Love
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He must find it, or what is the point of life?

The city is called "THE city of 100 Lakes", the city is in the lake, the people are in the painting, and the shop is located in the corner of the downtown by the lake, named "The wind from the lake". "Lake to wind" is a few words in calligraphy, very artistic taste, at first glance, thought it was a store operating antique calligraphy and painting, a close look at the shop card under the two models wearing fashion women, it turned out to be a clothing store. The store is noisy with people coming and going, and the music store next door is full of pop songs. And the back of the shop is a clear lake, through the small wooden window, you can see a couple of boats, calm, can also see the bottom of the group playing happily fish. Xiao Ning was sitting in front of the desk in front of the window, drawing sketches of clothes in freehand brushwork. The big scissors were walking in the colorful cloth patterns, and the small needles were closely sewn out all kinds of fashionable clothes.

The clothes in the shop are all from the inner studio, by Xiao Ning's hands.

A spring day, the store came to a small girl, into the store will exaggerate too called "wow! How beautiful! What an art exhibit!" Say then try one by one, try to weigh this weigh that, finally locked three sets, still can not choose. The working girl in the shop said enthusiastically: "These three sets of clothes are very suitable for you, you can buy them all, the style is different." The GIRL TURNED OVER THE BAG, some unwilling to put down clothes, only picked the cheapest one, said: "This set!" About TO PAY, HEAR A VOICE: "THESE A FEW YOU ALL TAKE AWAY, TODAY THE SHOP MAKES ACTIVITY, BUY ONE TO GIVE TWO!" Xiao Ning came out of the workshop.

"Really?" Girl surprise is taken in doubt, at the same time hear the voice that work younger sister does not understand: "Boss, you......"

"It's true." As he spoke, Xiao Ning had wrapped up three dresses and handed them to her. "That's great! The girl hugged three big bags and held them to her heart.

When they got to the door, the girl suddenly turned around and said, "I still don't feel right, boss. Xiao Ning smiled and said, "I'm not losing out, because my work has finally met her owner!" Girls do not understand, Xiao Ning said, "My shop is not the customer in the choice of clothes, clothes in the choice of her master! Every dress of mine is waiting for her master!"

The girl thought this man was very special and looked back at him as she left.


The girl named Lenny, just graduated from college to find a job in this city, rented in the lake to the wind opposite an attic. During the day, she strolled through the streets with classified ads and went to the nearest small restaurant for a bowl of noodles when she was hungry. At night, she took a long walk along the city's clear lakes, which was the most enjoyable part of her day. The reason why she chose to come to this city is that she likes the lakes, big and small. In the noisy city, she takes quiet, quiet and elegant, and has a charm that is in tune with her heart. Since Amoy clothes Amoy to the lake to the wind, blue Ni this charm and added a few points. She often walks along the lake back, around the lake to the wind, see the door of the model has let their heart new, although no money to buy clothes, but also to see can be eye nourishing.

Lenny has finally found a job that pays well. The day before she reported for duty, she went to the lake to pick out a professional suit. That day the working sister was not in, Xiao Ning went straight into the workshop, took out a set of rose red cotton dress, called her to change to the dressing room. Lenny appeared in front of the fitting mirror the moment, can not help but send out amazing cry. As the saying goes, the dress is the person, and with its color, size, style, texture, as well as style and personality, this dress looks like it was made for her. She looked at Xiao Ning in surprise. This designer was more like a wizard than a designer! She suddenly thought of Xiao Ning's studio, Xiao Ning took her in. She came in and was stunned, actually there is such a piece of peach blossoms in downtown: colourful cloth in order to put in a small attic, attic is a big table, concise and lively, the most eye-catching is the workbench and small wooden division between the attic window, through the window of the heart, she vaguely see the lake ripples, smelling slightly gamey smell of the wet lake wind.

Lenny suddenly liked here, she turned around and asked Xiao Ning: "Boss, do you want to hire people in your store?" "Be!" Xiao Ning eyes a bright, his shop's working younger sister just too low salary resignation, he is looking for candidates, more important, this is how a temperament woman ah! "But I don't do very well, I don't pay very well..." He looked at her with apprehension. Lenny said excitedly, "It's all right. I only have one condition: let me visit the workshop often." Xiao Ning nodded repeatedly. The two men settled on the spot, both eager.


When Lenny came in, the shop lit up immediately. A very common dress, after her at will a collocation, let A person shine at the moment, even a few failures of Xiao Ning by her back to life. Once, when a girl was trying on a purple V-neck T-shirt, Lenny took a pink and white silk scarf off her neck and tied it to the girl. The girl immediately bought the T-shirt, along with Lenny's silk scarf. Xiao Ning just saw the scene, eyes wide. This T-shirt has been hanging in the store for a year, and it is a little dusty. It is about to be removed from the cabinet, but it is sold magically by Lenny. This is really a girl who sends out spirit all over ah, he was lucky to meet. Xiao Ning smirked.

Xiao Ning rejoice at the same time, Lani also rejoice. She loved everything in the store, so she was over the moon when Xiao Ning asked her to be the face of the store. How does it feel to be able to wear your favorite clothes every day, imagining that these clothes are designed and made for you, and the person who designed and made them is right in front of you? Sometimes she stood at the door secretly watching Xiao Ning working in the room, a kind of silly happiness.

The happiest moment was when Xiao Ning called her to the workshop to be his model. He took a tape measure and carefully measured her body length, shoulder width, sleeve length, waist, hip... Jot it down, then ask her what kind of collar she likes, as well as the shape of the cuffs or even the buttons. She would roll her beautiful little eyes and come up with some strange ideas, and these strange ideas were adopted by Xiao Ning. As a result, a bold and innovative line of cotton skirts was launched in the store, which they called the Dream Collection. After a while, a customer questioned, why are all your fantasy collections small? Xiao Ning this just suddenly saw light, originally he is designed for a person, small and exquisite blue Ni of course know. After the customer left, Xiao Ning and Lenny looked at each other in the eyes, and immediately they flurried away.

When the cool lake wind and drizzle beat against the wooden window, Xiao Ning thought, autumn is coming, the clothes in the store should change seasons. He told Lenny to close the shop early and come to the workshop to be his model. He wanted to design the fall style. Lenny was filled with joy. The sunset in the twilight of summer is printed on the lake, shining through the wooden lattice window to the workshop, less wanton, more soft. Xiao Ning and Lenny were taking measurements in the setting sun at the window, their silhouettes printed on the opposite wooden wall, head to head, face to face, a pair of wall people made in heaven. Xiao Ning suddenly stopped in the hands of the live, hold the blue Ni......

From then on, the wooden lattice window below the setting sun much a scenery. "I would like to be your full-time costume designer," Xiao Ning said, gazing into Lani's beautiful, witty little eyes. Renni Yi on Xiao Ning's shoulder, said: "I would like to be your full-time model."


Autumn passed quickly. When the north wind came up, the small wooden lattice window could not resist the invasion of the cold, and finally closed, but the cold wind was still rustling through the window. Xiao Ning and Lani's love seems to have poured into the cold wind.


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