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Train REM

The speed of thought.

By James DavisPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
At the speed of light

The train went rhythmically down the track. Town after town after town. The sound of the trains steel wheels hitting the rail splicing's, Ka-thump, Ka-thump, Ka-thump.

There was no moon out and the clouds were thick. The night was pitch black.

Roberto was groggily sleeping in the seat, until the rails curve became a G-force that rolled his head from left to right causing him to awaken with a start.

Roberto seemed to be in a stupor and he just couldn't 'find' where he was.

How did he get here, He wondered? As he tried to clear his head and remember, the train seemed to pick up speed. Ever so noticeable. Almost imperceptible. Almost.

Roberto glanced at this watch, trying to see if he could understand. To see if he was dreaming or lost in some time tunnel. 1:38 it showed. He turned towards the window. Noticing that it was dark, he thought, it must be early morning, but how? Why am I here. Where am I?

And again, the train seemed to pick up speed. Almost imperceptible.


Roberto started going through his pockets to see if he had a train ticket or stub from boarding. Maybe that would at least tell him where he'd gotten on the train. But he found nothing in any of his pockets. He rechecked them almost frantically to see. Maybe he'd missed it, yet came up empty once more.


And there it was again. The train seemed to pick up speed. Almost imperceptible. Almost.

Just below the surface, Roberto thought to himself, I MUST wake up. And a tinge of panic, anxiety actually, started to swell. "What is happening to me, he asked?" Even as the words came out of his mouth, he felt it again. The train picked up speed.

It was then that he noticed the other passengers. Not clearly, but as if they weren't really there. They were in the passenger car, but almost out of reach. Odd he thought.

There was no one sitting directly across from him in the normal staggered seating of trains. Two seats facing front and two seats facing back.

There was a couple with a small child on the other side of the isle and a man in a business suit in the next section up. Roberto tried to speak to them but it was as if they didn't hear him. And there it was again.

The train seemed to pick up speed. Almost imperceptible.


Each time he tried to reach out or awaken himself, that’s when he felt the train speed up. He had to get control of this. Somehow.

So, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. That calmed him a bit. He had a thought about his troubles. A flash of remembrance, really. Terror! People screaming and hurtful words. He opened his eyes.

Looking around, he was startled, but everyone was the same. The family didn't even notice him and the business guy kept reading his paper. As if he wasn't there. And the train noticeably pick up speed this time. Faster.

Why couldn't he figure this out? He decided to close his eyes again and he heard the screaming again. But this time he saw himself and his parents in a heated argument. They were saying something about "the family" and "you're being selfish". Then he saw his sister, sitting at the kitchen table. Her head in her hands and she was sobbing uncontrollably.

He opened his eyes. It wasn't possible! She was gone. Dead. It just couldn't be.

And there it was again. The train picked up speed. Perceptible this time.

Very perceptible.

His heart was racing. He just didn't understand. How could she be at the table? She was gone. Roberto couldn't find the rest of the story. His mind wouldn't let him. Try as he might, it just wouldn't come. So, he closed his eyes again.

The family came again. this time in 'full color'. He saw his Mother and Father fighting. His sister crying at the table. He heard them saying to his sister that she was being selfish and uncaring about her family. Then he saw her get up from the table and walk towards the door.

He tried to stop her. He yelled at her, but she started running. She opened the door in one swift movement and was out. In to the night.

As he awoke with a start. His alarm clock buzzing loudly.

Roberto knew what he had to do. So, he picked up the phone and dialed.

Faintly in the distance, he heard a train whistle blow.

And he knew.


About the Creator

James Davis

I am a new writer. I have a book completed and hope to get it published soon.

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