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The stars are the poor man's diamonds

by Jozlyn Susanna 2 months ago in Short Story
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People living in the city, to survive and constantly busy, so busy that there is no time to go through the diary of the past

The stars are the poor man's diamonds
Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

People living in the city, to survive and constantly busy, so busy that there is no time to go through the diary of the past, and even no time to look up at the sky of the white moon, and the shiny crystal stars.

  Just graduated from college, I did OFFICE girl, very busy, work, preparing for graduate school, but also going home to eat with mom and dad.

  I am always fidgety, looking for something, a force pulled the entire drawer out, and the book paper pieces spilled all over the floor. I had to squat down, clean up and found a large paper box. I couldn't remember what was in it, so I tried to open it, but I pushed too hard, and everything inside fell out - a small star folded with colored paper.

  I think I'm a forgetful person, I once thought the experience engraved in my heart to forget so cleanly, I simply sat down on the floor, first the books and papers, and began to pick those little stars, forgotten past seems to be forever in a doorway waiting, as long as you have a whim or an idea to open the door, it will walk in with great affection.

  When I was very young, perhaps just after graduating from elementary school, my family moved and I broke up with my neighbor, Ron, and I haven't seen him since. When I think back now, I should not forget Lang. He was the one who taught me how to ride a bicycle. When I was in college, I sang and rode my bike on the road every day, and I didn't even think about him. He lived with his grandmother, and his home was very poorly furnished, but he was very smart. He also has a very special skill, he can make little doll's clothes out of tiny pieces of cloth. Although he was a boy, each piece of clothing was especially beautiful. Now that I think about it, it seems that each piece of clothing embodies a character in it, which is quite chic. I envied Xiaolang and asked him to teach me. He agreed and then taught me with great care, but I was stupid, so I finally gave up. Xiaolang said to me, "Xiao Bing, it's okay, in the future I want to be a fashion designer and make more beautiful clothes for you!" I was very happy. Xiaolang is the same age as me, but he always talks to me like a brother. He was nice to me.

  At that time, despite his family's difficulties, he always gave me gifts on my birthday. It was all very ordinary stuff, but if it was matched with his interpretation, it became interesting. I think he's a moderate person, because the form of his gift is so fixed, a gift, a text message. He once sent me a Coke, the short note said: "Xiao Bing, you know 'gentleman's friendship is as light as water? But you're a woman, so let our friendship be like Coke! It tastes so good." Coke drink for many years, every time you drink it did not think of Xiaolang, but at this time, looking back on his words feels so meaningful, Coke looks ugly, a sip of it is still a little bitter, but a few more sips, you will find it very sweet, very good. Perhaps only this kind of fellowship will last forever. I think I should regret deeply losing contact with Xiaolang. He once gave me a painting, a golden full moon hanging on a deep blue canopy, very moving, the short note says: "Xiao Bing, you are my good friend, I don't want to part with you, I want to play with you forever, but what happens in the future can't be fixed by anyone, if we are separated one day, if you miss me, just look up at the moon, we will always see the same moon! " The moon hung in the sky as long as the sky was clear, but my busy life left no time for me to look up at the moon and see Xiaolang, who was far away or close at hand. I thought "The moon rises above the sea, and the sky is at the end of the earth." Xiaolang, I would like to see you again.

I remembered when we were separated, because the house was going to be demolished and we both had to move out, I remembered that Xiaolang gave me a box at that time, the one I knocked over on the ground today, filled with stars, stars folded with colored paper, and a short note that said, "Xiaobing, everyone else said I was a wild child, only you played with me, I am grateful, to be separated, I folded I'm grateful that I'm going to be separated, I folded a box of stars for you, it will bring you good luck." I think Xiaolang is precocious, but not good at expressing his feelings, which is probably the case with children who have been hurt. Ron probably wouldn't have thought that I would think this way today, so sensible and sober, but with less warm memories and little bits and pieces of him. I was touched, but didn't want to look for him, everyone will have a different life path.

  I packed the box of stars and intended to put it back in the corner of the drawer. Just as I picked up the lid, I suddenly saw a line written inside the lid. I looked at the line and tears overflowed in my eyes and then flowed out. I suddenly decided to go to him, to Xiaolang, because I found that many, many things in this world are more precious to me, perhaps it is much more important than career and achievement.

  Xiaolang wrote these words on the lid: "The stars are the poor man's diamonds. The TV says, "Diamonds are forever, one lasts forever."

  Xiaolang, where are you? This is Xiaobing, I want to wear the clothes you designed for me, I want to see you.

Short Story

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Cheerful, enthusiastic, careful, efficient, and hard-working.

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