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the love triangle


By NDOL GAMINGPublished about a month ago 3 min read

It was the summer before senior year, and everything seemed to be changing. For Alex, Kim, and Jamie, it was supposed to be the last carefree summer before the chaos of college applications and final exams. But instead, it became the summer of the love triangle.

Alex had been best friends with Kim and Jamie since middle school. They were practically inseparable, spending almost every day together. They’d always been just friends, but this summer, things started to get complicated.

It all began at the annual Fourth of July barbecue. The three of them were lounging by the pool, laughing and joking around as usual. Kim, with her curly hair and infectious smile, was always the life of the party. Jamie, with his laid-back attitude and quick wit, balanced out the group perfectly. And then there was Alex, who had started to realize that his feelings for Kim were more than just friendly.

As the night went on and the fireworks lit up the sky, Alex found himself standing next to Kim, feeling his heart race. He was about to say something when he noticed Jamie watching them with a strange expression. It dawned on Alex that Jamie might have feelings for Kim too.

The next few weeks were a blur of mixed signals and awkward moments. Alex would catch Jamie staring at Kim, and Jamie would notice the way Alex's eyes lit up when Kim laughed. Kim, on the other hand, seemed blissfully unaware of the tension growing between her two best friends.

One evening, they were all hanging out at the local diner, the place they always went to when they needed to talk. Over milkshakes and fries, Jamie finally broke the silence.

"Okay, we need to talk about the elephant in the room," he said, setting down his shake. "Alex, I know you like Kim. And, well, I like her too."

Kim's eyes widened in surprise. "Wait, what?"

Alex sighed, feeling a mix of relief and dread. "Yeah, it's true. I've had a crush on you for a while, Kim."

Kim looked from Alex to Jamie, her cheeks turning pink. "Wow, I had no idea."

The conversation that followed was uncomfortable, to say the least. They decided to give each other some space to figure things out. It was strange not spending every day together, but they knew it was necessary.

A few days later, Kim called a meeting at the park. They sat on their usual bench, the tension hanging in the air. Kim took a deep breath and said, "I've been doing a lot of thinking. I care about both of you, and I don't want to hurt either of you. But I also don't want to lose our friendship over this."

Jamie nodded. "I get that. And honestly, our friendship means more to me than anything."

Alex agreed. "Yeah, same here. Maybe we can just… see what happens and not let it come between us."

They made a pact to be honest with each other and to not let jealousy get in the way. It wasn’t easy at first, but slowly, things started to feel normal again. They went on their usual adventures, hit the beach, and spent lazy afternoons watching movies.

Eventually, the intensity of their feelings faded. By the end of the summer, Kim started dating someone new from their school, and both Alex and Jamie realized they were okay with it. They were happy for her and relieved that their friendship had survived the summer drama.

Senior year came and went, and the three of them stayed close. They laughed about the love triangle later, realizing it was just a part of growing up. They knew they were lucky to have each other, and nothing, not even a complicated summer romance, could change that.



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  • Wayne Limonabout a month ago

    Nice Story ...


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