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The Weather Forecast

Prepare for Snow

By Reija SillanpaaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The Weather Forecast
Photo by Hugo Clément on Unsplash

You stood by the window sipping your morning tea. The wind had picked up since yesterday and already the clouds were gathering in the east.

Last night, the TV meteorologist had forecast heavy snow.

"Hardly the ideal weather for driving halfway across the country," your husband had noted.

"You better leave extra early. You wouldn't want to be late for your important business event."

You had turned off the TV and your back to him. Soon, his snores filled the room. But you couldn't sleep. You tossed and turned while your mind replayed the messages you had read earlier.

You hadn't been spying on purpose. It was purely by chance you had seen the messages. All signed by kisses and hearts with anticipation for the weekend.

After you had seen the first message bing through on his phone while he showered, there had been no way for you not to investigate further.

The more you saw, the more it made sense. It explained all the overtime and the increased number of business meetings that required overnight stays in other cities. No spouses invited.

The more you read, the more you understood. And the more you understood, the more you hated.

"Looks like the snow will be here soon. I'll see you in two days." With that, he was gone.

The snow suited you perfectly. Couldn't have asked for better weather you had thought, when you crept out of bed to let out the break fluids of his car.


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Reija Sillanpaa

A wise person said, "Be your own audience". Therefore, I write fiction, poetry and about matters important and interesting to me. That said, I warmly welcome you into my audience.

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  • Hannah Moore3 months ago

    Nasty! Well done.

  • That's my girl! Always make it look like an accident! I don't tolerate cheaters! Loved your story!

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