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The Accident


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

 Zhang Mingming is worried about his promotion again. He as a unit of the old hand, in the position of deputy director has been dry for more than five years, has not had a chance to rise again, looking and their own age, the same situation, while most of the promotion are wishing for success, he also thought to be a little more "progress", even if it is to enjoy a treatment also. But their own "towards" no one yo, relying only on individual efforts to struggle alone, really some of the force is not able to ah. Unexpectedly get a "senior" guidance: only low head pulling the car is not enough, but also look up to see the road; officialdom like a battlefield, know yourself and your enemy can win a hundred battles; cry baby milk to eat; just have the ability is not enough, but also have a relationship; a fence three piles, a good man three help... ... ... after the guidance of a dream, a word to wake up the dreamer's great enlightenment, Chen Mingming do everything possible, scouring the search for opportunities, looking for relationships.

  Good lazy also in the workplace for so many years, have not eaten pork also heard the pig humming. The decision is still from the newly transferred to the Bureau of the Party Secretary to start, the good thing is that the new secretary of the people look more peaceful, are members of the same team, heads up and down, although not for a long time, but also had several contacts. In the transfer to the bureau as a secretary before in several departments as a hand, I heard that the "ability" is quite big. The first thing that Zhang Mingming did was to go to the new secretary from the perspective of work, to ask for instructions to report on the work first to explore the wind and feel the truth. The new secretary explained his situation and put forward his personal ideas. The new secretary did not take a position on the spot, but promised to discuss it with the director and other team members. For Chen Mingming, this is a good start. Chen Mingming is not a fool, the leader said to discuss the discussion, is to study the study, that must be meaningful yo. So take advantage of the upcoming holiday, through the holiday visit to the leadership for its good cigarettes and good wine, so that the leadership to study the study.

  The power of cigarettes and wine is okay, within a few days, the Bureau held a party committee meeting, specifically to discuss the study on Zhang Mingming's "promotion" issue, we discussed very enthusiastically, agreed that Zhang Mingming's performance has always been very good, good character, ability, is supposed to promote promotion. Such a smart and useful person, if promoted to other units is also a big loss. The new secretary thought of a good way to the name of the party group to the organization recommended to Zhang Mingming to give a positive treatment, so that Zhang Mingming can enjoy the treatment, and do not leave the unit, the best of both worlds ah!

  The new secretary said on the spot that he was personally responsible for this matter.

  The new secretary said on the spot that he was personally responsible for this matter. This made Zhang Mingming touched, and his heart understood that it was the result of "tobacco and wine". Zhang Mingming with gratitude, face to face thank the new secretary for their own affirmation and value. The new secretary "on the spot", in the face of Zhang Mingming, to his old classmate Minister of Organization called, half report half willing to beg to the Minister said the Bureau of the party group and his meaning. Zhang Mingming do not know how to thank, then the good language at this time also seems pale, the wisdom of the little worm reminded him of the decision to invite the new secretary to dinner in the evening, the new secretary readily agreed. A few days later, Zhang Mingming saw the bureau party group to the organization recommended his application for treatment report. Then came the wait, waiting for "good things to happen" after the joy.

  Finally wait until the county party committee standing committee to study personnel issues, but the end of the meeting, personnel adjustment changes in the list of personnel but no Zhang Mingming's name. Zhang Mingming some puzzled to ask the new secretary, the new secretary seems to have known the result, told Zhang Mingming this may be an accident, and then ask the situation, not next time, Zhang Mingming had to go back to the office in the dust, do not want to mention the matter.

  Zhang Mingming things from the wind up to smoke, in the unit became the talk of everyone after dinner, who do not know what is going on, we all guessed that the county committee did not pass. On this slowly be forgotten, the old director found Zhang Mingming, unexpectedly concerned about Zhang Mingming things. From the old director, Zhang Mingming unexpectedly learned that the reason he was not passed. It turns out that the old director and the minister is also an old friend, the party group of the Bureau recommended candidates did not follow some ideas, chatting together to casually ask about the situation. The minister was even more unexpectedly told the old director, your bureau party group reported the recommendation report, before the meeting was held by your new secretary took back. Said it was not yet mature, and wait for the next time to report. The minister also said: "Pre your new secretary called me, first said it was recommended to promote your unit's deputy director Zhang, but a moment later called back and said that just now was a joke, does not count, and so on later." Zhang Mingming was really shocked by the accident, how could not imagine that it would be so ah! The new secretary called the minister in front of him, pleading on his behalf, cheating him to send cigarettes and wine, in front of him to the organization to submit a report, cheating him to treat him to dinner, but behind the scenes, but retracted the request to take back the report, half a day, Zhang Mingming's matter was not submitted to the county committee standing committee, even the old director was kept in the dark. Abominable! Infuriating! Hateful!

  Zhang Mingming was greatly insulted, but people are secretaries, the calf can not twist the thigh, because of this matter to get torn face is not worth it, had to give up, no longer want to be promoted to enjoy the treatment of things.

  After a period of time, Zhang Mingming suddenly got the news that he enjoys the treatment of the main section. This is not a dream, it is confirmed to be true, and the new secretary is also the first to congratulate Zhang Mingming, and table credit. This is too unexpected, let Zhang Mingming how can not understand. It turns out that the old director, angry at what the new secretary did, personally went to the minister, explaining the reasons, strongly recommended Zhang Mingming, and again, itself Zhang Mingming as deputy director of excellent performance, outstanding performance, conditions are ripe, should be promoted, logical to have a good result.


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