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The Mystery of the Missing Heart

A love cursed by magic, a journey to redemption

By Edison AdePublished about a year ago 8 min read

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the mountains, there lived a young girl named Isabella. She was known for her kind heart and her beauty that shone like the sun. She had many suitors, but none of them captured her heart. One day, a young man named Giovanni came to the village. He was different from all the others, and Isabella felt a spark in her heart when she saw him.

Giovanni felt the same way about Isabella, but he had a secret. He was cursed by a wicked witch, and if he ever fell in love, his heart would be taken away. Despite this, he couldn’t resist Isabella’s charm and they fell deeply in love.

Giovanni and Isabella’s love was pure and true. It was a love that transcended time and space, a love that knew no bounds. Isabella was the most beautiful woman Giovanni had ever met, her body was slender and curved in all the right places, her skin was soft and smooth like silk, and her voice was like music to his ears. She had a way of making him feel like the most important person in the world, and he knew that he would do anything to protect her and make her happy.

Isabella was also deeply in love with Giovanni, she found herself captivated by his handsome features, his kind heart and his unwavering devotion to her. She was drawn to his warm brown eyes, his chiselled jawline and his strong arms that could hold her tight and make her feel safe. His deep voice sent shivers down her spine, and she knew that she had found the love of her life.

They would often spend hours talking, laughing and simply enjoying each other’s company. Their love was a beautiful thing to behold, and everyone around them could see the special connection they shared. They were meant to be together, and nothing could ever tear them apart.

As the days passed, Giovanni’s health began to deteriorate. He knew that the curse was coming true and that his heart would soon be taken away.

Giovanni was desperate to protect Isabella and he didn’t know what to do. He decided to seek out the witch who had cursed him and beg her to remove the curse. He set out on a journey to find her.

Giovanni was confused and didn’t know how to handle the situation. He couldn’t bear the thought of Isabella being hurt by the curse, and he didn’t want her to know the truth. So, he decided to lie to her and tell her that he had to go on a business trip to another village.

Isabella was heartbroken when she heard the news. She knew that something was wrong, and she could sense that Giovanni was hiding something from her. She begged him to stay, but he insisted that he had to go. He promised to come back soon and that nothing would ever come between them.

Isabella tried to hold back her tears, but they flowed down her cheeks as she watched him leave. She knew that he was lying and that he would never come back. She felt a deep sense of loss and pain, and she didn’t know how to move on.

She spent the next few days crying and feeling lost. She missed him terribly and couldn’t understand why he had to leave. She knew that she couldn’t force him to stay, but she couldn’t help feeling that he had betrayed her trust.

Giovanni, on the other hand, was filled with guilt and regret. He knew that he had hurt Isabella, but he had no other choice. He had to leave to protect her from the curse and hoped that one day he could come back and make it right.

He travelled for many days, and eventually, he stumbled upon an old hut in the woods. He knocked on the door and the witch opened it, revealing her withered form. She listened to his plea and offered him a challenge to prove his worthiness. If he passed, she would remove the curse. With a heavy heart, Giovanni accepted the challenge and set out to complete it.

The challenge that the witch presented to Giovanni was to retrieve a rare and precious flower that grew deep in the heart of a nearby enchanted forest. The flower was said to have the power to heal broken hearts, and the witch believed that if Giovanni could retrieve it, it would prove his love for Isabella was true and pure.

Giovanni set out on his journey, facing many obstacles along the way. He had to navigate through dense and dark forests, cross treacherous rivers, and overcome fierce beasts. But his determination to save Isabella and remove the curse kept him going.

He finally reached the heart of the enchanted forest and found the flower. It was surrounded by a protective barrier that could only be passed by someone who truly loved another. Giovanni’s love for Isabella was strong enough, and he was able to retrieve the flower.

As he returned to the witch’s hut, he presented her with the flower. She was impressed and touched by his devotion and selflessness.

As he returned to the witch’s hut, Giovanni presented her with the flower, and she was deeply touched by his devotion and selflessness. She could see the handsome and kind-hearted person that he was, and she found herself falling in love with him.

She was torn, as she had promised to remove the curse, but she didn’t want to lose him. She told him that she loved him and that she didn’t want to let him go. She begged him to stay with her and forget about Isabella, who she saw as a mere mortal compared to him.

Giovanni was taken aback by her confession and didn’t know what to do. He had always been honest with Isabella and his love for her was pure and true. He couldn’t betray her and his own heart. He told the witch that he was sorry but that he couldn’t return her love.

The witch was heartbroken and furious. She lifted the curse as she had promised, but she was determined to make sure that Giovanni would not find his way back to Isabella. She cast a spell on him, causing him to lose his sense of direction and making it impossible for him to return home.

Giovanni found himself in a different village, where a war was about to break out. He didn’t know how to get back to Isabella and was desperate to find a way. He tried to retrace his steps, but the spell made it impossible for him to remember the way home.

He then remembered a tale his grandmother had told him when he was a child. It was about a magical amulet that could break any curse. He had no idea where to find it, but he was determined to try. He asked around the village, but no one could tell him where to find it.

He decided to head to the nearby woods in search of the amulet. He was scared, as the woods were said to be filled with dangerous creatures, but he was determined to save Isabella. He ventured deep into the woods, and soon he stumbled upon a small cave. He stepped inside and found a chest filled with ancient artefacts, including the magical amulet.

He quickly put it on and, with a flash of light, the curse was broken. He was finally free to find his way back home to Isabella. He knew he had to hurry, so he quickly made his way back to the village and set out on the journey home.

Giovanni was filled with hope and excitement as he made his way back to Isabella. He couldn’t wait to hold her in his arms again and tell her how much he loved her. But as he reached his village, he was shocked to see that it had changed. The houses were bigger, the streets were wider, and the people were different. He couldn’t find anyone he knew.

As he walked around the village, he heard a familiar voice calling his name. He turned around and saw Isabella, but she was not the same young girl he had left behind. She was a grown woman, with a husband and three children.

Giovanni was heartbroken, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He didn’t know that 10 years had passed, it felt like a week to him. He realized the consequences of the curse and the witch’s spell, and he understood the pain of losing someone he loved.

Isabella was shocked to see him, and at first, she didn’t know what to say. But she could see the pain in his eyes and knew that he still loved her. She explained that she had moved on with her life and that she had a family now. She wanted him to know that she will always love him, but her life had changed and she couldn’t go back.

Giovanni was devastated and heartbroken, but he accepted her decision. He was happy that Isabella had found love and a family, even if it was not with him. He bid her farewell, and with a heavy heart, he left the village and set off on a journey, never to be seen again.

Years later, the villagers told tales of a mysterious stranger who had come to their village and brought love and hope with him. Though his identity was never revealed, they all knew that it was Giovanni, the brave and loyal knight who had risked his life to save the one he loved. His legacy of courage and unyielding love for Isabella was remembered for years to come. To this day, the villagers still share stories of the knight and his selfless love for the woman who captured his heart.


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  • Ewuranna Smith-Quaysonabout a year ago

    Great read! I was looking forward to a "Disney fairytale" kind of ending. Sad, but I like it. Nice work!

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