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The Tale of mysteries Garden fort & Granny soul

Horror and emotional

By PeamightyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, a young lad ventured into the village, where his grandpa owned an ancient house. As he explored the neighborhood, folks warmly inquired about his studies and well-being.

With a grin, the boy shared tales of his grandma's scrumptious evening feast, boldly declaring his mother could never match such culinary wizardry. Two days later, a curious turn of events unfolded within the old house.

Quenching his thirst in a dim backroom, the lad stumbled upon a mysteriously ajar door in the rear wall. Pushing it open, he found himself amidst a dazzling chamber adorned with two colossal pillars of gold and a gleaming floor. Intrigued, he traversed through and discovered a magical garden brimming with vibrant flowers, accompanied by an adjacent fort.

Undeterred, the boy entered the fort, ascending its spiral stairs. To his surprise, a woman awaited him at the top, seemingly his grandmother. Perplexed, he inquired about her identity and the peculiar place. The woman claimed to be his true grandmother and elucidated that the other woman he knew was the second grandmother.

Skepticism lingered as the boy pointed out the age difference. In response, the spectral grandmother revealed her ghostly form, demanding his trust. The boy, frightened, shattered a nearby window and tumbled into the grass below. In a frantic escape, he raced towards the door, fending off numerous spirits attempting to impede him.

With a burst of courage, he shoved the specters aside and slammed shut the magical door. The seven-year-old, overwhelmed with fear, succumbed to unconsciousness, leaving behind a tale of an otherworldly encounter in his grandpa's old house.

In the shadowy silence where the lad lay still, hidden from sight, worry etched across grandma and grandpa's faces. Word spread like wildfire through the village, a missing boy, and with hearts pounding, they set out on a quest. Over hills, through fields, along the riverside they scoured, but the boy's presence eluded them.

As the sun dipped low, casting a cloak of disappointment, the air heavy with worry, Grandma's tears painted a somber picture. Yet, when night cast its gentle glow, a flicker of light revealed the boy nestled in the back room's embrace.

In that quiet corner, a poetic reunion unfolded. The boy, roused from his slumber, recounted a tale of a magical door, and behind it, his first grandma, a spectral presence that sent shivers through his tiny frame. Fear gripped him, and with a flutter, he succumbed to unconsciousness.

The room echoed with the tender cadence of Grandma's sighs, as she gently guided him to the bed. Water droplets danced in the lamplight, reviving the boy from his mystical journey. With wide eyes, he spoke of a spectral encounter, a tale woven in the threads of imagination, a door to another world briefly opened and swiftly shut.

And so, the night unfolded, a tapestry of mystery and a touch of poetry, as the boy's fantastical adventure became a whispered tale beneath the moonlit sky.

Grandma confirmed it's true – the first grandma really passed away. When I asked, Grandpa shared a tale: "Once, we were drawing water from the well, and your grandma accidentally fell in. I rushed for help, and with the whole village, we brought her out. A year later, I married another grandma. Ever since, the first grandma visited in dreams, insisting we use her name. So, your second grandma got named after the first, and she hasn't appeared since."

Boy said it's a really sad story boy walked and went to That magical door area But he found that there is not doors there is only old wall.

If I got best engagement in this Story I will continue this in future please let me know if you like this new story or not comment me bye!

Young AdultSeriesLoveHumorHorrorHolidayfamily

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Whoaaa, those were twists that I did not see coming! Awesome story!

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