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Sending a Flower of April


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

 The season has come to pass the Qingming Festival waiting for the rainy season, but the beautiful ancient city at the foot of Tianshan Mountain has not seen a single star of green, not to mention the flowers. I really can't believe it's still spring, but it really is. The snow line on the top of Tianshan Mountain is the proof, the warm wind blowing past my ears is the conclusive evidence, and people's light and light-colored clothes are the most powerful persuasion.

  Those who live in Jiangnan or have never been to the north will never believe that there are still places in the world where you can't see flowers in April, and people who can't smell them in April, even in the north. But it is true, in Balikun County at the foot of Tianshan Mountain, because of the geographical environment and climatic conditions, spring comes very late every year, and the flowers bloom even later every year. It is a lie that "there are hundreds of flowers in spring" in our area, and it is true that spring flowers bloom in summer. You may find it unbelievable and unimaginable, or you may lament for the people living here. Survival of the fittest, people here are used to the spring without flowers, but also used to the rhythm of spring flowers in summer.

  The seemingly unfair God has comforted people who have been treated unfairly. When most places in Jiangnan and even in the north are full of flowers and fragrant, just when the ancient city of Balikun was abandoned by spring and forgotten by flowers, the heavens sent down manna and sowed flower seeds in the town of Santang Lake, which is more than 80 kilometers away from Balikun County, and opened the "paradise of the world" in the mid-April of every year. In the middle of April every year, the apricot blossoms here open in succession, breaking the record of not blooming in April in Balikun, filling the blank of no flowers in April in Balikun, soothing the "cold" hearts of Balikun people and satisfying the demand of people who love flowers and hope for flowers.

  The climate in the town of Santang Lake is warmer than that of Balikun County, and the average annual temperature is slightly lower than that of Hami in the south of Tianshan Mountain, which is suitable for planting cash crops such as Hami melon, tomatoes and peppers, and fruit trees such as apricot trees and peach trees. Because of the topography and environment, people who came to this place from abroad long ago planted apricot trees between the mountains and villages. Every April, when the apricot blossoms bloom, the whole village is surrounded by a sea of flowers, and the people live amidst the sea of flowers and are infused with the fragrance of flowers all day long. From afar, there are apricot blossoms in the mountains, and from close up, there are homes among the apricot blossoms.

  Like a messenger of spring, the apricot blossoms in Santang Lake arrive on time every year as scheduled, even when they are in danger of being blown off by high winds. Every year in the middle and early April, the apricot blossoms of Santang Lake open one after another, and the village is beautiful. The expectation that comes every year as expected is to be able to go to Santang Lake to enjoy the apricot blossoms, and to be able to truly feel that the apricot blossoms of Santang Lake are still in their original style and splendid in spring.

  It is a habit to enjoy the apricot blossoms at San Tong Lake every year, but the flowers are different every year, and the mood is different every year. This year is not specifically to enjoy the apricot blossoms, but take the opportunity to work in the apricot blossoms are in full bloom to the apricot blossoms, really happy. A colleague said that the day before yesterday the apricot blossoms were not so many, the flowers were not so big, two or three days on the competition open. The majority of the apricot blossom garden into the red, pink, white smile, open heart to welcome us, individual apricot flowers are still shy to hit the buds, individual apricot flowers can not wait for our arrival in advance to thank the flowers. The town had planned to hold the apricot blossom festival as scheduled, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and decorate the apricot rain xuan, but because of the epidemic, the apricot blossom festival was forced to discontinue. The various scenes in the Apricot Rain Pavilion are still decorated with apricot blossoms to accompany the spring. Although there was wind, it did not affect the apricot blossoms in any way to show their dance, attracting the eyes and emotions of the viewers with a hundred winks and a thousand dainties. A tree of white flawless let people envy jealousy, a tree of white and red more intoxicating, a unique show people love, out of the wall red apricot most amorous.

  Looking at this tree of apricot blossoms, as if already intoxicated, really a bit of Liu Lou Lou into the Grand View Garden, a bit of Chen Huan Sheng into the taste of the city, curious, amazed, look, smell, touch, a tree to appreciate, one by one to taste, really not enough to see, taste incomplete. Following the natural flower path forward, each step has a new change, each see a tree apricot flowers have a different style, only with cell phones to shoot has not been able to meet the greedy demand, really want to take these apricot flowers for themselves, take home slowly to enjoy, savor, a total of every day. This tree full of apricot blossoms in the blue sky, looking extraordinarily delicate, with a hand shot is a picture of great beauty. The apricot blossoms, one after the other, seemed to be welcoming me on purpose, really like old friends meeting, hugging and exchanging pleasantries followed by hospitality. The apricot blossoms hidden between the branches of the trees, long accustomed to solitude, enjoy the loneliness, wholeheartedly trying to compete. After obtaining permission, carefully folded a unique apricot flower, put it on the nose and smell, fragrant, fiddling in the hands, the flower posture attractive, a good flower in April, an apricot flower, is a spring, an apricot flower is all the hope, decided to give you the flower, send you an April flower, share the beauty of the world!


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