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The Ghostly Woman in the Attic

The Haunted Mansion

By carolynPublished about a year ago 4 min read

As she walked through the old, dilapidated house, Mary couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. She had always been sensitive to the presence of spirits, and this house seemed to be teeming with them.

She had inherited the property from a distant relative, and despite its eerie atmosphere, Mary was determined to renovate and sell it. She had hired a team of contractors to help her with the work, but they had all refused to spend the night in the house, claiming that it was haunted.

As Mary explored the creaky floors and peeling wallpaper, she couldn't help but wonder if the contractors were right. She had always been skeptical of ghost stories, but this house seemed to be the real deal.

As she entered the attic, Mary felt a sudden chill run down her spine. The room was dark and musty, and she could sense a malevolent presence lurking in the shadows.

She tried to shake off the feeling and focused on the task at hand. She needed to inventory the contents of the attic and decide what to keep and what to throw away.

As she rummaged through old boxes and trunks, Mary came across a dusty old photo album. She opened it and gasped as she saw the ghostly figure of a woman staring back at her.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. The ghost in the photo looked exactly like her, down to the smallest detail. She felt a sudden surge of fear and knew that she had to get out of the house.

She ran down the stairs and out the front door, not stopping until she was safely in her car. She vowed never to return to that haunted house again.

As she drove away, Mary couldn't help but wonder who the ghost in the photo was and what message she was trying to convey. She knew that she would never find out, but the experience had left her shaken and convinced that there was more to the world than what met the eye.

Despite her fear, Mary couldn't shake the feeling that she had to find out more about the ghostly woman in the photo. She knew that she needed help, and so she turned to her friend and amateur ghost hunter, Samantha.

Samantha was thrilled at the opportunity to investigate a real haunted house and eagerly accepted Mary's invitation. They spent the next few days researching the history of the property and trying to find any information on the ghostly woman in the photo.

They discovered that the house had a tragic history. It had been built in the late 1800s by a wealthy merchant, who had lived there with his wife and children. Tragically, his wife and children had all died in a fire that had engulfed the house.

According to local legend, the merchant had never recovered from the loss and had spent the rest of his days locked away in the attic, talking to the ghosts of his loved ones. When he died, the house had been passed down through the family, but no one had ever wanted to live there, as it was rumored to be haunted.

Samantha and Mary were convinced that the ghostly woman in the photo was the merchant's wife, and that she was trying to reach out to Mary from beyond the grave. They decided to hold a seance in the attic to try to communicate with the spirit.

As they sat in the dark, musty room, they held hands and called out to the ghost. Suddenly, the room grew colder and they heard a faint voice speaking to them.

It was the ghost of the merchant's wife, and she had a message for Mary. She thanked Mary for finally coming to the house and promised that she and her family would no longer haunt it. She begged Mary to leave the house and never come back, as it held only sadness and tragedy.

Mary and Samantha were both terrified and moved by the experience. They knew that they had to honor the ghost's wishes and leave the house forever.

As they left the haunted mansion behind, Mary knew that she would never forget her encounter with the ghostly woman in the photo. It had been a harrowing and life-changing experience, and one that she would always remember.

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Hello, i am carolyn. i am freelancer. I have a passion for writing stories. I write short stories, poems, mostly fiction.

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