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The Astrology Signs Go on a San Francisco Bay Cruise

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in Short Story
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What happens when all 12 signs get together

Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Taurus was excited, she had invited her 11 closest friends to go on a San Francisco bay cruise, she had heard groups were less expensive and found a great deal. She arrived with Pisces and Capricorn, at Pier 43 ½ to catch a Red and White fleet ferry.

“I think I should have brought Lucy, I am pretty sure they allow dogs,” Cap said for the third time that day.

“You are having such separation anxiety, it’s alright, you know she doesn’t do well on boats,” Pisces said gently to her friend.

“She is with your mom Cap, she’s fine.” Taurus reminded her, the last thing she wanted was to have Cap being sad on this trip.

“Oh, there is Scorpio and Cancer,” Pisces said pointing at the pair headed their way.

Scorpio waved at them. Behind them, Libra and Aquarius were walking up,

“I’m excited!!!!!” Aquarius yelled audibly for half of San Francisco to hear.

“We’re ready!” Libra yelled.

“Bring on the Bay!” Aquarius yelled as if he was at a football game.

Taurus shook her head, “Okay boys, settle down you have to use your inside voices once we are on the ferry.”

“But we’ll stay on the outside part.” Aquarius protested.

“Yeah, that’s not fair if we are outside we can be loud,” Libra said.

“Have you guys been drinking?” Cancer asked.

“Whose drinking!? I didn’t know we were drinking!” Aries appeared.

“They do have a bar on the ferry.” Taurus said, “I also brought some snacks.”

“What did you bring?” Cap asked peeking in the bag.

“Fruit, candy, chips.” Taurus opened the tote bag she held over her shoulder, Cap and Cancer looked in.

“Fruit roll-ups, nice.” Cap took one.

“Where is everyone?” Aries asked looking around, he leaned over the railing to look at the ferry.

“No one’s on yet.” He added. The wind was strong blowing everyone's hair.

“We need to get in line, but I was hoping the rest of us would get here,” Taurus said pulling her hood up from her sweatshirt.

“I’ll have one of those candy bars.” Cancer said.

“Sure honey, help yourself.” Taurus offered.

Scorpio looked in the bag but she held a coffee and wasn’t interested in food just yet.

“There’s Leo and Sag! Hey Guys!!!!!!!!” Aries jumped on a nearby bench and waved his arms.

“We’re here!!!!!!!” Leo yelled waving back.

Aquarius and Libra high-fived them when the two walked up.

“Let’s do this!” Sagittarius yelled.

“Are we all here?” Taurus did a headcount, “We’re missing two, who isn't here yet?”

“Um, “Scorpio scanned their friends, “Virgo and Gemini. That’s odd Virgo is usually on time, but Gemini is always late, maybe they are coming together and Gem made them late.” She surmised.

“That’s probably it, but I hope they get here we have to go on the 2 pm cruise.” Taurus looked at her watch, “It’s in 15 minutes, and they will be letting us board soon.” She said noticing the crew were moving about on the pier.

“Let’s go!” Leo yelled.

“Bay cruise, bay cruise, bay cruise!” Aquarius and Libra chanted, soon Sag, Leo, and Aries were as well. They marched onto the ramp that led to the ferry.

“What did I say about inside voices?” Taurus chided them as they moved along in the line.

“I feel bad about leaving without them.” Cancer fretted looking at the pier hoping to see Virgo and Gemini appear but it was crowded and hard to see.

“I’m sitting in a different part of the ferry away from those guys,” Capricorn said as she peeled a peach fruit roll-up off the plastic wrapper and ate it.

“Taste like real peaches.” She added.

“Does this thing stop at Alcatraz?” Aries asked loudly.

“No we stay on the ferry the whole time,” Taurus called out from behind them. They were now walking onto the ferry, there were stairs to climb up to the next level, they made their way up.

“We can be inside or outside choose your seat,” Taurus said, as they all filed upstairs.

“It’s too windy to be outside, I’ll be in here.” Scorpio say down, Pisces did too, “I’m with you the wind will only get worse on the water.”

“You guys are really staying inside?!” Leo asked.

“Yes, we want to be where it's kind of warm.” Scorpio said, “This is why I live in the east bay, it’s too cold in the city.”

“Suit yourself!” Leo left, Aquarius, Libra, and Sag were running around outside.

“I want to be in the back there’s more space!” Aquarius yelled, Libra followed him. Sag and Leo went to the front.

“I’m the king of the world!” Leo yelled from the front of the ship, Aries and Sag laughed uproariously.

Taurus watched in disbelief, “I haven’t seen them like this since the baseball game.”

“They were well behaved at the beach,” Pisces said.

Cancer lingered then sat down next to Pisces. “I don’t really want to be outside.”

“Virgo!!!!!” Aries yelled.

“Virgo?” Taurus ran out to the front.

“Virgo and Gemini are running to catch the ferry, hey! Wait, our friends are coming!” Aries yelled.

Virgo and Gemini ran onto the pier, Gemini made it onto the ferry, but as Virgo was running she tripped, fell, then jumped back up and made it.

“Oh!” Taurus said turning to go meet them.

“Bring them up here, hurry we’re about to take off,” Sag said.

“I can feel it,” Taurus said feeling jerked around by the moving ferry.

She grabbed a railing moving aside for some people to pass. Then went downstairs. Gemini was standing there.

“Gem, where were you? Where is Virgo?”

“I’m here.” Virgo was on the ground holding her knee.

“She hurt her knee.”

“Gemini made us late,” Virgo said grumpily.

“I was only slightly late, I picked you up and you told me to go to Pier 39, but that’s where the Blue and Gold fleet is, not the Red and White. We thought it was weird but that you guys weren’t there, finally I asked someone where the Red and White ferry’s boarded.” Gemini said, hand on his hip.

“Do you want me to get some ice or something?” Tauries looked at Virgo assessing her injury.

“No, it’s a scrape I have some antibiotic ointment in my purse.” Virgo stood.

“Let's go upstairs with the others.

Upstairs, Aquarius and Libra were inside now, Aquarius looked green.

“What’s wrong, seasick?” Taurus asked.


“We’re going to the front of the ship,” Libra said walking with Aquarius who was on wobbly legs.

“Look at how close the Golden Gate Bridge is,” Cancer said as they sat.

They looked, there was a large container ship sailing under the bridge.

A moment later the captain made an announcement, “We’re encountering some strong waves from that container ship, hold on as we pass through its wake.”

The ferry pitched upward and then went down a large wave of water rearing up.

Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer screamed. Capricorn closed her eyes, assuming Sag, Aries, and Leo who were outside at the helm were goners.

The ferry bounced, groaned, and then righted itself easily. The wave sprayed everyone, soaking them outside. The window they all sat next to was covered in water they couldn’t see anything for a moment.

“Oh no!” Taurus said, the water cleared and Aries and Sag were cheering, Leo shook his long hair like a wet lion.

“Wooooo!” Aries fist pumped in the air, “Again!”

The ferry passed under the Golden Gate Bridge, went around Alcatraz, and then back toward Fisherman’s Wharf.

“Look there’s Coit Tower.” Cancer said to Pisces.

“It’s so beautiful, we live in the most beautiful city in the world,” Taurus said happily.

And so went the day on the bay.

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Short Story

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