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The Perfumed Whispers

I went out to the hazel wood, Because a fire was in my head, And cut and peeled a hazel wand, And hooked a berry to a thread. WB Yeats, The Song of Wandering Aengus

By Katherine D. GrahamPublished 20 days ago 12 min read
Golinda Addresses the Bear, Eagle Owl and Serpent under the Hazel Tree

GammaK sat at Woodhouse Cottage, located in an enchanted corner of paradise. Looking through the shifting grey mists and drizzle, she noticed the wilted leaves of summer past on a tree made it look like a bent over, bald-headed monk. A church stood across the steel waters of the channel. Behind it, the glow of sun rise shone above the mountain top. In the channel, a huge spinning radar tanker towed a nuclear submarine by its peaked, long-pointed nose.

She sighed. “Mankind, driven to explore the unknown, indulges their curiosity and ignores moral conscience. Dr. Jekyll, shackled to collecting evidence of science, releases Mr. Hyde, a dark character with destructive, dangerous characteristics. First Mankind severed their connection to the universe, then other life, then they split the Hydrogen molecule. The spirit of the flaming Tree of Life released a mushroom cloud with radioactive fallout that would last at least 24, 000 years. The fallout appears in baby teeth.

" Children know little of the dark world of history. The brain invents the architecture of life and universe. Knowledge is often lost, mistranslated, hidden, or considered uninteresting. Dreams of what can be, create pieces of truth from riddles of social, religious, and scientific myth. The pieces construct a complex spirit of an age, that is greater than the sum of its parts."

Gamma K felt the need to experience shinrin-yoku - forest bathing- to rekindle hope. She went for a walk to the sacred grove. She first heard the water tumble throughout the woodland. Then she saw the Azalea and Rhododendron blooming and the mated birds brooding over their pipping clutch. She thought, "Their larval meals are ready to emerge. Everything is as right as rain.” She walked past the gelatinous black wood ear mushrooms that grew on the stem of an elder called the witch tree and protector, to the field that had been burned years ago.

The sacred grove now held the hazelnut tree, known as the tree of Wisdom. It had grown from the remaining rhizomes. The branches were used as a divining rod. The edible leaves were shaped like hearts. Long yellow male catkins, and pink flowered females arranged together on the tree would become nuts that can be harvested and made into flour, and mead that inspires creative communication and reconciliation.

Sitting at the base of the tree, GammaK took off her shoes and socks. Infatuated with nature’s powers, she tasted the dew that rested in the scarlet elf cup mushrooms, once used to heal wounds. She looked over the rugged landscape admiring the light and shadow thinking, " Mankind has made quantum leaps and unravelled truths about nature's complexity, but light is only emitted in the quantum fall."

She breathed deeply. She heard the whispers of the forest. The smell of the woods worked its charm, awakening cellular memories that brought her into a land of nobility. Beside the river’s edge, a creature of the forest appeared. A fairy angel with fanned out wings and balanced proportions of the Vitruvian human sat perched on a stoop shining like a star. Her silent voice resonated with the forest.

“Respected colleagues, we gather during this Uncommon Era, for the 2024 annual assembly of woodland spirits. Our journey to Earth has been remarkably similar and predictable, but like ephemeral snowflakes, with infinite structural variations, each individual here is unique.

I am Golinda Asteroides. I join the choir of the sacred feminine goddess prophetesses of the night. We are the messengers for the great divine, invisible force of the Holy Breath of the Mouth of God. We are the Eye of Isis, the goddess of birth, and Nephthys, goddess of death, and the pupil of the Eye of Ra. We are descendants of Wadjet, the Green one, the mother of Green Men and Green Fairies, and ‘‘the rain cloud’. We hold the wisdom of the Naga Serpent.

Snake hissed. “ What say you? Mankind fears the darkness of the Earth and are afraid to shed their skin. They risk being vulnerable, as is needed to grow, and be reborn. "

Golinda calmly replied, “ Mankind follows an elastic invisible thread of what is thought to be order while seeking to unravel nature's riddles. However, mankind cannot process too much truth. Most humans refuse their connection to the lizard that represents the first principles of nature. They fear change and often engage in habits without just reason.

"Mankind are little savages. Many cultures try to kill the dragon. However, some are noble savages who waver with the spiritually divine. They respect the serpentine motion of nature’s harmony. They invent hybrid gods to understand the source of the supernatural power that indefinitely renews life. Oannes, with his head under the head of a fish, and feet below a fish's tail, offered insight into letters, arts, and sciences of every kind, including laws of government, geometry, and agriculture using the predictable cyclical patterns of the Sun and the moon.

"Mankind treasures the secret knowledge of the extraordinary patterns of nature created by the great mathemagician. The apparent differences in the size of the Sun and Moon are eliminated because of their relative distance from the Earth. The moon circles round the Earth that circles round the Sun. Tracing the path of a rolling circle forms a sine wave. Vedic astronomers traced the path of the moon and discovered the Celestial Dragon, naming the North and South Node of the Moon, the head Rahu and tail, Ketu. During the lunar eclipse, Ketu, closest to the Sun, devours the moon as it is shadowed by the Earth.

"Throughout mythological history, the gender of the sun and moon change, just as do some reptiles and fish. The marriage of f mother moon and father sun causes a solar eclipse. Rahu devours the Sun when the dark, new moon, closest to the Earth, casts its shadow. This year tan annular eclipse creates a ring of fire. In myth, many an Ancient of Days, has been described riding on a chariot with wheels ringed with fire. Aladdin discovered a ring that holds the Jinn, made of fire, who avenge the dead in a breath. The Jinn murmurs the sound of wind. History has recorded that during an eclipse, rings of fire cause a great wind to blow and cause the earth to quake. The string of Volcanos in the Pacific is known as the Ring of Fire.

"This year, the eclipse also coincides with the end of the 11-year cycle of the solar maximum that emits solar flares of highly charged plasma with a magnetic field that can cause geomagnetic storms. The Solar wind energy, striking the Earth's magnetosphere, increases pressure causing sudden compression that results in seismic activity.

" We are part of a gearwork universe, where every spin, swirl, and twist, causes and responds to turbulence and sets up multiple chain reactions in other connected gears. Science and myth both confirm that we influence and are influenced by an electromagnetic connection that runs through the crystal ball of iron, the size of the moon, within the Earth's core, and the iron of the blood. As the planet Earth spins around the sun at 1670 kilometers per hour, relativity normalizes the dizzying effect. Individuals work independently and move together as a pendulum, with all that is.

"Eclipses and solar flares combine to create the highest of the high tides. They affect reproduction in aquatic species. They are suggested to affect human autonomic nervous systems activity, such as heart rate variability and have been correlated with mass human excitability, sociability, and motivation. Humans know death, epidemics, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will happen, yet are surprised when they do."

The bear standing against the ragged trunk of the hazelnut tree said, “Mankind denies inevitability. Bears have been dealing with mankind since prehistory. We have been called the ‘honourable one’, and because our strength and intelligence ‘lord of the forest’. We have learned to hunt, cache food, and hibernate when food is scarce. Then we were captured as slaves and trained to dance. We were nursed by human women to be slaughtered as a sacrifice. Our blood has been drunk, our meat boiled, our gallbladder eaten, and our bones arranged on altars. The bear knows the market habits of humans. Stability leads to optimism and risk taking resulting in instability. Humans have destroyed our habitat. We have been humbled to eat human garbage. Now, our young cannot find food, and they are dying.

“Dear Bear, you hold the strength needed to face the truth. Our myths honour you. The star Merope, also called Melissa, the shoe-bear, and honeyed one is found in the Pleiades, that looks like the Ursa constellations of bears. The Pleiades and bears hibernate. They enter an almost dead state, then are resurrected, and live above ground. Bear cubs emerge in spring, this marks the resurrection of the sun often associated with male-oriented religious stories. The Pleiades are called the abode of the Agni, the god of fire, lightening and the sun, and the fire of the heart that flames self-inquiry. After the resurrection of the sun gods Ra, Mithra, Zoroaster, Ahura Mazda, Buddha, Zeus, Jesus, and others, they were fed honey gathered between the rise and setting of the Pleiades.

"The Pleiades are respected as a messenger of the cyclical rhythm of life and transformations. The rising of the Pleiades with the Sun marks the time to start planting. Fifty days later, Christians celebrate Pentecost or Whit Sunday known as the feast of harvest of the first fruits. The next day, Whit Monday, is the feast of the Holy Spirit, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, associated with fertility associated with Hathor, Isis, Venus, and others. The Holy Spirit and divine mother is represented as the dove, the symbol of peace, love, wisdom. The Pleiades are called the flock of doves. Doves are associated with love, mourning and death. In myth doves are said to have wailed Kyrie -meaning Lord- at the crucifixion of Christ."

The Eagle Owl emitted a sinister scream, that resembled man in mortal terror. “ You speak to me about the Pleiades and doves, mourning death, and love. I am a considered an omen of death and doom as well as on omen of wisdom, pride, and strength. Mankind has called us the ‘magic-makers’. Our flight in the winds let us, contact the spirit world. In an attempt to acquire our power, mankind have hunted, killed, and dismembered us. Mankind tries to satisfy the insatiable hunger of greed. They act without foresight. Electric wires, habitat destruction and the effect of accumulation of toxins have endangered our young. Our renewal is threatened. Mankind is deaf to the cries of the ancestors and the ancient rules of balance in nature. "

Golinda replied, “Mankind respects you Eagle Owl. The Eagle is associated with the phoenix and resurrection of the Sun Gods. As the Pleiades disappear, the star Altair, in the constellation Aquila, meaning eagle, appears. Since the time of Egypt, the Eagle has been considered the king of birds, and the bird of kings. You fearlessly jump from the nest to fly, and then learn to be a fierce predator.

"My friend Eagle Owl, I am ashamed of how mankind treats others and themselves. Mankind has burned fossil fuels for energy and non-recyclable plastics, causing air pollution, ocean acidification, soil degradation and climate destabilization along with food, water, and habitat insecurity. Mankind thinks they are intelligent animals who can use technology but indeed, often try to steal power and exploit others. But Mankind is trying to redeem their errors.

"In myth, you deliver justice. As punishment for giving mankind fire, each day the eagle consumed Prometheus’ regenerated liver, thought to be the seat of the soul. The eagle has shown compassion, helping Psych, the personification of soul, by generously delivering to her, the waters of the departed spirits of the underworld, from the river Styx to appease Venus.

"Psyche is often referred to as a dove. Doves are associated with Venus. In the darkness of the eclipse, Venus the morning star will begin a new 8-year cycle, that will form the sacred blue rose in the night sky. Venus, the morning star will be seen with Mars, the evening star. Shortly thereafter, Venus' new cycle will be reborn and she will appear in the evening. Perhaps we too can form a new cycle.

"Snake, bear, and Eagle Owl, Mankind is connected to you and the Earth, Air, Water and Fire that control us. Our reptilian brain controls automatic functions. The developing human fetus carries gills and a tail. We grow the teeth of a bear. We have the keen eyesight of an eagle, and the diamond scaled skin of a snake. We react to fields from the universe and each other. Let us go beyond regret born of fear, despair and painful memories of disillusionment and embitterment from the tragic errors, and work together during this Uncommon era."

Eagle Owl replied. "Sharp vision and keen hearing inform us that Mankind is aware and atoning for their errors. We will continue to work as each other’s servant. "

The serpent said, “We each have been considered sacred and wise then called evil and hunted. Many humans have the same plight. We will continue to work with mankind."

Bear added, “The easiest decision is when there is no choice. We will work with mankind, hoping their intelligence and ability to harness the spirit of the great force can prevent total destruction of the forest."

Golinda bowed in gratitude. "We will work together, as rulers of Air, Earth, Water and Fire, to ensure our mutual renewal."

GammaK felt electricity pass from the farthest star to the stars of the glial cells within her nervous system. The vision was gone. She would never know what was a dream and what was real.

The moaning winds had carried the perfumes of the forest and released a spate of ancient memories of the sacred women who echo the voice of God. The perfumed whispers had given her faith that the future fractal iterations of life would receive the integral fruits born of the Tree of Wisdom. Using creativity, intuition, and logic the laws of science that support reason, GammaK would work with the spirit of Golinda and connect with the Air, Earth, Water and Fire nature spirits of the great dark forest. Together they would adjust as best they could to survive and grow and together, they would face what would be revealed in the future.


About the Creator

Katherine D. Graham

My stories are intended to teach facts, supported by science as we know it. Science often reflects myths. Both can help survival in an ever-changing world.

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  • J Q18 days ago

    I loved this, so many hidden gems of understanding

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