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The Key card

Spectres visit the seat of the soul

By Katherine D. GrahamPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read

I drift off to sleep and say what I call a prayer of thanks,

that focuses on joys and overlooks concerns of ranks, tanks, and banks.


I am prepared to face darkness, part of a cycle, that makes a spirit whole.

I surrender control to what Rene Descartes called ‘the seat of the soul’.


At 3 am, a melatonin peak causes waking, and as cortisol flows

certain moments reawaken, with the traumas they froze.


In a flash, I am having one of those nasty bad dreams.

Memories recalled, rearrange and haunt for eternity it seems.


The recurring dream is starting again, as a key card enters a wall.

I remember when I was first told a card would be used as currency for all.


The date was the 1960’s. The world was changing,

Globalization had started, and cultures were rearranging.


The young in the world questioned how things were run.

What was wrong with old people, who had lost all sense of fun?


I was too young to be a hippie, but a bohemian by nature.

I sensed the distrust in social norms, and protests of wars at legislature.


Children wish to have their own way, to be happy and to get along.

They test the limits of a chaotic world, put to the melody of their own song.


They believe they know what is good and just.

And do what they think they want to, or must.


The young of the 60’s asked, “Who says life has to follow these rules?”

They answered, “It is me; I want the treasures and all of life’s jewels.”


Some asked, “What is the price, when it costs others?”

Some responded, “Bonds are made and break by even fathers and mothers.


Years later, I see problems remain in a world that is amiss.

Did you really expect that giving peace a chance could happen with a kiss?


The key card can activate complexes linked with the adrenal.

They impose punishments, with consequences greater than institutions that are penal.


During the dark hours, haunting black and white shadow spectres carry fears that are rife.

The dreamer must carve new connections in the neural plastic brain, with a Purkinjean knife.


The spectres hold what is hidden from mind,

They awaken questions with answers we must find.


How do we make a difference, now and here?

How does the path of life become clear?


History repeats sagas of violence and greed

Herstory seeks love and forgiveness but cannot resolve everyone’s need.


Commands to control limits, won’t work, nor will threats causing fears.

Medications temporarily eliminate distractions but can clog the gears.

The key card needs reprogramming. To reconfigure the hard drive of a perpetual hoarder,

darkness and light must be balanced to remedy the neuropsychological disorder.


We are instinctual animals, victims of psychology and biology,

complex computing machines, manipulated with the mind and technology.


The blind traveler adapts to the dark and senses a dim light within.

They respect wisdom gained from the spectres, and create a new spin.


Civilization unrolls in a circle, as people’s goals go tangential.

The human mind, heart, and soul, have amazing creative potential.


Species survive, through subtle changes of quirks and quarks.

A new path of light burns in the soul, from the ignited sparks.


The visions at 3 am, can cause choking, heart attacks and strokes,

or in the dark night, the seat of the soul can, a new vision coax.


The shifting scene is sensed through the corner of the third eye.

The key card is removed. Healing sleep resumes with a comforting sigh.


About the Creator

Katherine D. Graham

My stories are intended to teach facts, supported by science as we know it. Science often reflects myths. Both can help survival in an ever-changing world.

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    "History repeats sagas of violence and greed Herstory seeks love and forgiveness but cannot resolve everyone’s need." Oh wowww, those were my favourite lines! Loved your take on the challenge!

Katherine D. GrahamWritten by Katherine D. Graham

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