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The policy is tricky

Chapter 6

By yibalPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

The mother-in-law's crying stopped abruptly, and her eyes were full of surprise when she looked at Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun completely lost the momentum of entering the house. He glanced at me, sat back again, and scolded his mother very much: "Mom, what do you think? There are so many cars and so many people, and they are still pushing dumplings. !"

This is also interesting, and those who didn't know it thought he was complaining about the wrong place.

I looked at him with a cold face, Zhang Yun hesitated for a long time, and finally pulled his mother-in-law over to beg me, "That's our mother, the grandmother of the dumplings, how could you harm the dumplings? How could you put your mother in jail for this kind of thing? Can't you apologize?"

My mother-in-law followed with snot and tears, murmuring, "It wasn't intentional", "Don't go to jail".

I'm completely heartbroken.

When my mother-in-law killed my first child, this was the face, and now I don't even let go of my glutinous rice balls.

I really want to tear this old woman apart and see what her heart is doing!

I grabbed my phone and was about to call the police, but my mother-in-law suddenly rushed into the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife. She was about to stab her in the stomach.

"If you want me to go to jail, it's better to kill me! Zhang Yun, look, this is how you married a good daughter-in-law!"

I subconsciously put the dumplings behind me. To be honest, I was both excited and scared at this moment.

I wished this old woman would stab me to death, but I was afraid that she would be emotionally disturbed. Instead of stabbing herself, I rushed over to stab me and the dumplings...

I can't take the risk of dumplings.

Zhang Yun hurried forward and dragged the crying mother-in-law into the house. Father-in-law gave me a look and followed.

I was too lazy to pay attention to them. I went back to the house and settled the dumplings. When I went out, I heard quarrels coming from the door opposite, and vaguely heard things like "Don't be impulsive", "Find the evidence", "Can you be careful?", "Be quieter" or something like that.

I was completely stunned, like a thunderbolt, numb.

My Mother-in-law did it on purpose today!

Thinking of the insurance policy, I felt terrified.

On the day when the country opened up to three children, the mother-in-law said to her husband, "What's the use of having a baby girl? You should fall to your death when you are born, this money-losing thing, you two, hurry up and give birth to a few more children, I want a big fat grandson.

" The idea of ​​a woman has a long history, and it is normal to say such things. But I didn't expect that they would actually want to kill my daughter and cheat!

In the midsummer weather, the air conditioner was not turned on in the house, but I fell into an ice cave.

That is Zhang Yun's own daughter, the granddaughter of her parents-in-law, how dare they!

I slept all night with the dumplings in my arms and touched my daughter's face. I made up my mind.

I want everyone in this family who has evil thoughts about my daughter to go to hell!

An old classmate helped me find a lawyer, her half-sister.

I don't know if it is because of the unfortunate relationship of the original family. The young lady has an innate rejection of men, especially men who cheat.


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