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Ghost Of Christmas Light

by Victorian Black 11 months ago in Adventure · updated 6 months ago
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When you hear a scream you usually don’t run towards it but that what these teenagers suggest.


He pauses as he looks at her from over the stacks of books, they have been dealt a new assessment by the head of the world they know today. He looked at the package they had opened a couple of days ago, wondering if the deadline had come up when he heard a scream and both Starling & Josphine.

Starling immediately went from looking down at her leatherback book from walking towards the area where it came from like sure it was so smart to go towards the screaming. Josephine stopped primping her plant and walked slowly towards the opening where the door stood open, her green round glass glimpsed at him as she almost seemed excited.

“ Come on new guy, we don't have you around to not go after ominous screams'' Josephine winked at him then walked through the door

“It’s a person but also that works I go by both or whatever I don't really care ” they realized no one was there and sighed then walked towards the scream, they really did not want to go but what their team says goes. So they crept closer to where the scream had come from and wondered if they should have. They walked around the corner into a room they had their meeting in a couple of days ago to decide if they would have taken the job. But right now it was in full chaos, there was a dark orb that looked as if it was a ball of dark green Christmas lights. The green light greeted a green glow to everything. The chairs were pushed back but they supposed that was due to the team as to who wanted ghost slime or dust on their furniture.

There had been an iron and salt circle cutting off the green light from the kitchen as cold wind hit themself. As they stood there a voice yelled at them to duck which they did but to prevail as salt caught in his hair and a little in his blue-purple eyes that caught the green come closer. But they went to find a weapon & remembered the idiot they were had not grasped one as they saw a shape come in front of them and they caught read for impact.

“ You git! Who does not bring a weapon when they figure out there is a danger” said Lavender as they looked down at them rolling her eyes as silver daggers laced her hands as she thought her last one the ghost skin or whatever it was up of hissed as the dagger went through it. Then Lavender rolled her eyes `` Well come on, I can't just save you every minute.” They both moved over to the other two in their team how were lighting another salt bomb when they got into the chains.

“ Well you're the oracle, what do we do?” Lavender passed and looked at her daggers thinking maybe if they should walk over and get them. “ Also what does the darn green light thing want?”

“ River by the way not git but, I can't tell the iron is muffling what it is saying” they stepped slightly out of the iron chains and Starling followed them standing next to them ready to stop the ghost with her hairpin with red blood jewels at the end. Starling looked over at River as if to say ready when you are. The pointed end of the thin pin needle up and ready. River listened closely but still caught muffled waves of a voice. They assumed that the ghost was killed here as they did not know much about the death. As they stepped so close that their tan skin looked as if it was green.

They caught a flash of an almost blurred vision as a young man with a bottle of something in his hands dropped the glass bottle it shattered as he grasped for words that would not come. “ Look for a bottle” just then another word came in not so muffled that he could tell what the light was saying “ No, my darling all the treasures I brought u the books you loved- W- why-” so there was deftly something going on there with this ghost’s lover. “ Never mind checking an old book, mostly one that a loved one gave to a young lady” River stepped away from the ghost but not soon enough a dark strand of light green wrapped around River's mid-arm, and before he could react started to stagger & pull him closer.

As the silver bullet hit it, the ghost backed away and almost looked as if someone had set an explosion that had erupted inside the green lights as it trailed away and the light became dim. Josephine yelled for no apart reason as it was pure quiet in the room as the light faded out as if it was a disco ball the green light speckled the walls & the team's skin.

“ Found it,” Josephine thought about what should really did she needed to. It was such a delicate crafted book but like the nazi, she threw the book into the firelight in their sitting area. Just like the nazi but actually, she was getting rid of something that caused her wrong. She sighed and meltdown watching as the book burned and lit their fire more so that the flames raised a little.

“Who would have thought green lights would be so dangerous?” River said as he stood there looking like crap as the ghost dust was now mixing with the salt on him.


About the author

Victorian Black

I have always loved writing, even if it can be challenging sometimes but that has never stopped me. I have always wanted to be an author. Many of my books take topics people are afraid to talk about, so I put that topic in my writing.

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