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Voodoo Companion

Princess Companions

By Shelby Hagood Published about a month ago 3 min read

Every time a princess is officiated, they come into having their companion. Not a familiar. It is similar to one, but no one wants to call it that because of how afraid people are of witches. We are two parallels all the same. We both have magic and a companion. It is just where one is seen as bright and beautiful, while the other is dark and scary. My name is Princess Dolly. Our names help us to be able to guess what we will be the princess of and what our companion may be.

I have my princess friends that have already been officiated. There is Princess Spella who is a magic princess. Her familiar is a white cat. Emphasis on that, noting many witches have black cats as their familiars. There is Princess Tulip who is a nature princess. Her companion is a Tulip that is named Daisy…. Princess Wisa is a knowledge princess with a book companion. Princess Flutter is a fairy princess with a snail companion. Then there is Princess Seashell who is an ocean princess with a jellyfish companion.

As you can imagine, I was pretty set in believing that my companion would be a Doll. I made the connection of possibly a Barbie doll and I would be the princess of fashion! I went to talk to Wisa about it. "It would be great if I could just spend most all of my days in my very own mall!" I dreamed.

"Don't get too excited, we don't always get what we believe we should have. I thought my companion was going to be an owl," she admitted while turning to her book companion.

"You still turned out pretty similar to what your name is though. Knowledge is pretty spot on from Wisa," I replied.

"Yeah, your name is a bit more vague though. What if your companion becomes a baby doll and you have to be the princess of babies and take care of a bunch of children or something."

"Wouldn't that just be becoming a fancy nanny?"

"I just mean... you never know. I am excited for your officiation either way though." We left together, ready for my new start. To get my companion I had to blow bubbles from a magic wand. I picked up the wand and blew the bubbles out everywhere. They popped and out came a little stringy orange doll with button eyes.

"Hello, my name is Poseidon," the doll came out for a handshake with one of its little nubs. I awkwardly shook its hand. "I am a voodoo doll."

"A voodoo doll? Huh? Isn't voodoo a witch thing?" I asked, shocked the doll was no where near what I expected.

"No, see that is the problem. You are called to be the queen of voodoo to show everyone that it is not a bad magic. It is only made out to be a bad dark magic," he nodded.

"So you named yourself after a greek god?" I asked him.

"Companions don't name themselves, they just come into them and know what it is," Wisa informed me.

"Oh... well it's cute then. Can I call you Donny? Like Dolly and Donny?" I asked him.

"Fine by me," he agreed and he rode on my shoulder back to my castle where people were waiting with shock. "A voodoo doll? Why would a princess have that? Does that mean you are actually a witch?" one of the people yelled.

"Hey now, Spella has a cat familiar," I turned to them.

"But it is white and not black," they replied.

" Yeah and my doll is cute and not scary like one a witch would have," I informed them and was on my way to find one of the witches with the evil voodoo doll in order to counteract their spell. I found one that was in the middle of a spell that would get someone fired from their job. I figured out what their name was and looked to Donny for the spell to let them keep their job.

I came back to my castle and showed the others the witch voodoo doll. "as you can see it is was scarier than my Donny."

They all agreed and watched me gather herbs to start the spell in order to counteract the evil voodoo usage. I added cinnamon, oregano, and chili powder to a pot, chanted, and then ended with olive oil poured over the herbs. The next day we waited to see what would happen to the man. Someone wanted to try and get him fired, but someone stopped it from happening, so the spell worked! Dolly was very happy with her new roll as a princess in counteracting spells and granting well wishes on others with her voodoo magic. Donny was happy the citizens then knew the dolls could be used for good instead of evil.


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