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The Dark Side of McDonald's: 10 Terrifying Stories

The Health Risks of Eating McDonald's

By NEERAJ KUMAR SHAMIPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, but it's also a place where some pretty terrifying things have happened. Here are 10 terrifying stories from McDonald's employees:

1-The creepy drive-through man. One McDonald's employee told a story about a creepy man who would come through the drive-thru every night and order the same thing: a Big Mac and a large Coke. He would always wear a hat and sunglasses, and he would never look at the employee. One night, the employee decided to ask the man why he always wore a hat and sunglasses. The man just smiled and said, "Because I'm hiding."

2-The lawsuit. One McDonald's employee was working the drive-thru when a car pulled up and ordered a meal. The employee handed the food to the customer, and the customer drove away. A few minutes later, the customer came back and demanded a refund. The employee asked why, and the customer said that there was a dead rat in the food. The employee was horrified, and she immediately called her manager. The manager called the health department, and the restaurant was shut down for several days.

3-The vomit fight. Two teenage girls were arguing in the McDonald's play area. The argument escalated, and one of the girls threw up on the other girl. The other girl started screaming, and the two girls started fighting. The fight quickly turned into a food fight, and soon the entire play area was covered in food and vomit.

4-The slide. McDonald's restaurants often have slides in the play area. These slides can be a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous. One McDonald's employee told a story about a child who fell off the slide and broke his arm. The child's parents sued the McDonald's restaurant, and the restaurant was forced to pay a large settlement.

5-The ball pit. Another dangerous feature of McDonald's play areas is the ball pit. Ball pits are often filled with small plastic balls, and these balls can be a choking hazard. One McDonald's employee told a story about a child who choked on a ball in the ball pit. The child was rushed to the hospital, but he survived.

6-The mom fight. Two mothers got into a fight in the McDonald's lobby. The fight started over a toy that one of the children had taken from the other child. The mothers started yelling at each other, and soon they were pushing and shoving. The fight quickly turned physical, and the two mothers started pulling each other's hair.

7-The health code problems. McDonald's restaurants are supposed to follow strict health codes. However, there have been cases where McDonald's restaurants have violated these codes. One McDonald's restaurant was found to have cockroaches in the kitchen. Another McDonald's restaurant was found to have mold growing on the food.

8-The fryer accident. A McDonald's employee was working the fryers when he accidentally dropped his hand into the hot oil. The employee suffered severe burns, and he had to be taken to the hospital. The employee was eventually able to recover, but he was left with permanent scars.

9-The milkshake machine. McDonald's milkshakes are a popular item, but they can also be dangerous. One McDonald's employee told a story about a child who was seriously burned after he spilled a milkshake on himself. The child was rushed to the hospital, and he had to undergo surgery.

10-The disaster averted. One McDonald's employee was working the drive-thru when she saw a car coming through the line. The car was driving erratically, and the driver was clearly intoxicated. The employee called the police, and the car was pulled over. The driver was arrested, and he was later convicted of DUI.

These are just a few of the terrifying stories that have come out of McDonald's restaurants. While these stories are certainly not the norm, they do serve as a reminder that even the most popular fast food chains are not immune to danger.


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