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The Ghostly Warriors of the Hill House

The House on the Hill

By carolynPublished 5 months ago 3 min read


Rachel: A young woman in her mid-20s, who is visiting her childhood home for the first time in years.

Michael: Rachel's older brother, who has lived in the house for the past few years and is showing her around.

Tom: A neighborhood boy who is telling the group a legend about the house on the hill.

Sarah: Rachel and Michael's sister, who is skeptical of Tom's story and is trying to debunk it.

The Arrival

Rachel had always been hesitant to return to the house on the hill. As a child, she had always found the creaky old mansion to be eerie and unsettling. But when her brother Michael invited her to stay with him for a few days, she couldn't resist the chance to catch up and reconnect with her family.

As they pulled up to the house, Rachel couldn't help but feel a sense of dread wash over her. The house was even more imposing than she remembered, with its tall, narrow windows and crumbling facade. But Michael assured her that everything was fine, and led her inside.

The Legend

That evening, as they sat around the fireplace, a neighborhood boy named Tom stopped by to visit. He told them about a legend surrounding the house on the hill. According to Tom, the house was built on an ancient Native American burial ground, and was haunted by the ghosts of the dead.

Sarah, Rachel and Michael's younger sister, was skeptical of Tom's story. But Rachel couldn't shake the feeling of unease that had settled in her stomach. She excused herself from the group and went to bed early, hoping to shake off the creepy atmosphere of the house.

The Haunting

But as the night wore on, Rachel found it impossible to sleep. She kept hearing strange noises coming from the hallway outside her room. At first, she tried to convince herself that it was just the old house settling. But as the noises grew louder and more persistent, she began to fear that there was something more sinister at play.

She summoned the courage to leave her room and investigate, but as she stepped into the hallway, she was met with an otherworldly sight. The ghostly apparitions of Native American warriors were floating down the corridor, their ghostly eyes fixed on Rachel.

Rachel ran back to her room and barricaded the door, shaking with fear. She knew she had to get out of the house, but she was too afraid to leave her room. She stayed there for the rest of the night, praying for the dawn to arrive and banish the ghosts back to the other side.

The Escape

In the morning, Rachel was relieved to find that the ghosts had disappeared. She gathered her things and fled the house, vowing never to return. She never spoke of the experience to anyone, but the memory of that night stayed with her for the rest of her life.

The Aftermath

Rachel's siblings were shocked when she suddenly packed up and left the house. They had no idea what could have caused her sudden departure, and they searched the house for any clues as to what might have happened.

In Rachel's room, they found a journal that she had been keeping. It was filled with descriptions of the strange noises and ghostly apparitions that she had encountered during the night.

Sarah, who had been skeptical of Tom's legend, was now starting to believe that there might be some truth to it. She convinced Michael to leave the house and find a new place to live, knowing that they could never feel safe in the haunted mansion on the hill.

The house on the hill remained empty for many years, with locals avoiding it at all costs. Some said that they could still hear the ghostly whispers of the Native American warriors on windy nights, and others claimed to have seen shadowy figures moving behind the windows.

To this day, the house on the hill remains a place of mystery and fear, a testament to the power of the supernatural and the haunting memories that it can leave behind

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Hello, i am carolyn. i am freelancer. I have a passion for writing stories. I write short stories, poems, mostly fiction.

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