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Baking’s a Blast!

The icing blast

By Shelby Hagood Published 3 months ago 3 min read

I was so excited to be in the Baking’s a Blast competition. Some of the bakers of our town have come to showcase their cake that makes a blast. Last year a rocket launching cake won. No one understood how the baker made the sugar come out of the bottom of the cake without flying everywhere in disaster. It somehow ended clean with the rocket boosted above hardened marshmallow fluff. This year I have already seen a mermaid cake splashing “water” icing with a lemon flavor on the inside.

Then a fire struck with an icing hose and a vanilla flavor. More water, at least my blast would be different.

The other was a blueberry flavored train cake that blew off icing steam.

The count down to mine was happening. It was a volcano cake with a chocolate flavor inside.

3… 2… 1! The cardboard on my cake was lifted and revealed. It was set off, except there was a problem where it was clogged and my icing lava would not go off the sides like it should. The people helping me kept pushing the icing through the tube until finally the lodged hotdog that had been shoved into the cake flew out. Icing then spewed out from all the pressure and smacked onto everyone. I was horrified. The frozen seconds seemed long until finally people laughed and clapped and started throwing orange icing at one another.

I looked around for answers and two boys stared at me giggling as they shoved hot dogs at one another. A judge walked up to me while eating on a slice of my cake and told me, “It is quite delicious, although everyone here is melting from it’s lava. Not quite a clean delivery,” he gestured to his orange icing dripped face and I couldn’t help but laugh.

The results of the competition were agreed upon and I knew my name wouldn’t be called out as the winner. My volcano had been sabotaged by boys with a silly idea to impail my cake with a hotdog and all was lost. The fire hose cake won and I started sulking at how in just a matter of seconds, all my hard work and hope of making an impression was lost.

“Most exciting cake of the night was the one that exploded!” I heard someone yell.

“Yeah, plus the chocolate flavor was so wonderful, I want to eat more from that baker!” I pull open my phone and see my exploding cake sharing all over social media within seconds. I was shocked, disappointed, and trending all within that small amount of time. It was supposed to be a blast though wasn’t it? Seems like I really delivered even if it didn’t turn out clean.

Then I was splashed with icing once again and looked up to see the firetruck baker hitting me with their icing hose. The owner of the mermaid cake was making the tail flop so fast, the icing also started to splash on others. The train baker made their train steam quickly so their icing puffs splashed out in squishy blots. They were trying to copy what happened to me and show they could also be trend worthy.

I laughed at the silliness and looked down at my phone. 7:44p.m. The showing of my cake was just a minute ago at 7:43. It took just a minute for my cake to explode and trend just for the other bakers to follow suit in order for their cake to try and keep up with mine. Guess that meant you don’t have to win to steal the show, just need a fun blast of a video.


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