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There's a monster in Mumu Town

Recently, a strange thing happened in Mumu Town. People kept knocking on the doors of each house, but when they opened the door, there was nothing.

By KianaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Recently, a strange thing happened in Mumu Town. People kept knocking on the doors of various households, but when they opened the doors, nothing happened.

  The mayor of Mumu Town set up a task force to investigate. But the knocker came and went without a trace, and the people didn't even see a shadow! "Could it be... Could it be that this mysterious knocker is not human." Someone guessed.

  "What?" People widened their eyes.

  "What could that be?"

  "Could it be a monster?"

  No one said yes, no one said no. Everyone was stunned.

  However, the next day, the news of the "dong dong... dong dong sound monster" in the town spread like wildfire, and the whole town was shrouded in horror.

  The mayor of Mumu Town decided that he must immediately catch the "dong dong... dong dong sound monster".

  However, how can we catch an invisible monster? The members of the task force stayed up all night thinking about ways to catch the monster.

  Probably the monsters also noticed that they didn't appear in the town for three consecutive days.

  On the fourth day, only the door of a house was heard ringing non-stop. The monster is here! Dad protected the mother and child and hurriedly hid in the bedroom, when there was a crackling sound outside.

  It turned out that the mayor had already sent someone to set up a net of heaven and earth.

  The moment the monster turned around, it just crashed into the big pocket of cloth above its head. People rushed up together and tied their pockets tightly with brown ropes.

  The mayor of Mumu Town let out a sigh of relief, not expecting it to go so smoothly. A human shape gradually appeared in the big pocket, and the monster finally appeared.

  "What kind of monster are you? What is your purpose?"

  "..." The monster didn't speak.

  "What's your name?"

  "Winter, winter winter." The monster finally spoke.

  It turned out that he was Dongfeng, the youngest son of Fengshen. Still just a little demon.

  Do you want to call Fengshen to discuss A? After all, he is just a child. Someone went to Mumu Forest to deliver a message, but the messenger brought back a message that Fengshen was on a business trip to California.

  Suddenly, a gust of wind rolled up outside, and in an instant, the wind was surging, blowing into the dark. Grass, flowers and trees were uprooted, and even the house tilted in an instant.

  "Let me go! Brother, come and save me!"

  People heard Dong rolling around in his big pocket and yelling.

  Sure enough, the three older brothers of winter, spring, summer and autumn, all came.

  It is because of them that Mumu Town has four distinct seasons, with spring flowers, summer grass, autumn leaves and winter snow. But now they are angry and want to destroy the entire Mumu Town. This is the worst disaster in Mumu Town's history.

  "Come on... let's go to winter." The people of Mumu Town were at a loss.

  Even the mayor had no idea. He finally caught the monster, but he didn't expect to bring such a big disaster to the town.

  Just then, the sun came out, there was no sound around, the wind stopped, and the sky was blue.

  "Dong dong... dong dong." Someone knocked politely on the door.

  Opening the door, an old man with a long beard stood in the sun. Behind the old man stood three handsome guys.

  "You... you are?"

  "I brought my sons to apologize to Mumu Town."

  It turned out to be Fengshen. Fortunately, he came back early.

  "It's all my fault." Aeolus sighed, "I'm too busy with work to take care of these children. His older brothers are all grown up, and they are better. They each have their own things to do, and only Dong is still young..."

  "But what exactly did he do wrong?" Aeolus asked the mayor, "I don't ask indiscriminately... I've caused trouble for Mumu Town."

  The mayor of Mumu Town waved his hand and put aside the affairs of these children for the time being, just saying the bad influence that winter had brought to the town.

  "Dong, what the hell is going on?"

  "I... I just want to find someone to play with."

  "Huh?..." Everyone was taken aback.

  This is really a big misunderstanding.

  Since then, the children of Mumu Town often go to Mumu Forest to find winter to play. Sometimes they play snowballs together, and sometimes they build snowmen together, so they are happy!

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