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Unsung Hero

Brave when it counted

By Lisbeth StewartPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Unsung Hero
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Sugar, salt and cocaine are not the only white powders that are deadly.

She shivered, wet through, barely able to see or hear, and stumbled again.

Stay down this time. No strength.

Even her thoughts were abbreviated, exhausted.

Two things surprised her: the melting snow was colder than walking, wet, through the wind, and, someone was urging her to get up.

Knowing the Teacher had abandoned her as “ill-equipped” a while ago, when he realised she was soaked through, she was amazed that anyone came back for her.

She could feel some pressure and faint warmth on her upper arm, and a pulling.

“Get up, Sam!” a male voice. She opened her eyes. The face hidden by hood, goggles and scarf, she had no idea who he was.

Honour his effort. Be polite.

She heaved herself to a sitting position.

“Good. Let’s go!”

She realised she couldn’t feel her feet, or legs or hands. She grunted. Her face was too numb to speak.

“You, speechless?” he laughed

Now she knew who it was. She tried to smile.

That showed how bad it was.

“Hey!” he yelled, “Come and help!”

Another student came and the two of them walked her to the school van. The Teacher motioned to the back: “Put her on the floor.”

“No. She needs the heater.”

Buckled in, she passed out, and he climbed in too. Fought the Teacher, blasted the heater, protected her. Saved her life.

Unknown for standing up to anyone, Bobby was a hero.


About the Creator

Lisbeth Stewart

Long time writer, recent publisher.

Humanist, budget traveller, #Vanlife, mother, homemaker, quilter, beginning gardener.

Former Social Worker, Teacher, Public Servant, Roustabout and various other adventures.

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  • Joe O’Connor2 months ago

    Such a good first line! I like the short and sharp lines to illustrate the danger, and the contrast of her struggle alone with being helped by Bobby. Nicely done Lisbeth🤗

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