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The Very Hungry Human

Death by Chocolate

By Guenneth SpeldrongPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read

You were hungry, so you made yourself a chocolate cake and ate a thin slice. It tasted like heaven, so you cut a bigger slice and ate that too. You were still quite hungry, and so you ate another slice.

Before you knew it, the cake was gone.

But you were still hungry.

You made another cake as quickly as possible. Chocolate, of course; it was the best. You made it 2 layers this time. As soon as the frosting was on, you started eating. You don't even bother to cut it into slices and just attack it with a fork.

Soon that was all gone, but you were still so very hungry.

You used the rest of your ingredients to make one enormous cake. It was ugly and lopsided with the weight of all the layers. You don't wait to frost it, just dug straight into the piping hot dessert with an abandon that terrifies you.

When the third cake was in your stomach, you eat the frosting straight out of the bowl.

Can you believe that you are STILL HUNGRY!?

You are out of ingredients, but you knew where to find some. You go to your neighbor's house, let yourself in, and bake 3 more cake monstrosities.

You planned on leaving one for your neighbors, as the ingredients were theirs... but you were too hungry for that. You leave them half a cake to share, and move on to the next house.

You eat your way through the houses on your block, then the neighborhood, then the town. You no longer care what flavor you could make, so long as there was plenty of it.

You would leave at least a half a cake in the houses that had plenty of ingredients, but you didn't find it fair to leave any cake in the houses that barely had any. How could you possibly leave even one crumb if all you could make was a single layer cake!?

You are just so hungry, you see. No one can blame you for being greedy when you am in such terrible need!

You decide cake isn't enough, so you switch to other desserts: pies, cookies, pastries, candy- anything sweet would do.

You realize you have grown too big for the town, so you move to bigger cities, and use their ingredients. You leave what is fair, of course.

The more you eat, the hungrier you become. It is a never ending torture. The small people around you cry and beg for you to stop. They were so selfish! Didn't they understand you needed MORE?

Your hunger is growing as fast as you are, but there is no more sugar, eggs, or flour to be found.

So you move to the things that sounded like food but weren't:

Urinal cakes

Mud pies

Pineappled pizza

They are all too small. They did not even graze the gnaw you feel deep down.

Then you move to farms, and eat the chickens and cows whole. You devour fields of crops. They were just sitting there, unused, after all.

If some humans got in the way, you eat them as well. It was their fault for being in the way, after all.

Everything tastes like chicken now, anyway.

You no longer hear the cries that surrounded you for so long. It was peaceful once again.

Nothing can make a dent to your insatiable hunger. Nothing you eat could satisfy you.

You slurp up the oceans, hoping for fish. You eat all the trees, trying to find every hidden creature. You swipe all the birds from the sky.

Then there was nothing left.

Just you and your hunger.

The never ending wrenching agony in your stomach.

You look down at yourself, and realize there WAS one more thing to eat.

You take a bite.

Short Story

About the Creator

Guenneth Speldrong

Hello there. I write things. Sometimes good things. Mostly, I write to find myself. If I can entertain you in the process, then that's just the derivative icing on the proverbial cake!

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