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The Magical Fruits


By Fatma M RobinsonPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
The Orchard

Down a long and

narrow road, on the

outskirts of a small town.

Where few ventured and few

were to be found. There

lived a farmer and his wife,

and some wee ones too.

They had a great orchard.

It was bigger than they knew.

with fruit trees bearing

cherries, pears, and crab

apples too.

But they also had a

secret. In the middle of there

land, there was a hidden gate.

It led to a wonderland.

Where the trees grew all

kinds of fruits. Strange and

wonderful to see,

Like bananas shaped like

stars, and grapes as big as


One day, the farmer said to

his wife, “Let's take the

children to see The

wonderland behind the gate,

and all its mystery.”

So they packed some food

and drinks in some baskets.

They walked through the

orchard to the gate that only

they knew. They opened the

gate and entered the land of

magic fruits. They gasped in

awe and wondered at the

amazing sights. They saw oranges that sparkled,

And lemons that glowed. Berries

that changed colors And

melons that snowed. They

picked some fruits and

tasted them. Some were sweet and sour, and they

laughed, played, and sang.

They were having so

much fun. They didn't notice.

the time, or the gate that

started to shrink, and made a warning chime.

The farmer looked at his

watch and saw it was getting late. He said to his family,

"We have to hurry too the


When they reached the

gate, they saw it was almost closed.

They tried to squeeze,

through, but it was too narrow and enclosed.

They panicked, shouted and

looked for another way,

But the wonderland was surrounded.

They felt a sudden tremor,

And heard a loud roar. They

looked up and saw a dragon.

It was flying over the wonderland.

The dragon was huge and

fierce. He had scales of red and gold. It breathed fire

and smoke, and made the

air hot and cold. The dragon

saw the farmer and his

family. He flew towards them with a grin. It said (in a deep

and raspy voice) “You are

trespassing within my land.”

The farmer and his family

were terrified.

They begged the dragon for

mercy. They said they didn't mean any harm, and that they just wanted to

go home. The dragon laughed

and said, “You can't leave this place, because you are

my prisoners now and you

will serve me as my slaves.

The dragon grabbed them

with his claws. He flew

them to his lair. He threw

them in a dungeon, which

was dark and damp and


The dungeon had no

windows, and no doors that

they could see. It was filled

with rats and spiders, and

smelled of mold and pee.

The dragon said to them,

“You will stay here until you

die. Unless you agree to

serve me. Ha! Ha! Hee!”

They huddled together in

the dungeon, and tried to

keep warm and calm. They

prayed for a miracle, and

tried not to be alarmed.

They heard a faint sound

like a whistle or a hum.

They looked around and

saw where it was coming

from. It was a small hole in

the wall. They crawled to the

hole and peeked through.

They saw a bright light

And a beautiful view.

They saw the

wonderland with its magic

fruits and trees.

They saw the birds, and the

bees, and the fairies flying


They also saw the gate

that led to their home.

It was still open, but barely

so. They realized the hole

was their chance to escape

from the dragon's lair.

They decided to take the

risk, and crawl through the

hole with care.

They made it through the

hole, and ran towards the

gate.They hoped the dragon

wouldn't notice, and they

wouldn't be too late.

But the dragon heard the

noise, and saw them

running away.

He roared with anger and

flew after them with a sway.

He tried to stop them with

his fire. They dodged the

dragon's flames, and

reached the gate in time.

They jumped through the

gate, and closed it behind


They were back in their

orchard, safe and sound.

They hugged each other

and cried. They said

goodbye to the dragon,

and told him to leave them


They vowed, they

would never go back

to the wonderland of

magical fruits.

They went

back to their home,

and lived happily ever after.

They enjoyed their simple

fruits, and all their hereafter.

The End

Young AdultAdventureFable

About the Creator

Fatma M Robinson

Hi, everybody calls me Tina. I have many degrees, but my passion is advocating and activism for climate change, animal awareness, homelessness, racism, and social change. Currently, I am a Peer Counselor.

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