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ThanksGiving with Roger the World's Greatest Therapy Dog

Volume 2

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 4 months ago 20 min read

It was November 1st and Roger was working at the hospital. “Good morning, Roger, said Harry.

“Good morning, Harry. I’m excited for Thanksgiving this year because it’s my first Thanksgiving at the hospital.”

“Your gonna love it we always have great food.”

A turkey walked by Roger and Harry. “Good morning, guys,” said the turkey.

Roger became excited ”Our we having Thanksgiving dinner already? Alright turkey go to the kitchen and get in the oven.”

Harry laughed. “Roger, this is Terry the Therapy Turkey. He works here every November.”

“Yep, the patients find it hilarious when I gobble,” said Terry.

“Really? Let me hear you gobble,” said Roger. Terry started to gobble Roger and Harry started laughing.

“Wow that is great! I have an important question to ask you,” said Roger.

“What is it?” asked Terry.

“What do you eat on Thanksgiving?”

“Turkey, of course.” Roger, Harry, and Terry laughed.

At Leonard K. Cat Hospital. Leonard K. Cat was also excited for Thanksgiving. Leonard was sitting on a couch watching TV and his phone started to ring. Leonard answered.

“Hey, Mom what’s up? I’m excited for Thanksgiving dinner this year.”

“Leonard I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.”

Leonard, became upset. “What? You always cook Thanksgiving dinner. “I was looking forward to your delicious tuna casserole.

“I’ll still make my tuna casserole, but it’s time for your wife to cook Thanksgiving dinner.”

“But Mom Lucy is a terrible cook. Do you remember the fish sticks she made for dinner?”

“Yes, but I’m sure she’ll make a great Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Goodbye, Leonard. I love you I’ll see you on Thanksgiving.”

“Goodbye, Mom. I’ll see you at Thanksgiving.” Leonard became worried.

Lucy sat down on the couch next to Leonard, “Hey, honey! What’s up?”

“Lucy, my mom wants you to cook Thanksgiving dinner.”

Lucy became worried. “Leonard, I can’t cook Thanksgiving dinner. Do you remember the fish sticks I made for dinner?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Can your mom cook Thanksgiving Dinner?” asked Leonard.

“No my mom can’t cook either.”

“Can your grandma cook Thanksgiving dinner?” asked Leonard.

“No she’s in a nursing home because she thinks she’s a dog.”

Leonard started crying. “Oh, no, Lucy! What are we going to do?”

Clarence walked in the room. “Hey, guys what’s going on?”

“My mom wants Lucy to cook Thanksgiving dinner,” cried Leonard.

Clarence started to cry. “Oh, no! Lucy is a terrible cook. Do you remember the fish sticks she made?”

“Yes, I remember.”

Clarance’s eyes became huge like marbles. “Wait does this mean your mom isn’t making her delicious tuna casserole?”

“No, she’s still making it.”

“OK good!” Clarence stopped crying and became happy.

Lenny K. Kitten walked in the room. “Hey, what’s going on?”

”Your grandma wants mom to cook Thanksgiving dinner,” said Leonard.

A look of fear appeared on Lenny’s face.“Oh, no! mom is a terrible cook. Do you remember the fish sticks she made?”

“Yes, we all remember we don’t know what we’re going to do,” said Clarance.

“Hey I have an idea,” said Lenny.

“What is it son?” asked Leonard.

“Roger and the other therapy dogs are having Thanksgiving dinner at their hospital. Maybe if we ask nicely they will invite us to dinner.”

Leonard became surprised. “How do you know Roger and the therapy mutts are having Thanksgiving dinner at their hospital?”

“Me and Roger’s son RJ text everyday. “Son I hate Roger the therapy mutt, but I’m really scared of your Grandma. Let’s go ask them!”

At Care City Hospital, Roger and Ruby were having a conversation in the waiting room.“I’m excited for Thanksgiving because it’s our first Thanksgiving together,” said Ruby.

“I know, I’m excited to honey,” said Roger.

“I can’t wait for our parents to meet each other, said Ruby.

Roger smiled. “I know! And you get to meet my two older brothers and my little sister.”

”Wonderful! I bet they're as sweet as you.” said Ruby.

“Yeah, they're real sweet.”

The truth was Roger’s two brothers Russell and Rodney are not sweet at all. Roger’s brother, Russell was an attorney, and he always wants to sue someone. Roger’s brother Rodney owns a gym called Rodney’s Rough and Tough Gym. Rodney use to be really fat, then he chased his tail an hour a day for thirty days. Now, he has a buff chest and buff paws. He created his own work out workout program called Rodney’s Rough and Tough Workout. Rodney promises if every dog chases their tail for an hour a day for thirty day they will become big and strong like Rodney. Roger’s little sister Rachel on the other paw was the only sweet one. Rachel was the World’s Greatest Dog Photographer in Care City.

Marvin showed up. “Hey, Roger! There is going to be a meeting in ten minutes.”

“OK Marvin, I’ll be there.” Roger went to a room where the meeting was taking place.

Marvin started the meeting. “Hello everyone, it’s November so that means we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital so you have to bring food.”

“I’’ll bring mac and cheese,” said Roger.

”I’ll bring mash potatoes and sweet potatoes,” said Paul the CP Puppy.

“I’’ll bring corn in the can and on the cob,” said Roy the Rotwiler.

”I’ll bring devil eggs,” Willie the Weiner Dog.

Roger laughed. “I’m not surprised, Willie because you are a devil.” Everyone laughed except Willie.

“Shut up, Roger,” said Marvin.

”I’m making my delicious apple pie it won first place in the Care City pie contest last year,” said Marvin.

Harry shouted “MARVIN, I LOVE YOUR APPLE PIE MORE THAN I LOVE MY OWN MOTHER! Please don’t tell her I said that.”

“I’ll bring the turkey and stuffing,” said Terry the Therapy Turkey.

As everyone was talking about what they were bringing to dinner. A voice said “I’ll bring tuna casserole.” Everyone looked around to find out who said that and saw Leonard K. Cat. “What’s up, therapy mutts?” Leonard looked at Terry the Therapy Turkey. “Who are you?”

“I’m Terry the Therapy Turkey, nice to meet you.”

Leonard become mad. “It’s not nice to meet me. I’m Leonard K. Cat the most evil therapy cat in the world.”

“I’m sorry,” said Terry.

Leonard looked at Terry. “What do you eat on Thanksgiving?”

“I eat turkey, of course! Why does everyone keep asking that?”

“What do you want, Leonard K. Cat?” asked Marvin.

“Can we have Thanksgiving with you therapy mutts?”

“No,” said Marvin.

“Why Not?”

“Because you're the most evil therapy cat in the world you just said that a few seconds ago.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean it, so can we have dinner with you therapy mutts?”

“No!” said Marvin again.

Leonard started to get upset. “Please my Mom wants Lucy to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but she can’t cook. One time she made fish sticks and they were terrible.”

“I hear that, Ruby can’t cook either. One time she made cheeseburgers and they were terrible.”

Ruby looked at Roger. “Hey, I try my best.”

Roger smiled at Ruby. “No, offense honey.”

“Ok, Leonard, you guys can have Thanksgiving dinner with us.”

Leonard became really happy. “Oh, thank you, Marvin the therapy mutt I’m so happy let me give you a hug.” Leonard tried to give Marvin a hug.

Marvin pushed Leonard away with his paws. “No, hugs just get out of here dinner is at six ‘o’ clock everyone has to bring food.”

“Ok, my mom makes a delicious tuna casserole. It’s the best tuna casserole in the world. We will see you therapy mutts on Thanksgiving day and left with the other therapy cats.

At Leonard K. Cat Hospital Leonard called his mom. “Hey, Mom good news Lucy’s not cooking Thanksgiving dinner we are having Thanksgiving at Care City Hospital with Roger and the other therapy mutts.”

Leonard’s Mom was relieved. “Oh, thank goodness! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner now! I love you, Leonard!”

“I love you too, Mom!”

The therapy cats and therapy dogs were excited for Thanksgiving to arrive. On Thanksgiving day it was morning and Marvin was setting up the dinner table in the cafeteria. Roger, Harry, and Terry the Therapy Turkey walked in the cafeteria.

“Hey, Marvin! Do you need help with anything,” asked Roger.

“As a matter of fact I need you, Harry, and Terry to go to the grocery store and buy pumpkin pie.”

“Ew! Who likes pumpkin pie? asked Roger.

“My mom.” Marvin explained. “Pumpkin pie is her favorite pie so I want to make sure we have it.”

“Ok, but I think your mom is weird,” said Roger.

Roger Harry, and Terry went to the grocery store. Roger, Harry, and Terry walked through the store to the pie isle. “Hey, Roger! I asked Hazel to dinner tonight! said Harry. Hazel was one of the therapy dogs, she was a very beautiful black lab.

“Awesome! Way to go, Harry,” said Roger.

“Awesome, Harry! I’m going to propose to my girlfriend at dinner tonight, her name is Tami the Therapy Turkey,” said Terry. He showed Roger and Harry a picture of her on his phone. Roger and Harry looked at the picture.

“Wow! She’s so cute I could eat her right up!” Terry looked at Roger. “I didn’t mean it, literally,” said Roger.

Terry laughed. “I know!” Roger, Harry, and Terry finally made it to the pie isle and all the pumpkin pies were gone.

“Oh, no there’s no more pumpkin pies! What are we going to do now?” asked Terry.

Roger looked around and saw an old lady in an electric wheelchair. She had a pumpkin pie in her shopping cart. Roger walked in front of the old lady’s wheelchair. “Hey ma’am can I please have your pumpkin pie?”

The old lady looked at Roger. “Well, if it isn’t Roger the World’s Worst Therapy Dog.” “It’s Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog, ma’am.” Roger corrected her.

“No it’s Roger the World’s Worst Therapy Dog because you never gave me my green jello when I was a patient at Care City Hospital.”

Roger remembered the old lady. “Oh, hi Mrs. BananaTree I told you the hospital cafeteria didn’t have green jello. How are you? Can I please have your pumpkin pie?”

“No pumpkin pie is my favorite pie. Now get out of my way before I run you over. Roger quickly got out of her way.” Mrs. BananaTree started to move her electric wheelchair toward the check out line.

“Wait! Mrs. BananaTree I’ll give you fifty dollars for the pumpkin pie,” said Terry.

Mrs. BananaTree looked at Terry. “Aw! How sweet. It’s gonna have to be a hundred dollars.

“Deal,” said Terry. And gave her a hundred dollars. Mrs. BananaTree handed the pumpkin pie to Terry.

“Pleasure doing business with you, Happy Thanksgiving! Mrs. BananaTree left the store.

Roger, Harry, and Terry went back to the hospital. Marvin was in the cafeteria, he placed a fresh baked apple pie on the dinner table. Marvin was wearing a dark brown apron. On the apron it said, “Happy Thanksgiving” in orange letters. Roger Harry, and Terry walked in the cafeteria.”Did you guys get the pumpkin pie?” asked Marvin.

“Yes! Where’s my raise?” asked Roger.

“Here you go,” said Marvin. And handed Roger fifty dollars.

Terry grabbed the fifty dollars out of Roger’s paw. “I bought the pumpkin pie I get the money.” Harry saw the apple pie, and ran towards the dinner table to grab a piece.

Marvin quickly stopped him. “No, Harry I just baked that apple pie you may have a piece when all our guests arrive.”

Harry was disappointed. “Aw man!” He said.

Ruby walked in the cafeteria. “The mac and cheese is done.”

“Thank you, Ruby! Looks like everything is ready for tonight,” said Marvin. At five ‘o’ clock the guests started to arrive.

Roger was in the waiting room. Suddenly two voices shouted, “Roger!” Roger looked around and saw two dogs. Roger became excited and started running towards them. It was Roger’s parents Robert and Rose.

“Mom, Dad.” Roger shouted.” Roger gave both his parents a huge hug.

”Roger we miss you!” said Roger’s Mom.

“I miss you guys, too.”

“It’s great to see you, son!” said Roger’s Dad.

“It’s great to see you too, Dad.”

“I hear you’re the best therapy dog in the world.”

“No, I’m the world’s greatest therapy dog in the world, Dad.”

Ruby showed up. “Mom, Dad, you remember my smoking hot girlfriend?

“Of course! Ruby beautiful as always,” said Roger’s Mom.

Ruby blushed. “Aw! Thank you Rose.”

“Good to see you Ruby,” said Roger’s Dad.

Ruby gave Roger’s Dad a hug. “Good to see you too, Robert!”

Another voice called for Roger. “Hey, little bro.” Roger looked and saw his brother, Rodney. Rodney had a big buff chest and big paws. “Give me a hug little bro.” Rodney wrapped his buff paws around Roger, pulled him toward his buff chest, and started to squeeze Roger with his buff paws really tight. “Oh, I missed you little bro,” said Rodney.

“I missed you to, Rodney.”

Rodney looked at Roger. “I see you got fatter.”

“No, Rodney I didn’t get fatter.”

“I got you an early Christmas gift little bro. Rodney handed Roger an envelope. Roger opened the envelope it was a one year membership to Rodney’s Ruff and Tough Gym.

“Wow1 a one year membership to your gym same as last year. Thanks, Rodney.

“Roger, I’m telling you little bro if you do my ruff and tough workout program you will see results.”

“I told you before, Rodney I’m perfectly healthy.”

Rodney took the membership out of Roger’s paws. “Fine then I’ll give it to someone who wants it.”

Rodney looked at Ruby. “You must be the gorgeous Ruby I heard so much about.” Ruby took one look at Rodney and froze like a statue when she caught a glimpse of Rodney’s buff paws and chest.

“Are you ok, Ruby?” Rodney asked. Ruby continued to not say anything.

“Ruby. Ruby.” Roger snapped his paws in front of Ruby’s face, and she became unfrozen.

“Yes! My name is Ruby. Oh I’m sorry that never happed to me before. I’m so embarrassed.”

Rodney laughed. “It’s ok, it happens to every girl that looks at my smoking hot bod.”

Ruby laughed. “Can I feel one of your paws?”

“But of course.” Rodney flexed his left paw.

Ruby felt it. “Wow! Can I please have a membership to your gym?”

“But of course, sweetheart.” Rodney handed the membership he gave Roger to Ruby. “Thanks!” Ruby handed the membership to Roger. “You need to use this, now.”

Roger’s brother, Russell arrived he was in his attorney clothes. He was wearing a dark gray suit with a black tie and a white dress shirt. He was also holding a dark brown briefcase in his left paw. “Roger, it’s good to see you!”

“Good to see you too, Russell.”

Russell’s phone started to ring. He took his phone out of his pocket. “Sorry, Roger! I have to take this.” Russell answered. “Hello? It was one of his clients. “Look, I know you didn’t bite that mailman, but I told you, you will get less time in the pound if you plead not guilty. I have to go Happy Thanksgiving! Ok, goodbye.” Russell hung up his phone. “Sorry, Roger! My work is never done.”

“It’s ok,” said Roger.

Russell looked at Ruby. “This must be the beautiful Ruby I heard so much about.”


“Wag your tail twice if you're being held against your will.” Russell and Ruby both laughed. “Just kidding, Roger.”

“Ha, ha, very funny.” Roger pretended to laugh, but he didn’t think Russell’s joke was funny.

“Hey, Russell! How’s it going?” asked Rodney.

“I’m good! Rodney how’s everything going at your gym?”

“Everything is going great! Did you see how fat Roger got?”

“Yeah! He so fat when he plays fetch. He takes the stick and deep fries it in sugar and eats it.” Rodney and Russell both laughed.

“Oh, I missed you guys so much,” said Roger sarcastically. Roger felt a tap on his back. Roger turned around, and saw his little sister, Rachel.

“Hey big brother!” Rachel gave Roger a huge hug.

“It’s so great to see you, Rachel. How’s your photography business going?”

“It’s going great! Rachel pulled out her camera. Rachel and Roger took a selfie together. The picture popped out of the camera. Roger and Rachel looked at the picture. “That’s a keeper!” said Rachel. She put the picture in her picture book. Roger introduced Rachel to Ruby. Rachel gave Ruby a huge hug. “It’s so nice to finally meet you, Ruby. You're so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Rachel so are you!”

Leonard K. Cat, Lucy, and the other therapy cats showed up. Leonard was pushing Lucy’s Grandma in a wheelchair. Lucy’s Grandma is so old she thinks she’s a dog. Lucy’s Grandma screamed at Leonard K. Cat. “STOP PUSHING ME YOU STUPID CAT!”

“I married your granddaughter and she’s a beautiful cat,” said Leonard.

Lucy’s Grandma became angry. “How dare you my, granddaughter is a beautiful dog.” Leonard’s Mom, Lola K. Cat was walking next to Leonard, she was carrying a big bowl of her delicious tuna casserole.

“Hey Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Mutt we are here for Thanksgiving dinner.”

“I’m glad you're here,” said Roger.

“I know that was a lie you therapy mutt.” Leonard introduced Roger to his mother. “Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Mutt this is my mother Lola K. Cat.”

“Hello, Roger nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too Leonard’s Mom.”

“Oh, please hun call me, Lola.”

Two police dogs showed up it was Officer Dale DogBone and Officer Walter Wags. “Officer Dale DogBone and Officer Walter Wags. What are you guys doing here?”

“Are you here to arrest, Roger for being fat?” asked Rodney.

“It’s ok, Roger! I’ll be your attorney it will cost you a million dollars,” said Russell. Shut up, Russell!” said Roger.

“Ok, a thousand dollars because we’re family.”

“We’re here for Thanksgiving dinner,” Officer Wags.

Officer “DogBone “I baked a blueberry pie,” said Officer DogBone. He was holding the pie in his paws.

Marvin walked in the waiting room. “Hey, everyone! Thanksgiving dinner is ready.

In the cafeteria everyone was sitting at the dinner table. All the therapy dogs sat on the left side of the table. All the therapy cats sat on the right side. Roger sat next to Ruby. Harry sat next to his date, Hazel the beautiful black lab. Terry sat next to his girlfriend, Tami.”Before we eat lets go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. Since this is Roger’s first Thanksgiving with us he can go first,” said Marvin.

“Thank you, Marvin. I am thankful for my family and friends, and my beautiful girlfriend, Ruby.

Ruby blushed. “Oh babe, I love you!”

“I love you too, babe” Roger gave Ruby a kiss.

“Oh, babe! I think I’m going to be sick,” said Rodney. Russell pulled his left paw towards his mouth, and pretended to throw up.

“Well, Rodney! What are you thankful for?” asked Roger.

“I’m thankful for my smoking hot bod.”

Ruby stared at Rodney’s buff paws and chest. “So am I.”

“Ruby,” said Roger.

“Sorry babe! But it’s true.”

“I’m thankful for criminals because if criminals didn’t exist I wouldn’t be the richest dog attorney in the world!” said Russell.

“I’m thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful that Hazel agreed to be my date tonight,” said Harry.

“Oh Harry, I’m happy to be your date tonight,” said Hazel

“I have an important question to ask you, Hazel.”

“What is it, Harry?”

“Will you be my girlfriend so we can on many more dates together?”

Harry smiled.“Oh Harry! I would love to be your girlfriend! Hazel gave Harry a kiss.” Everyone started clapping their paws together.

“Way to go Harry!” said Roger.

“It’s about time,” said Harry’s Mom.

“Congratulations, Harry! That reminds me.” Terry looked at his girlfriend, Tami. “Oh Tami we have been together for a few years now.”

Leonard looked at Tami and whispered to Lucy. “Wow! Tami looks hot and delicious they need to hurry this up I’m getting hungry.”

“Be quiet, Leonard,” said Lucy.

“Tami, when I met you I thought you had the cutest gobble I ever heard. Terry held up a small black ring box in his wing and opened it. In the box there was a beautiful engagement ring. “Tami, will you marry me?”

Tami had a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. “Oh, Terry! Of course I’ll marry you!”

“Gobble, gobble, gobble. I love you Tami you make me the happiest turkey in the world! Gobble, gobble, gobble.” Terry gave Tami a kiss. Everyone started clapping their paws again.

“That is so beautiful can we eat now?” asked Leonard.

Everyone started eating. “Wow! Terry this turkey is delicious. “Where did you get it?” asked Marvin.

“Oh I just got it at the grocery store.” Terry whispered to the turkey. “See what happens when you don’t pay me my fifty dollars cousin, Tom?”

Rodney was eating a salad. “Is that all you're eating, Rodney?” asked Russell.

“I had a few protein dog treats before dinner,” said Rodney.

Lucy’s Grandma was eating mash potatoes. “You know back in my day we didn’t have Thanksgiving dinner with cats,” she said.

Roger was eating corn on the cob. “You know you’re a cat right?”

Lucy’s Grandma became mad. ”Shut up, you stupid cat.”

Officer Dale DaleBone was eating Leonard”s Mom’s tuna casserole.’’ Mrs. Lola K. Cat I’m afraid we’re going to have to place you under arrest because this tuna casserole is delicious.”

“Thank you! she said.

“Hey, Lola K. Cat we arrested your son one time for stealing a truck full of cat food,” said Officer Wags.

”I thought you two looked familiar,” said Leonard. Clarence had a big bowl of tuna casserole he shoved his head in the bowl, and started eating.

“Clarance, don’t eat like that you're a cat not a pig,” said Leonard’s Mom.

Clarence got his head out of the bowl. “Sorry, Aunt Lola.”

Leonard was rubbing his belly. “Wow I’m stuffed! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thankful for you therapy mutts.”

“We’re thankful for you too Leonard, I guess.”

Marvin’s Mom was eating her pumpkin pie. “Are you enjoying your pumpkin pie Mom?” asked Marvin.

“It’s delicious, Marvin! I think it’s better than your apple pie.”

Marvin laughed. “I don’t think so it won the Care City pie contest last year.”

“Hey, would you like to try a piece of my blueberry pie?” asked Officer DogBone.

“Sure,” said Marvin’s Mom. She took a small bite of the blueberry pie. “Wow that’s really good!”

“Thank you, it won the police department pie contest three years in a row.”

“Well, it’s my new favorite pie. Marvin throw this pumpkin pie in the garbage.”

“Ok, Mom.” Marvin threw the pumpkin in the garbage.


Harry’s Mom shouted “HARRY!”

“Sorry, Mother,” said Harry.

Roger’s parents were getting along great with Ruby’s parents. Harvey the female black therapy cat was sitting across from Coco the therapy dog. “Hey, Coco can you pass me the bowl of mash potatoes?”

“Sure, Harvey! Coco passed the bowl of mash potatoes to Harvey. Harvey put some mash potatoes on her plate.

Harvey ate a spoonful of mash potatoes. “Theses are good, but they need some cat nip.” Harvey had a pepper shaker full of catnip she sprinkled the catnip all over her mash potatoes. She ate another spoonful. “That’s better.”

Roger’s son RJ was sitting across from Leonard’s son Lenny K. Kitten they were texting each other on their phones. RJ texted “This food is so good!”

Lenny texted back “I know!”

Roger’s little sister placed her camera on a tripod. “Hey, everyone I want to take a picture for my picture book.” She set her camera on a timer and sat back down at the table. Everyone smiled at the camera. The picture came out great. Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog had the World’s Greatest Thanksgiving with his family and friends!


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  • Daphsam4 months ago

    Very cute creative story.

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