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The Clash of Swords

Once upon a time in Japan...

By Syed Asim AliPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Clash of Swords
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Once upon a time in Japan, there lived a skilled and honorable samurai. Although his original name was Manga, he was famous for the name “Ibuki” due to his qualities. He was known throughout the land for his unwavering courage and steady hands with the sword. One day, while traveling through a village, he encountered a group of four strangers who stood in his path with a threatening demeanor. They demanded that he should hand over his sword, claiming that it belonged to their master and that they had the right to take it. He tightened his hand around the hilt of his valuable heirloom, which has been passed down to him by his father.

Ibuki, however, refused to hand over his sword because this sword was not only his most valuable possession but also a symbol of his identity and legacy. Instead, he drew his sword out of the scabbard and was ready to defend himself if necessary. Three of the strangers stepped forward intimidating Ibuki thinking he would give his sword with ease.

As they get close, Ibuki recognized one of them as a notorious plunderer who had been menacing around the town since the last year. The other two were unknown to him, but he could guess that they were not ordinary people as they were also with the looter.

The plunderer sneered and pointed to Ibuki’s sword saying, “That sword belongs to our master…”. He paused for a while and mumbled, “You have no right to keep it”.

Ibuki remained still and focused because he knew that he had to be careful, for the plunderer was a tough opponent to handle. The other two strangers, however, seemed hesitant and uncertain, as if they were not entirely supporting the plunderer. Meanwhile, Ibuki noticed that one of them was a young woman, nearly in her 20s. She looked terrified and unsafe, and Ibuki noticed that she did not belong with them.

“Step aside,” Ibuki said, looking at the woman. “You don’t need to be part of this.” The woman was confused for a moment, then stepped away from the ground.

Photo by Lone Wolf and Cub

Despite being alone, Ibuki was much more confident to win this battle. He thought if he could win over this one plunderer, he could finish the intimidation that had been in the people’s minds, especially who became victimized by that dacoit. But the plunderer was not so easy to put an end to.

The plunderer not staying for a minute, stepped forward, swinging his sword merely with deadly precision. Ibuki blocked the attack with his sword, and the two blades clashed together in a shower of sparks. The other two strangers remained on the side, watching the fight nervously. Ibuki could sense that they were unsure of their commitment, yet he hoped that they might come to his aid. For several minutes, Ibuki and the plunderer fought back-to-back, neither of them gaining the upper hand. But finally, Ibuki got some space and struck a decisive blow, disarming the plunderer. His sword cracked near the hilt and both the pieces, the blade, and the hilt, fell apart on the ground.

Ibuki get close to the halt, picked it up, and showed it to all of them saying that “I refuse”. He warned that now if any one of you wanted to make a fight, I’ll surely cut your body into pieces and your head will be got separated from your body as the blade got separated from the hilt.

The other two strangers stood frozen for a moment, along with their boss. The plunderer apologized for what he did before and pledge to make an effort to improve themselves positively. Then they turned and ran away.

Ibuki stood alone and put his sword back in the scabbard. Meanwhile, the young woman emerged from the wall and approached him cautiously. “Thank you!”, she said softly. “You saved my life.”

Ibuki nodded and a sense of satisfaction could be seen on his face. he knew that he had done the right thing, standing up for his honor and defending the innocent. In the end, both opted their ways, committing that they would contact each other if they ever wanted help from each other.

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