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The Divergents, part ten

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 5 min read
The Divergents, part ten
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The next morning after his first meal, Callum headed to the medical tent, knowing he would piss off a lot of humans. But he didn't care. Most of the medical providers excluded Wanderers, and he wouldn't have it.

He wore his standard uniform from the mother ship; it was the only thing appropriate for his duties. It didn't mean he favored it, though. But he'd find something else to wear later.

Callum quickly spotted Skye sitting outside the tent, eating what appeared to be fruit.

She turned her head, "Hey, man." Dark circles were stamped underneath her eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Couldn't sleep. Too much running around in my head right now."

Callum touched the side of her neck, a pit forming in his stomach. "It will be okay."

Skye knitted her brows but didn't protest his touch. "Oh, probably, but most everyone is mad at me, especially my mate." She took another bite.

Moving his hand away, he gave her a wicked grin, winking, "Well, I'm about to enrage a lot of humans, so you won't be alone."

She smiled, "You look almost exactly like your brother, only you're softer."

"You're not the first to say this." Callum straightened. "Is everyone here?"



With that, he entered the tent. The two doctors eyed him while the 'nurses' backed away. But he wasn't going to put up with their fear or prejudice.

"Hello," Callum crossed his arms behind his back, "As you already know, I am a medic."

The blonde stepped forward, "I'm Christine, the lead doctor," she gestured to the male behind her, "and this is Olsen."

"Not anymore."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm taking charge."

Christine poked a finger into his chest, "You better watch yourself, or I'll report this--"

"To the commander?" Callum laughed at her. "Please, he gave full authority."

Her eyes widened.

Then he focused on Olsen, "And how dare you experiment with compatibility nanites on someone without their consent!"

His face paled.

"Yes, I told him what you did to me." Skye stepped inside, "And that Ava, Max, and Evan volunteered."

"But what the enhanced women?" Christine raised a brow, smirking.

"I had nothing to do with that." His heart pounded in his chest. "But none of you are willing to treat my people here."

"We know nothing about your physiology!" Olsen threw his hands in the air.

Callum snorted, "That didn't stop her." He pointed to Skye. "You just don't want to learn!"

The nurses tried to exit the tent through the back.

"Oh, no, you don't!"

They froze, obviously afraid, but he wasn't going to allow that anymore.

"No one here will harm you."

"You are yelling," Christine huffed.

"Because I'm mad at all of you except Skye!" Callum took a deep breath. He couldn't yell all day. "So, let's begin with training."


Deciding that she couldn't really get lost, Trix started exploring the base after eating breakfast with Callum in the dining hall.

She knew he'd be wreaking havoc in the medical tent today, and while nothing would've pleased her more than to witness it, she couldn't hover around him all day. That wasn't healthy, after all.

Besides, Skye would tell her later anyway.

Trix quickly found herself in the 'shopping' section of the base and instantly started hunting for new clothing.

The attendant didn't pay much attention to her, but that was fine. Unlike her mother, Trix didn't require an audience to try on clothes. If anything, it made her insecure about her body.

After finding three shirts, a jacket, two pairs of jeans, and a pair of combat boots in her size, she ran back to her unit to change. She really hated wearing sweatpants.

Luckily, the Wanderer who provided her clothing last night gave her all the undergarments she'd need. So, her girls had the support they required.

Walking back to the square, Trix let her mind meander as she strolled around, noting the snow on the ground.

However, she felt a surge of power as she approached a garage-looking building. It was mainly Wanderer tech. So, she opened the door and stepped inside.

"Hey!" a deep voice shouted, "What are you doing in here?"

Trix turned her head, seeing a hulking guy looming over her. "Sorry, I was..." Then she saw his eyes. "I take it you're Bram."

He raised a brow, "Yes."

"Wow, you and your brother look a lot alike." Except for Bram being twice Callum's size. "I'm Trix."

Bram relaxed. "I see. You can feel what I'm doing in here."

"The electricity, yes." She scanned his workshop, spotting both human and Wanderer tech. "So, you're like me."

"How so?"

"I'm an electrical engineer and IT specialist."

His head tilted. That piqued his interest. "Really?"

Trix puffed her chest, grinning, "Yes."

"Hey, I got more--Oh, hello."

She waved at Galen, "Hi."

"What are you doing here?" He set the stuff in his hands down on the worktable.

"I could say the same."

"He helps me with the translations." Bram rolled his shoulders, "Reading English is not my strong suit."

"I can help you with that."

Galen shifted his weight, "I'm the language expert."

Trix eyed him, standing straighter, "But I understand tech. It's my job." She wasn't about to back down. "I'm an engineer too."

Bram sighed, "Both of you can stay as long as you don't fight."

"Thanks, man." Grinning triumphantly, she walked around the workshop, feeling their gazes on her.

It was Candyland for her, especially now.

Trix would be spending a lot more time there, as long as Bram allowed it. Because while she had no problem challenging Galen, this was Bram's shop, and she wanted to learn from him.

Trix shifted her gaze. "Would you have a problem with me being your apprentice?"

Bram tilted his head again. "But you are an engineer."

"Yeah, but I still don't know a lot about Wanderer tech, and I'm sure you have issues with our tech."

He shrugged, "So, you want to work with me?"

"And learn if you'll have me."


She smiled.

"Wow, I'm being kicked out," Galen chuckled.

"No, I'm sure you can be useful to us."

He laughed some more. "I like you."

She winked at them, "Now, let's get to it."

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