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Under the Purple Clouds

Part One

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Under the Purple Clouds
Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky.

No one knew why it happened or how it occurred at the same time each night, but it became a tradition for the people of the city to stand outside at midnight and watch it.

Sitting outside with the others, Sandi watched as three of the children played with mini-fire balls, probably trying to see whose magic was the strongest.

She smirked. Siblings.

When the purple clouds first showed, everyone started exhibiting magical powers. Each was slightly different, and everyone had different strengths. It had caused total mayhem in the town, and the world, for months.

Sandi had been a child herself when it happened, and her powers were related to the wind; she could wield them however she wished. But she had caused two windstorms before realizing it was her powers.

That was fifty years ago.

But neither Sandi nor any adult who'd been a kid when everything occurred looked over the age of twenty now, with the adults' age freezing in time. And nobody was sure as to how long their lifespans were.

Getting out of her chair, Sandi wandered over to the BBQ and food tables, her stomach growling.

Tonight was the anniversary of the purple clouds first appearing. Many large cities had parades and festivals, but her smaller city was more lowkey about how it celebrated anything.

Making herself a burger and putting a few of the sides on her plate, she walked back to her chair, realizing she had forgotten a drink.

So, Sandi lifted her index finger, willing the wind to carry a can of strawberry soda to her.

It blew right into her hand, and she grinned, opening it and taking a sip. That would never get old.

"Careful," said a voice from behind, "don't blow us away."

She turned her head, smiling wider. "Never."

Tina, her friend and neighbor, pulled up a chair and set it next to her. "At least the food is good this year." Her eyes flashed amber as she inhaled, "Ahh."

"Now, don't wolf out on us for the food."

Tina lowered her fangs, "Can't make any promises."

Sandi rolled her eyes, biting into her burger.

Yeah, her friend had become a wolf shifter of all things, as did much of her family. And they didn't need to strip to shift, nor were they terribly affected by the lunar cycle.

But it struck her funny how all of this had become the new normal, and almost no one questioned it anymore. Or that fantasy book sales had dropped off afterward.

Glancing up at the sky, Sandi watched as midnight came, goosebumps erupting across her skin. Everyone else stopped what they were doing, each reacting differently.

The purple clouds appeared before them, as beautiful as ever with their many shades and slight sparkle. Despite having witnessed this most of her life, Sandi would never tire of this.

"Magic really is awesome," Tina sighed, her eyes amber again.

"It definitely has its perks."

But as quickly as they appeared, the purple clouds vanished. It was as if the clouds were teasing them. But this time, a thunderous clap echoed as they disappeared.

Sandi released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. And for the first time in a long time, butterflies tickled her stomach.

Why was she feeling this way? She rarely got nervous and never anxious. Not since this first happened, anyway.

Perhaps it was because of the noise. Sandi hadn't heard the thunder-like sound before, although she had been six when it all began. But did it mean something terrible was going to happen?

Scanning the faces of the others, she knew they shared similar thoughts. Even Tina seemed startled.

Yeah, something was going to happen. And no one knew what nor could they prepare for it.

Thank you for the read! I hope you enjoyed it. Likes, shares, tips, pledges, and subscriptions are always cherished. :)


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  • Lily Elle3 months ago

    This was an absolute pleasure to read. I would absolutely read chapter two. I actually think it would be a great TV show - can't you see Netflix producing a series like this? Hope you keep developing this- it's a great start!

  • Nikki Clam3 months ago

    Wow, your writing is captivating and full of imagination! I was truly transported into this magical world where anything is possible. The description of the purple clouds and the magical powers was enchanting, and the characters were so well-developed. You have a gift for storytelling, and I'm excited to see what else you create. :)

  • I absolutely loved this story! The imagery of the purple clouds dancing with the blushing sky at midnight is simply breathtaking. The author has done an excellent job of creating a magical world where anything is possible, and the characters are relatable and engaging. One sentence that stood out to me was "But it struck her funny how all of this had become the new normal, and almost no one questioned it anymore." This sentence highlights how easily we can adapt to new circumstances and how quickly things can become the norm, even if they initially seem bizarre or unbelievable. It's a great reminder that anything is possible, and we should never stop believing in magic. Overall, the story was engaging, well-written, and left me wanting more. The only small critique I have is that I wish there was more backstory on how the purple clouds came to be and how they affect the characters. However, this is a minor issue, and the story is still enjoyable without it. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece, and I will definitely be looking out for more of your work in the future! If you want to give my take on the challenge a try, you can find it here: I would love your feedback!

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