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Buffalo and donkey

In ancient times, it was said that there was a businessperson who was not only good at buying and selling, but also knew the language of birds and beasts.

By EmilyPublished 5 months ago 7 min read

In ancient times, there was a legend of a merchant who was not only good at buying and selling, but also knew the language of birds and beasts. He lived in the country with his wife and children, and kept a donkey and a buffalo at home.

One day, the buffalo came to the donkey's stable and saw that the donkey was clean and spotless. He was lying there resting, looking very at ease. There was still fine grass and cooked chaff left in the trough for him to enjoy at any time. The owner sometimes pulled the donkey out for a ride after going out to do errands, and often came back soon, and the donkey went to sleep in again. The treatment enjoyed by the donkey made the buffalo envious.

The buffalo wanted to chat with the donkey, and the buffalo said:

"You are so idle, the master is so kind to you. Look, there is fine grass and cooked chaff in the stable; the master sometimes serves you, but only rides you outside for a spin and comes back. You are enjoying yourself most of the time. It's not like I'm busy all day, working in the fields early in the morning and late at night, and when I get home, I have to pull the mill and grind, and I can't be idle for a moment, how can you be so at ease!"

When the donkey heard the buffalo's words, he gave it advice and said:

"Listen to me, when the farmer hired by the master takes you into the field and yokes you to plough the land, you jump as hard as you can to keep him from yoking. When he can't take you, lead you home, and give you forage, don't eat it, and pretend to be sick and tired. In this way, you insist on refusing food and drink for three days, and from then on you can get rid of hard labor and live a peaceful and leisurely life."

The dialogue between the buffalo and the donkey, the idea that the donkey gave the buffalo, just let the businessperson hear it clearly.

That night, when the farmer gave the buffalo forage, the buffalo ate very little. Early the next morning, when the farmer brought the ox out to work in the field, the buffalo seemed restless, refused to let the farmer yoke it, and was unsteady and listless. The farmer became compassionate to the buffalo and sighed:

"This buffalo is overworked and incompetent."

The farmer reported the inability of the buffalo to farm to the merchant:

"Master, the buffalo didn't eat much forage last night, and today they were unable to work in the fields. Now they are lying half dead in the stable, unable to work."

When the merchant heard the farmer's statement, he understood the real reason in his heart, and said:

"Well, let the donkey go to the field instead of the buffalo."

The farmer took the order and led the donkey to work in the fields. The donkey plowed all day and came back in the evening, exhausted by exhaustion. The buffalo was grateful to the donkey for plowing on its behalf and letting it lie comfortably in the stable for the day. But the donkey regretted it in his heart.

The next morning, the farmer still led the donkey to the field to work, and did not come back until evening. His shoulders were worn out, and his whole body was sore from exhaustion. Seeing this, the buffalo was grateful and heartbroken to the donkey. The donkey was not willing to farm for the buffalo, and after thinking about it, he said to the buffalo:

"It seems that I have been working like this, because I heard from my master that if the buffalo lies like this, it can't do any work, so I have to send it to the butcher to slaughter it and cut its flesh. Buffalo, what do you say, I am really worried about your business. Anyway, I have told you everything I have to say to you, you can find a way to survive yourself."

When the buffalo heard the donkey's words, he believed it to be true, and was immediately surprised, so he thanked the donkey for his timely advice and advice, so that he could avoid suffering and death.

What the donkey said to the buffalo was also heard by the merchant.

Early the next morning, the merchant and his wife went to the donkey stable together. When the buffalo saw its master coming, he immediately looked refreshed and shook his tail. Moving his hooves. When the merchant saw the buffalo uncharacteristically, he understood the mystery in his heart and felt very amused. He couldn't help laughing, and he laughed so hard that he couldn't help but fall to the ground. His wife was puzzled and asked him, "You are fine, why are you laughing so hard all of a sudden?"

The merchant said, "I laugh because I have discovered a secret. But I can't tell anyone, because it's the words of birds and beasts, and if the secret is leaked, my life will be over."

The wife felt more and more strange and asked, "What does this have to do with your life? I have to make you tell me why you are laughing today! If you don't say it, it can only mean that you are laughing at me."

Under his wife's insistent plea. Under all kinds of entanglement, the businessman thought for a while and finally decided to reveal the truth. He asked his son to invite the judge and witnesses, he wanted to write a will in public, and then leaked the secret and died. The reason why he did this was that he would rather sacrifice his life than let his wife be wronged. She is the daughter of his uncle (uncle's daughter: Arabs are influenced by traditional customs, and many people practice close marriage.), is the mother of his children. He lived to be one hundred and twenty years old. He has been with his wife all his life, and he has never let his wife say no. Suffered grievances.

The judge and witnesses came, as did relatives, friends and neighbors. The businessperson explained his situation in public, indicating that as long as he leaked the language of birds and beasts, his life would be over immediately. When the relatives and friends heard this, they felt very sorry for him, and exhorted his wife:

"Just give up this request, lest your husband, the father of the children, die like this."

However, his wife was angry and insisted:

"I will never give up, no matter what, he has to tell the secret!"

Because of her stubbornness, relatives and friends couldn't do anything about her, so they looked at each other and were speechless. Seeing that things were irreversible, the businessperson had to stand up, leave his relatives and friends, and go to bathe (bathing: Islam stipulates that Muslims must maintain cleanliness in religious ceremonies, including cleaning their whole bodies before burial after death.), ready to come back to leak secrets and die. There is a dog in his house. A rooster and fifty hens. As he passed the chicken coop, he heard the watchdog say to the rooster in a reproachful tone:

"The master is dying, why are you so happy?!"

The rooster asked puzzled, "What's going on here?"

The dog recounted exactly what happened in the owner's house. The rooster listened and said:

"Alas, the master's mind is too simple. Unlike me, I have fifty wives, and I can be close to whoever I like. But our master has only one wife, can't he control her? Why didn't he break a few mulberry branches, lock her in the house, beat her hard, force her to admit her mistake and stop pestering. Blackmail him!"

When the merchant heard the conversation between the chicken and the dog, he thought it made sense, so he broke some mulberry branches and hid them in the house. He went and called his wife into the house and said to her:

"Well, I'll tell you the secret and die in the house, don't let anyone else see it."

The wife believed it. The merchant locked the door, took out a mulberry branch, and beat her. The wife saw that the merchant was really angry, so she had to admit her wrong. begging for mercy, said:

"I repent, stop hitting me!"

The merchant forgave his wife, and the old couple reconciled. Relatives and friends were also elated by their reconciliation and wished them a hundred years of harmony.

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