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Moonlit Love

Under the watchful eye of the moon, their love shone brighter than ever before.

By Willow PeddyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Moonlit Love
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In the heart of the dense forest, where the moon cast its silvery glow through the canopy of trees, lived two souls bound by an ancient curse—a curse that turned them into creatures of the night, creatures feared and misunderstood by the world around them. They were werewolves, cursed to transform into beasts under the light of the full moon.

Elena was a young woman with a wild spirit, her fiery red hair matching the untamed wilderness that surrounded her. She had known the curse of the werewolf since birth, her family passing down the burden from generation to generation. Despite the fear and isolation it brought, Elena embraced her true nature, finding solace and freedom in the form of the wolf.

One fateful night, as the full moon rose high in the sky, Elena found herself wandering through the forest, her senses alive with the call of the wild. It was then that she caught the scent—a scent that stirred something deep within her soul.

Following her instincts, Elena ventured deeper into the forest until she stumbled upon a clearing bathed in moonlight. There, standing amidst a carpet of flowers, was Ethan—a young man with eyes as blue as the summer sky and a smile that lit up the darkness.

Ethan was like no one Elena had ever met before. He was kind and gentle, his presence calming the primal instincts that raged within her. And yet, there was something about him, something familiar and alluring, that drew her in like a moth to a flame.

As they stood beneath the moonlit sky, Elena and Ethan found themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. They talked for hours, sharing their hopes, their fears, and their deepest secrets. And as the night wore on, their connection grew stronger, until they were no longer just two strangers in the night, but two souls bound by a love that transcended time and space.

But their love was not without its challenges. For as dawn approached and the moon began to wane, Elena felt the familiar tug of the curse pulling her back into the shadows. With a heavy heart, she knew she had to leave, lest she lose control and harm the one she loved.

For weeks, Elena and Ethan continued to meet in secret, their love blossoming under the cloak of darkness. But with each passing day, the danger grew greater, as the villagers whispered of a fearsome beast that roamed the forest at night.

Determined to protect Ethan from the truth, Elena tried to push him away, but he refused to let her go. He knew the risks, he knew the danger, but he also knew that their love was worth fighting for.

And so, they made a plan—a plan to break the curse that bound them and allow them to be together forever. With the help of an ancient spell and the light of the full moon, they ventured deep into the heart of the forest, where the magic of the night was strongest.

As the moon reached its zenith and the air crackled with energy, Elena and Ethan stood hand in hand, their hearts beating as one. With a whispered incantation and a surge of power, the curse was broken, and they were free to love each other without fear or restraint.

Under the watchful eye of the moon, Elena and Ethan embraced, their love shining brighter than ever before. And as they looked up at the sky, they knew that no matter what challenges lay ahead, they would face them together, for theirs was a love that would endure for all eternity.

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Willow Peddy

I am a 24yr old, looking for something in life to bring a spark of excitement and bring back my artistic and imaginative flare :)

I have strange and crazy dreams and people always tell me to write them down so here goes my dream diary!

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