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The Murder On The Lake

by Victorian Black 7 months ago in Horror · updated 5 months ago
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Dangerous Waters

.“Come on, Vivian,” said a young girl with curls to last days as she walked kind in a swaying motion as they walked and crawled down the path of the lake smiling as the moonlight her blue eyes and her patchwork skin that had so many freckles lacing it you would have thought she was just a lot of constellations cohering.

“I know, I am coming,” said Vivin friend Mavi had deftly had too much to drink as she spun around in her dark cloak; she had warned her not to take too much of the honey and milk from the covenant leader. Today was the celebration of the spring, their convert usually meets in the woods and thanks to the goddess of fertility. Vivian knows the myths of the lake they were near but her friend was convinced that they were rumors that were held onto too tightly. So they had come near the water her friend had said they should wait in it, but Vivian convinced her otherwise.

Mavi laughed as her arms raised to the air and letters forming their blood pact to each other reached her arm in black lettering, As her star necklace with a thin circle lacing around it hit her chest as she danced to no music, her bare feet hitting the stones softly. As she skipped down the line of stones underneath her feet. Her dark cream nightgown showed slightly from under the dark cloak as she traced her arm with her finger until she stopped and froze like the dark murky water seemed to.

Vivin caught up too and saw that she was soaked. There sat a girl wet and bloody, her dark green hair in notes and wet as a cold seeping towel. Vivin stepped forward as Mavi kept staring at the young girl. As Vivin got near she saw that the girl's eyes were wet with tears as she held the blood back from the thin deep cut on her pale leg. This girl's eyes were as dark as an eclipse and as the sky darkened and Vivin came near she smelled lake water on this girl. Vivin stepped close to her and ripped a piece of her cream-colored nightgown.

Tapping the girl's hand as she loved her leg and as Vivin wrapped the piece of clothes around this girl's leg it stuck to it as if this girl's leg was made of flypaper. But then when Vivin tried to move away from this girl shrouded in dark greens from her hair to the clothes she was wearing. But as Vivin's heartbeat caught in her throat and she got a bad feeling, the girl gripped her wrist tight and pulled her towards the water pushing herself up in the process as the girl said nothing but draped her towards the water. Vivin screamed at her friend to stay where she was as Mavi screamed out to her best not to come near or she could be trapped in this girl’s flypaper grip too.

But as Mavi tears water the tiny rocks lacing the lake, the girl dragged Vivin deeper into the water as she tried to pull away from her wrist red and sore from pulling at the flypaper skin. As she know what was going to happen next she took a deep breath one of her last of night air and said her last words in a whisper as she dragged her nail through the letters on her wrist that connected her and Mavi in blood. She heard a desperate cry from the shore and closed her eyes as she felt the cold lake water as she closed her eyes and did not gasp for water. Vivin went under as she felt her body get jerked down and down deeper and deeper not once looking into the creature's eyes that had a hold of her as Vinin felt her hair catches on rockets ripping it out she, let her face show her pain, that she felt as her hair came from its roots.

She bit her lip as she felt her skin rip on the edges of rocks and whatever else was at the lake bottom. Vivin let a little water in as she hit the bottom front she was surprised at how soft the bottom of the lake is once she felt her arm being held down & Vivin opened her eyes to look at this creature how look so much like a human how had been turned into a dark creation as if this thing was Frankenstein monster. But as she open her green seaweed eyes to look at this girl's dark eclipse eyes, her last breath was letting out & their star necklaces met and then the air from her lungs went out. The girl with dark green hair & a witch's convent star, bite into her neck and blood laced the lake water.


About the author

Victorian Black

I have always loved writing, even if it can be challenging sometimes but that has never stopped me. I have always wanted to be an author. Many of my books take topics people are afraid to talk about, so I put that topic in my writing.

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