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The Divergents, part eight

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 5 min read
The Divergents, part eight
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Looking around the hangar, Trix noticed Callum was no longer in sight. Where did he go? It wasn't like he could just blend in with everyone else surrounding them.

Trix shrugged to herself. Perhaps he went to find his brother. Either way, she didn't know the layout of the base, so she wasn't about to get lost trying to find him.

The other women were surrounded by the humans on the base, checking to see if they were okay. And for the time, they didn't look like they would pee their pants. However, Kassie still hadn't exited the Defiant.

"You don't seem overwhelmed."

Trix turned, seeing a tall, tan guy standing there. "I've been preparing for the arrival of aliens for years now."

He burst out laughing, and she joined in. It felt good to laugh at something like her off-the-wall comments, especially with someone who appreciated it.

When he calmed, he grinned, "A sci-fi nerd, I take it."

She did the 'live long and prosper' gesture. "Through and through."

"Good, we need more of us here." He held out a hand. "I'm Evan."

She took it. "Trix."

Hearing footsteps, she found three people heading her way, one of which looked almost exactly like Kassie.

So, that was Skye. No wonder they did a double-take. The main difference was that Kassie's kinky hair was much shorter. And Skye carried herself confidently, holding a bag similar to Callum's medic bag.

Trix crossed her arms as they approached, the blonde moving in front. They must have been doctors and/or nurses. It explained why they were there.

Evan tapped her shoulder, "Yeah, be prepared to have the examination of your life."

She snorted, "Please, Wanderer medics are much more thorough."

"Well, we'll do the best we can," The blonde chuckled, "I'm Christine, and these are Olsen and—"

"Skye, I know her." Trix couldn't help but narrow her eyes. It was a default whenever she met women. "Well, of her, anyway."

She tilted her head, amused, "Did Galen brag about me?"

"No, they saw me!" Kassie suddenly was right by them. "And you didn't tell them about me!"

Skye's face paled.

Trix backed away, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire.

Kassie stood inches from her twin, hands balled into tight fists, "What is wrong with you?"

"I thought you were dead!" Skye shoved her back. "And you have no right to be pissed after the shit you pulled before."

"I tried apologizing, but you wouldn't have it."

"Yeah, I don't count a half-assed text as an apology." Skye paced around.

Kassie's arm twitched. She was ready to start swinging.

Trix noted the focus had been directed their way, not that the twins noticed, glaring like each wanted to set the other on fire. At least Kassie wasn't pyrokinetic.

"What is going on?!"

Everyone stopped as a Wanderer in a military uniform stormed over. He seemed older than most of the Wanderers she'd seen and, by how he held himself, was the leader of the base.

Kassie's glare aimed at him, "Stay out of it, asshole!"

He stared at her, probably shocked someone would talk to him that way.

Evan shifted his weight, "That's Dae'lon."

Trix held back another snort. Typical alien name.

Skye smacked her arm. "He's the commander of the base, Kas,"

"So? No Wanderer will be telling me what to do."

There was a collective gasp.

Dae'lon stepped closer, "If you want to stay here, you will listen to me." Then his eyes moved between the sisters. "You never mentioned a twin, Skye."

"Tell me about it," Galen grumbled.

Skye turned away from him. "I thought she was dead. Plus, she hates my guts."

Kassie rolled her eyes, "I don't hate you, jerk."

"Could've fooled me." Trix slapped a hand over her mouth, her face hot. "Sorry, didn't mean to say that out loud."

Dae'lon sighed, "I know none of you enhanced females like us much, but we will protect you from the other, and I do not tolerate fighting like this."

There were murmurs among the Wanderers.

So, Callum told him about their enhancements. She wasn't surprised or offended. They were dangerous until they learned how to control them. And as the leader, the commander should know.

After a few moments, Kassie stood down, "Fine, Commander."

He stared her into the ground. "I also don't appreciate being mocked, Kas."

She kept her mouth shut this time, but there was no hiding the fire in her hazel eyes.

"Better." Dae'lon lifted his head. "Now, I know there are plenty of emotions rushing around for various reasons, but you all need to control yourselves."

The corner of Trix's mouth lifted. He reminded her of her uncle Travis, the only member of her family who supported Trix and her endeavors. He'd been firm but fair with his kids.

As he walked away, she felt the air lighten, although Skye and Kassie still glared daggers at each other.

This was gonna be so fun.


After catching up with Bram, Callum decided to explore the base. He needed to know the layout of his new home, after all. And he could annoy his older sibling at a later time.

For the most part, the structures were ordered sequentially, making navigation easier. However, the human-constructed building messed with the flow in certain areas.

Reaching the central gathering spot, Callum realized it was some form of bizarre, although he didn't see how monetary currency carried importance anymore.

He also noticed the medical tent and decided to walk in. They were low on many supplies. Supplies the medical shuttle had. He would discuss with Dae'lon about retrieving it.

Callum also noted a containment tank, eyes widening. So that was why some of the humans felt different. They had compatibility nanites! Bram hadn't been messing with him after all.

"Excuse me!" a voice shrieked, "What are you doing in here?"

Callum turned, blinking. "You must be Skye."

She was almost a mirror to Kassie, except her curly hair was longer and less frizzy. And her muscles had more definition, which wasn't unusual, all things considered.

"Yeah, who are you?"

"Callum." He grinned. "My brother seems to like you."

"And who's that?"

"Bram, of course."

It was Skye's turn to blink. Did no one disclose that they had family members on this base?

"And to answer your question, I am a medical officer and was examining my new workstation." Callum stepped closer. "How do they feel?"

Skye sighed, knowing what he meant, "They feel good." Then she smiled excitedly, "Are you really a medic?"


"Thank God!" She threw her hands in the air, "I'm a nurse and have been doing my best, but Wanderer physiology trumps me at times."

"What about the others?"

She snorted, "They don't like working with you guys."

Why wasn't he surprised? "Well, I will teach you whatever you would like to know."


"Yes." Callum always passed his knowledge to those interested.

"Can we start now?"

He shrugged, "If you want, but I do need to visit the commander later."

"That's fine." Skye rubbed her hands together, grinning. "Now, start teaching me."

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