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The lion adopted the antelope

In the African grasslands, antelope is the food of lions, and this law has been followed for many generations.

By EmilyPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

In the African grasslands, antelope is the food of lions. This law has been followed for many generations. When a lion adopts a baby antelope, it can't help but be stunned.

She was a lioness named "Kamunyi" - the name given to her by the researchers who had been tracking her. One day, she met a duiker who was less than a month old, and the duiker was separated from its mother and the flock. Instead of killing the duiker and having a full meal, she took the duiker with her. A week later, looking at the scenery, the lioness actually adopted the duiker.

Nearly two weeks have passed, and the lioness is afraid to let the lamb out of her sight, because the lamb's life will be in danger. In this way, the lioness has no way to hunt, so she has to go hungry. The lamb is too small to eat grass, so she goes to suck the lion's shriveled teats, but without milk, she can only be hungry all the time. The two hungry animals depend on each other in this way. When the lioness is lying on the ground, the lamb will gently bite the lioness's ear, or gently lick the lioness's forehead, or curl up in front of the lioness to sleep... One night, someone threw meat to the lion, but after waiting for two hours, the lion did not eat it.

On the 14th day, the lioness and the lambs slowly walked to a pond to drink water. After they drank the water, they seemed more energetic. Maybe they will get out of the predicament soon, and a legendary and warm story will continue.

On the 16th day, the lioness rested under a tree. For the first time, she let the lamb out of her sight because she felt safe around her. Suddenly, there was a sound of struggle, and the already weak lioness rose up, followed the sound, and saw a male lion holding the lamb in her mouth. The lioness slowly followed, but did not dare to approach. The male lion walked away with the lamb in his mouth. The lioness sniffed the blood of the lamb on the ground and walked slowly forward, just like a mother who lost her own child forever, helpless and sad... At this time, the female researcher who was following the film clearly had tears in her eyes.

A few days later, the lioness hunted a warthog for her first feeding in two weeks. A month later, she adopted another antelope. Over the next few years, she adopted five antelopes one after another. Of the five antelopes, one starved to death, three ran away on her own, and one was found by the lioness after being abandoned by the lioness. Later, these adopted antelopes did not spend more than 16 days with the lioness. Later, the lioness disappeared.

According to researchers, lions are social animals, especially lionesses, and generally live in groups of lions for life. Even male lions who are driven out of the group as adults are often accompanied by other male lions temporarily. Carmonyi's "abnormal" behavior in adopting duiker is closely related to her being out of the group since she was a child and growing up in loneliness.

Perhaps the explanation of the local natives who have been enemies of lions in the local generation is more in line with our human hearts: Kamunyi was an infertile lion, and God gave her antelope as children. She didn't actually die, and she was with the sun every time the sun rose.


If the world is two-dimensional, I would rather believe the indigenous people's explanation for lions adopting antelopes! The lion is the enemy of the indigenous people, and it is also the teacher of the indigenous people. It was the lion who taught the indigenous people to be strong and learned the warmth of being strong. Therefore, their explanation is the most credible.

In the grasslands, lions and natives have pushed "love" to the extreme, and together they have reinterpreted what "love" is for civilized people, and made us realize the broader meaning of maternal love.

Do something directly for me and the people I love, indirectly for them and the people they love, and from here to there, everyone's life will become more and more meaningful.

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