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The story of the class song

One day, Enzemeo, one of the gods who created heaven and earth, descended to earth. He was sitting in a small boat and playing in the river.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

The story of the class song

One day, Enzemeo, one of the gods who created heaven and earth, came down to earth. He sat in a small boat and played in the river. The boat landed by a large village, when a young girl came to the spring to draw water. When Enzemeo saw her, he fell in love with her because she was kind, hardworking, labor-loving, and beautiful. He made her pregnant with a son and took her far, far away. The girl's name was Oberia, and she never came back from there.

Later, Oberia gave birth to a son named Ban Ge. Ban Ge grew up, and Oberia loved him more than anything in the world.

One day because the child Ban Ge stole a fish in Enzemeo's restricted area, Enzemeo was very angry and tied Oberya at home. Catch Ban Ge and throw him from a height.

Ban Ge kept falling and fell into the big river on the other side of the mountain. Fortunately, the place where he fell was not too far from the shore. A fisherman who was fishing rescued Ban Ge and led him home.

As soon as Enzemeo threw the class song away, Oberia rushed out. Seeing that the class song was dropped, Oberia ran away from home, and Enzemeo became anxious, and he would do anything to find the class song.

He searched all over the sea and the earth, but could not find the bange.

It turned out that the fisherman who saved Ban Ge was a great wizard. He had long recognized Ban Ge's noble background. He carefully hid Ban Ge and was unwilling to hand him over.

Ban Ge hid in a cave, which was deep and dark. Ban Ge felt safe here. So he stayed there for a long time.

However, Enzemeo was still desperately looking for him, and said every day: "I must find the banjo and eat his heart." Enzemeo came to the forest and met the chameleon.

"Chameleon, have you seen the class song?"

"I did see a man passing by, but who would tell me his name?"

"Then where did he go? Where is his village?"

"He's here and there, and his village is on the other side of the forest."

Enzemeo left angrily. The chameleon ran into the cave and told Ban Ge, "Ban Ge, your father is looking for you, be careful."

After speaking, the chameleon climbed to the top of the rock. Ban Ge was warned and carefully wiped off the traces he had left on the ground. Then, he hid deep in the cave. The spiders made thick and strong cobwebs at the entrance of the cave, and the chameleon hurriedly threw some flies and insects on the web.

Enzemeo continued to hunt. When he encountered the snake, he asked him if he had seen Ban Ge, and the snake told him that Ban Ge was in the cave.

Enzemeo quickened his pace and came to the cave. He saw cobwebs and flies on the web. He said, "There will be no one here!"

Enzemeo walked away. Ban Ge came out of the cave and said: "Chameleon, you have done a good job. This is your reward. From now on you can change the color at will, so that you can avoid your enemies." The chameleon said: "Great."

Ban Ge said to Spider again, "You have done well too. In the future, wherever you are, you will bring happiness to wherever you are." After speaking, Ban Ge left. On the way, he found the snake and stomped on it with his heel, crushing the snake's head flat.

Enzemeo finally found nothing, and returned to the sky wearily, no longer chasing the banjo.

When Banguo grew up, he traveled the world and came into contact with all people and all races. He was a kind man who taught people to be good and to do good things. He had a piece of jasper around his neck and used it to work all kinds of miracles. Engermeo had carved his name on this jade, which was given to Banguo's mother Obera the first day he saw her. Oberia gave the jasper to her son Banguo again. Banguo can leave his body as he pleases. Arrows couldn't hit him, axes couldn't cut him, poisonous bamboo poles couldn't pierce his bare feet, and all the treasures on the ground belonged to him. He loved the black man, and the black man loved him. They did as he wished and as he commanded, because Ban Song was a kind man.

Later, Ban Ge was going to go far, far away. He set off to the other side of the mountain, and the bad guys there watched Ban Ge day and night after he cut open the land and found the treasure in the ground. In the end, Ban Ge knew they were bad guys and avoided them. One day, they finally found the jasper in Ban Ge's hand. In order to steal Ban Ge's wealth and master his secrets, they killed him and took the jasper.

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