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Discover 10 captivating TV series that delved into magical and supernatural forces in this video we will traverse mysterious landscapes, encounter powerful witches and sorcerers and witness epic battles between good and evil from exciting adventures to mystical wonders be prepared to be enchanted by these exciting shows so let's get started.

By Nora SGPublished 10 months ago 4 min read
Top 10 Magic / Fantasy
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Number 10 Shadowhunter's ethical tools the show follows Clary fry a teenager who discovers that she is a Shadowhunter half warrior angel with her Shadowhunter friends she is fighting demons and seeking to save her mother is kidnapped while Clary embraces her new identity develops a forbidden romance with Jess another Shadowhunter together they face powerful enemies and uncover a larger conspiracy that threatens the balance between the shadow world and the human world

Shadow hunters deadly machines is an exciting fantasy series that captivates viewers with its action-packed adventures, complex relationships and richly imagines the supernatural world.

Number nine the wheel of time the wheel of time is a fantasy series based on the series of books by Robert Jordan it follows a group of young people with the ability known as the O. S. channels of death they embark on a journey to find and guide the reborn prophesied dragon who can save the world from destruction in the impending last battle.

Number eight librarians the story revolves around the library an ancient and magical institution that exists outside of time and space when the mysterious Curator of the library Flynn Carson realizes that the world is facing an unprecedented wave of magical upheavals and supernatural events he recruits a team of extraordinary individuals to help him in his mission the team consists of a variety of experts each possessing unique talents and skills.

Number seven motherland Fort Salem motherland an alternative version of America where witches have played a pivotal role in the history of the country the show revolves around three young women real tally and Abigail who are drafted into military service to become strong warriors which is known as the spree where young witches navigate the challenges of military life and their individual identities they form deep bonds of friendship and brotherhood their training is intense and they must face personal doubts and insecurities while uncovering the secrets of their magical heritage and the history of witches in the country in addition to the young witches navigating the military side the show also delves into political intrigues and the complexities of power dynamics in this society The magic.

Number six Nefer is a science fiction drama series set in Victorian London where a mysterious event grants supernatural abilities to a group of mostly women the story unfolds with the appearance of these talented individuals known as Amalia touched true is a quick-witted and mysterious woman who becomes the de facto leader of the touch next to her is atonement run by a brilliant inventor who.

Number five Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina the show follows Sabrina a half witch half human teenager as she navigates the complexities of her dual identity and the dark forces that surround her Sabrina lives with her aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman and her cousin Ambrose in the town of Greendale on her 16th birthday must make a life-changing decision for her in either embracing her no heritage by signing her name the evil forces of the night church are led by the mysterious high priest Father Blackwood, as she befriends humans like her boyfriend Harvey Kinkel and the best Her friends Rose and Susie whose lives were intertwined with a supernatural number.

Number four Once Upon a time action series unfolds in two worlds of fairy tale and modern Emma Swan is 28 after being tracked down by her 10-year-old son Henry whom Emma abandoned years ago he told his mother that she is the daughter of Prince and snow white and so Emma finds herself in the town of Storybook which is an alternative fairy tale world the more time she spends with the boy the more she becomes attached to him and the more she becomes attached to the strange town all the inhabitants of the city because of the evil queen who is also Henry's adoptive mother have forgotten who they were and it turns out that Emma is the only one who can breaking the juggling.

Number three His Dark Materials His Dark Materials follows a young girl named Lyra in a parallel universe when children begin to disappear she discovers a mysterious substance called Dust and an aethalometer that holds deep truths as she uncovers secrets become entangled in a battle against oppressive educational authority with the help of allies Lyra embarks on a journey to unravel her destiny and save multiple worlds.

No. 2 Merlin the series tells the story of the youth of the magician Merlin the legendary adviser and mentor of King Arthur when he was a teenager he learned that he had magical powers but learned to hide them from ordinary people when the native village began to guess the talent of the guy Merlin was taken under his tutelage by the doctor Gaius who vowed to teach his ward.

The number one discovery of witches series based on the books by Deborah Harkness tells the story of Diana Bishop in whose body flows very ancient and powerful blood of real witches but the girl does not want to have anything to do with it so she doesn't even try to develop her abilities one day while working in the Oxford library a mysterious manuscript falls into her to harness their power for their own purposes discover Magicians weaves together the themes of love, destiny and the battle for control of the supernatural world.


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