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The Divergents, part seven

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 4 months ago 6 min read
The Divergents, part seven
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Sitting in the Defiant as it flew back to the base, Trix couldn't help but mull over their interaction.

Wanderers and humans could mate. Trix knew they were biologically compatible, hence their presence. But no one said that mates were a real thing for them, and she'd read a lot of sci-fi romances.

Yet that didn't alarm Trix as she watched Callum chat with Galen and the other Wanderer as they flew. Was she Callum's mate? She could and had done way worse than her alien doctor.

Granted, it was way too early to discuss it with him, having just met the guy. But she could still wonder, the idea making her smile.

Kassie sat to her left, her expression neutral as she watched them too. Now her news had been jaw-dropping. Having a sister and having a twin were totally different.

Not that Nola hadn't surprised her in that department. However, it was Ava's issue, not Trix's.

But just how similar were Kassie and Skye? Something told her they were quite alike, aside from Kassie's enhancements and lack of a mate. But it would be an interesting reunion to witness.

Trix also couldn't stop picturing what this base might look like. Was it similar to the mother ship? Or was it more like a human town? What was the human/Wanderer ratio? And how many women were on the base?

As if reading her mind, Galen replied, "There are many women on the base."

Trix raised a brow, "Women? Not females?"

He shrugged, "The humans on the base like that I use their slang."

Callum smirked, "Yeah, Galen's a linguist, so speaking and reading languages is his specialty."


"Mhmm," he grinned mischievously, "among other things."

"So, you're actually speaking English?" Which wasn't something many sci-fi books did. "Right now?"

"Yes, as do all the Wanderers on the base." Galen winked at her.

"That's amazing."

"As am I," Callum wrapped an arm around her, "although I used sleep-learning."

"Me too," the younger soldier added, "and I'm Jo'dan, by the way." He glared at his pilot, "thanks for the introduction."

"I'm Trix," she laughed, having done the same sleep-learning, "and it's nice to meet both of you."

Yeah, she would do just fine, seeing the base come into view on the display screen. Trix stood, making her way to the cockpit.

It appeared much like any town, but the electrical output it generated made her skin tingle pleasantly. She had grown accustomed to Wanderer power, but regular Earth electrical currents were mixed in too.

Galen glanced at her, "What do you think?"

"It's big."

He moved his head, "We've made sure we wouldn't run out of room anytime soon."

Trix smiled, gripping both headrests on the seats, "So, you plan on bringing more people here?"

"Oh, yes," Jo'dan sat up straighter, "Humans need our help, and Wanderers like us need a place to go."

She supposed that was true. "Does that mean you're planning to stay on Earth?"

"Hopefully." Galen sighed, "We still need to save our race."

She sensed most of the other women tense from his statement, but Trix was oddly pleased with it. They just needed to win the war.


The Defiant landing smoothly, Callum waited for the systems to shut down and the main door to open before standing. He itched to see what his brothers in spirit created with the humans.

He also waited for the females to exit the ship before he left, Trix following them. It would take them time for them to realize they were on the same side.

But Kassie didn't move from her seat, her face making different expressions.

Callum knelt in front of her, "What's wrong?"

She sighed, "I'm not how happy Skye will be to see me."

"And why wouldn't she be?"

"We had a huge argument the last time we were in the same room." She twiddled her thumbs, staring at them. "I said some things to her that I am not proud of."

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be happy to know you're alive," Galen walked over. "Although there will be a discussion later."

Kassie nodded, and Callum stood, leaving the ship. They could sort it out among themselves. Right now, he had to find his brother.

But as Callum stepped onto the ground, he observed all the humans on the base swarming Nola, with Nash and Ava standing off to the side. She didn't appear to be overwhelmed by the crowd. If anything, Nola looked bored.

Callum smirked, resuming his search. He wasn't surprised. Most humans probably didn't realize female Wanderers existed, not much having seen one up close.

He then noticed the commander walking toward him, accompanied by a human male.

Callum straightened his posture, "Well, here I am, Commander."

Dae'lon nodded, a twinkle of relief and happiness dancing in his eyes. "It took you long enough."

"Well, there are still human females on the mother ship."

"I know." He glanced over Callum's shoulder. "But now we have more females."

Callum moved closer, "They're enhanced."


"Co'vak experimented on them, and now each has a different ability." He sighed, "And I don't know what most of them are."

Dae'lon cursed under his breath. "I never liked him."


The human was clearly confused but said nothing.

Callum studied him more closely. There was something different about both him and Ava he couldn't quite put his finger on. Not yet, anyway.

But he stepped back. "Where is my brother?"

The commander snorted, "Probably in his workshop. I'll take you."

"Thank you."

Dae'lon faced the human. "Evan, make sure our new people are taken care of."

Evan nodded. "Yes, sir." Then he went to the ships.

Callum followed him, scanning everything they passed. He didn't know how long they'd been working on the base, but he was impressed with how everything was combined.

His brother had much to do with it. He could tell by how certain things were constructed; every engineer and builder had a signature.

Dae'lon stopped in front of a big metal building, knocking on a small door. "Bram, are you in there?"

"What do you want, sir?"

Callum chuckled. As gruff as always. It was nice to know some things never changed.

"There's someone who wants to see you."

"Tell them I'm busy, Commander."

Callum sighed, "Get your ass out here."

There was silence, then the door opened, "Cal?"

"Yes, brother, it's me."

Bram's beefy form managed to squeeze out of the door, his face a mix of emotions. "I can't believe you are here, standing in front of me."

"Wow, did you think I was--"

Callum was suddenly trapped in his arms. He smiled, hugging him back. Bram wasn't one for physical contact, either. Not since they were children.

"I missed you too, brother, but you're making it hard to breathe."

Bram let him go. "How did you escape?"

"With the help of a Teng-Shae." Callum laughed, "We helped rescue some human females."

"Which Teng-Shae?"

"Who do you think?"

"So, Nola is here?" Bram sighed, "Good. Maybe she'll knock some sense into her twin."

Nola had always been the one to keep Nash in line, who had harassed Bram even before they had reached Earth.

"But what about Ava?"

Bram scoffed, "She's worse than him."

"Well, let's sit down, and you can catch me up on it all."

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