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The New World

Sword of Truth Series

By Dee Henderson Published 2 years ago 4 min read

The fantasy world created by the late Terry Goodkind, in his Sword of Truth series, is the best fantasy world that exists. The author describes in a way that makes it seem like a real place, but gives no indications of where exactly in our world it could be located. It’s a very large world, with characters as real as you and me. In each book, I’m right there with the main characters, made real to me by vivid descriptions, and a cause I can believe – and fight for alongside them.

The series follows Kahlan and Richard on their quest for truth and freedom. They have clear goals, and fight injustices they find along the way. They are inspiring, making me want to be the best version of myself. They have flaws, making them dearer to me than mere characters in a book. They make mistakes and fumble at times, showing their humanity. They break my heart and fill me with pride, each in their turn.

The books come alive as I read them. I have walked in every part of the world with them. I have been bloodsoaked in battles. I have buried fallen soldiers and marched on behind the bearer of the Sword of Truth and his Confessor – the Mother Confessor. I have stood before her in awe, and stood behind her to follow her lead when Richard was off on another task. I have, at times, followed Richard on some of his journeys without Kahlan. I have been part of their inner circle, privy to their plans and secret fears. I have been one of their subjects, in the cold hard world, waiting for them to bring light and warmth to the people.

I have felt the power of the Mother Confessor – the thunder without sound as she has commanded absolute truth from accused persons. I have seen those people become her devoted followers, even unto their own deaths. I have seen her cry for the losses she’s had to endure, and have offered her my strength until her own returned. I have kept watch over her as she slept, exhausted from the heavy burdens she bears with dignity and calm. I have fallen in love with Richard along with her, feeling her conflicting feelings about her life and her duty. I have been with her through all her joys and sorrows, and have become her confidante, second only to Richard.

I have taken the journey with Richard, as he learned that he was the rightful bearer of the Sword of Truth, and then onward, toward his birthright as the leader of the D’Haran Empire. I have felt him falling in love with Kahlan, and felt that love only growing with each new challenge they face. I have felt the full fury of the Sword of Truth, and been relieved and exhausted when it was sheathed and its bloodlust sated. I have mourned many losses at his side, and become one of his most trusted few. We have endured capture, torture, and freedom together.

I have walked countless miles in this world. I have ridden horses when possible. I have driven carts, moving supplies where they are needed. I have travelled through a Sliph, breathing in it’s liquid silver to begin, and relearning to breathe air when they journey was complete. I have crossed the Boundaries, trying to resist the calls of the dead to give up my wanderings and join them in the afterlife. I have both been lost in magical mists and stayed true to the path. I have visited lands with no magic, as well as lands with magical people of many kinds.

The world in which the Sword of Truth is a reality features sweeping landscapes. I have seen, and climbed, towering peaks. I have crossed wastelands with little water. I have entered vast forests and crossed lush flatlands. I have taken shelter under a Wayward Pine with my friends. At every point in the tale, I am present. It never seems like reading a book, because the storytelling skills of the author transport me to that world. No matter how many times I revisit that world, I find myself there – a part of the story. I have never been so much a part of any other world, so that is how I know that this one is the very best.

There is no other world so perfectly described, so masterfully built, so very real. This world was created as a fantasy world, and it is the fantasy that gives my heart wings. As I go through each book, I am fully immersed in that world, and the real world falls away for a time. I wish, for everyone, a fantasy world such as this, where they can while away the hours with dear friends, travel the world, wield magic, and fight for a noble cause.

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