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Detetive Hosancarrot 4: Detective Hosancarrot Meets Riley the Evil Rabbit Princess

Volume 1 Story 4

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 4 months ago 25 min read

In the Cold Carrot Kingdom it is freezing and snowing. In the Cold Carrot Kingdom the carrots are so cold if you take one bite, you will immediately get frost bite. King Jean and Queen Michele were having dinner in their ice castle with their daughter Riley. They were all sitting around the dinner table eating.

“I don’t understand why I have to eat a salad I’m a king I deserve a meal fit for a king,” cried King Jean.

“It’s a salad fit for a king,” said Queen Michele.

“The salad would be a lot better if there was chicken and french fries in it.” complained King Jean.

“The salad is fine eat it.” King Jean ate his salad, but he wasn’t happy about it.

“How was your day, Riley?” Riley was sitting across from Michele texting on her phone ignoring her mother.

“Riley your mother asked you a question,” said King Jean.

Riley looked up from her phone. “What?”

“How was your day?” Michele asked again.

“Good!” said Riley.

King Jean stared “Riley, I told you I don’t want you texting at the dinner table. Who were you texting anyway?”

Riley put her phone down and stared back. “My boyfriend, Sal.”

“You have a boyfriend named, Sal? Michelle did you know about this?”

“Yes!” said Queen Michele

“Riley your only thirteen you're too young to have a boyfriend.”

“Dad he’s really nice, and he’s coming over for dinner in a few minutes.”

“Will see about that.”

There was a knock on the door. King Jean got up to answer it When King Jean opened the door, Riley’s boyfriend, Sal was standing on the doorstep holding red roses.

“Who are you?” King Jean wanted to know.

“Hi, King Jean, I’m here for dinner.”

King Jean became mad. “Get out of here you’re not allowed to date my daughter.”

“But my mom made her famous homemade macaroni and cheese.” Saul held up a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

“Famous homemade macaroni and cheese? Let me try it.” King Jean grabbed the bowl of macaroni and cheese from Saul, and put a spoonful of macaroni and cheese in his mouth. He slowly chewed and swallowed the macaroni and cheese.“Wow! That’s really good!”

“Thank you, King Jean,” said Sal.

King Jean took another spoonful of macaroni and cheese. “Your still not allowed to date my daughter, but have your mother send me her macaroni and cheese recipe.” King Jean slammed the door closed in Sal’s face.

“Dad!” Riley got up from the dinner table, and reopened the door. “Hey, Sal I’m sorry about my dad everyone calls him Jean the mean king.”

“No one calls me that, Riley.”

“Yes, everyone calls you that honey,” said Queen Michele.

“Not now, Michele.”

Sal looked at Riley. “Wow Riley you look really beautiful.”

“Thanks, Sal!” Riley blushed.

“Yeah she’s really beautiful because I made her. Get out of here Sal, but please have your mom send me her macaroni and cheese recipe.” King Jean slammed the door closed in Sal’s face again.

Riley became angry. “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

“Riley I told you you’re not old enough to date.

“I can’t wait to become queen of the kingdom because when I do, things will be different around here.”

Meanwhile at HoundDog’s evil dog boned shaped lair. HoundDog was sitting in a chair thinking about a new evil plan. “I have a new evil plan. I’m going to freeze the king and queen of the Cold Carrot Kingdom with my freeze ray gun, and become the new king of the kingdom. Once I take over the Cold Carrot Kingdom I will take over the world, and Detective Hosancarrot won’t be able to stop me.”

Later that night HoundDog went to the Cold Carrot Kingdom. He walked towards the ice castle. There were two guards standing outside the castle. All the guards were rabbits made of snow.

“Who are you?” One guard asked HoundDog.

“Hi my name is HoundDog! I’m here to see King Jean and Queen Michelle.”

“Sorry, Mr. HoundDog the King and Queen are busy right now.”

“Are you really a HoundDog?” said one of the guards.

“No I’m actually a rabbit in a robot dog suit. Can I please see the king and queen it’s very important?”

The two guards looked at each other. “Alright, Mr. HoundDog you can come in, but make it quick,” said one of the guards.

“Thank you quick is my middle name.”

HoundDog walked in the ice castle. King Jean and Queen Michelle were sitting on their thrones in their living room watching their favorite TV show, The Rich Rabbit was a sitcom about a rabbit who has a lot of money and he lives in a big mansion. It was a very funny show. HoundDog walked in the living room.

King Jean looked at HoundDog. “Who are you? What do you want? You’re interrupting our favorite show.”

“I’m HoundDog.” HoundDog looked at the TV “The Rich Rabbit that’s my favorite show too.

“Are you a real dog?” asked King Jean.

HoundDog became annoyed. “No I’m actually a rabbit in a robot dog suit. I have a gift for two.”

”I love gifts what is it?” asked Queen Michele.

HoundDog had his freeze ray gun in his hands. “It’s a freeze ray gun,” said HoundDog.

King Jean laughed. “We don’t need a freeze ray gun we have the power to freeze things with our hands allow me to show you.” King Jean fired a dark blue laser beam out of the palm of his right hand. The laser beam zapped one of the guards. The guard was frozen like a statue. “What do you think of that Mr. HoundDog? asked King Jean.

“That is cool, but not as cool as my freeze ray gun.” HoundDog quickly fired his freeze ray gun at King Jean and Queen Michelle. A dark blue laser beam zapped both of them. King Jean and Queen Michelle were frozen. HoundDog stared at King Jean and Queen Michelle “You two look stressed I think you both need to take a chill pill.” HoundDog laughed.

Riley was in her bedroom talking to her boyfriend Sal on the phone. “I’m sorry, my dad was such a jerk, babe.”

“It’s ok sweetheart. At least he liked my mom’s mac and cheese.

Riley heard HoundDog laughing in the living room and wondered what was going on. “I have to go babe, I love you.” Riley went down stairs to the living room to see what was going on.

Riley walked in the living room. She saw HoundDog and she saw that her parents were frozen. “Who are you? And what did you do to my parents?”

HoundDog looked at Riley. “Hi I’m HoundDog. I froze your parents with my freeze ray gun. HoundDog pointed the gun at Riley. Here let me show you how it works.”

Before HoundDog could fire his gun Riley fired a dark blue laser beam out of the palm of her right hand. The dark blue laser beam hit HoundDog’s hands. HoundDog’s hands and feet were frozen.

“Ow I can’t feel my hands and feet who are you?” cried HoundDog.

“I’m Princess Riley and before I freeze your whole body I have one question to ask you. Are you a real dog?”

HoundDog became really mad. “No I’m actually a rabbit in a robot dog suit. I’m so tired of explaining that to everyone.”

Riley froze the rest of HoundDog’s body. Riley looked at her parents. “Don’t worry Mom and Dad I’ll find a way to get you unfrozen.”

One of the guards ran in the living room. “Princess Riley are you ok?”

“No!” Riley pointed to HoundDog. “That guy froze my parents so I froze him.”

“It’s ok, Princess Riley will find a way to unfreeze your parents. I think we should call Detective Hosancarrot.”

At the Scott Safety Detective Company Hosancarrot was at his desk looking at his computer. One of the detectives walked towards Hosancarrot. “Hey Hosancarrot what are you doing on the computer?”

“Hey, Garret! I’m just checking my BunnyBook.”

“That’s cool! How’s your wife, Tiffany doing?”

“She’s good!”

“That’s good!”

“She’s really hot.”

“I know that’s why I married her.”

“Your one lucky rabbit, Hosancarrot. I wanted to ask you a very important question.”

Hosancarrot stared at Garret. “What is it Garret?”

“Can I be your partner?

Hosancarrot was silent for a second. “Maybe.”

“Come on, I think we would make a great team. Garret and Hosancarrot or Hosancarrot and Garret.”

“I’ll think about it Garret.”

“Ok, Hosancarrot have a great day.”

“Thanks, Garret you too.”

Scott Safety yelled from his office. “Detective Hosancarrot I need to see you in my office, now.”

Hosancarrot walked in Scott Safety’s office and sat down in front of his desk. “What’s up?” asked Hosancarrot.

Scott stared at Hosancarrot. “HoundDog froze the king and queen of the Cold Carrot Kingdom with his freeze ray gun. Then HoundDog became frozen by the king and queen’s daughter Princess Riley.”

“How did Princess Riley freeze HoundDog?” asked Hosancarrot.

“She has the power to freeze things with her hands.”

“That’s really cool.”

“I know right? I need you to go to the Cold Carrot Kingdom and bring her parents and HoundDog back here so we can figure out a way to unfreeze them.”

“I’m on it.”

“Good!” said Scott and took a sip of his coffee.

Hosancarrot looked at his coffee mug. “I see you like the coffee mug I got you for Christmas.”

The coffee mug is solid white and says “World’s Best Bunny Boss.”

Scott Safety took another sip of his coffee. “Yes! I love my coffee mug. I really am the World’s Best Bunny Boss.”

Hosancarrot took a jet to the Cold Carrot Kingdom. On the jet Hosancarrot looked out the window and saw all the big puffy white clouds. “How long til we get to the Cold Carrot Kingdom?” Hosancarrot asked the flight attendant.

“Fourteen hours,” said the flight attendant.

“Ok that’s not so bad.”

“Would you like any snacks?”

“Yes! I’ll take some honey roasted peanuts, please.”

“Sorry, Detective Hosancarrot we don’t have any.”

Hosancarrot became upset. “This is gonna be a long flight,” cried Hosancarrot.

When the jet landed in the Cold Carrot Kingdom Hosancarrot took a cab and went to the king and queen’s ice castle. When Hosancarrot got to the ice castle. He got out of the cab. There was a guard standing in front of the castle. “Welcome to the Cold Carrot Kingdom Detective Hosancarrot!” said the guard.

“Thanks I’m happy to be here!”

The guard had a carrot in his hand. “Detective Hosancarrot take this carrot as a gift.”

Hosancarrot grabbed the carrot. “Thanks, I’m starving.” Hosancarrot took one bite of the carrot. The carrot was so cold he couldn’t feel his tongue. “Help, help! I can’t feel my tongue!” cried Hosancarrot. The guard handed Hosancarrot a mug of hot chocolate. Hosancarrot took a big sip. “Ah much better.”

Hosancarrot followed the guard into the castle. As they were walking Hosancarrot looked at the guard. “I never saw a rabbit made of snow before.”

The guard laughed. “Yes all the guards all made of snow.

“Wow that’s really cool!”

“I know right,” said the guard.

The guard took Hosancarrot to the living room where the king, queen, and HoundDog were frozen like statues. Riley was in the living room sitting on a couch made of ice.

The guard introduced Riley to Hosancarrot. “Princess Riley this is Detective Hosancarrot. Riley and Hosancarrot shook hands.

“Detective Hosancarrot it’s so nice to meet you I’ve had such a terrible day.”

“Oh, you're telling me first my jet didn’t have honey roasted peanuts than the cab driver that brought me here wanted fifty dollars. Now tell me what happened.”

Riley pointed to HoundDog. “That guy froze my parents with his freeze ray gun because he wanted to rule the kingdom.”

“Yes HoundDog he’s one of my arch enemies.”

As Riley and Hosancarrot were talking Riley’s boyfriend Sal showed up. He ran towards her and gave her a kiss.

“Aw, babe! I heard the terrible news about your parents, I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks, babe!” said Riley.

“Who are you?” Hosancarrot wanted to know.

“Detective Hosancarrot this is my boyfriend, Sal.”

“How are you, Detective Hosancarrot? Nice to meet you.” Hosancarrot and Sal shook hands. Sal was holding a small container in his other hand.

“What’s in that small container?” Hosancarrot asked.

“Oh, my mom made homemade macaroni and cheese.”

Hosancarrot got really excited. “Homemade macaroni and cheese! Can I have a bite? I’m starving.”

“Sure.” Sal hand Hosancarrot the container and a spoon. Hosancarrot pulled the lid off of the container, and stuck his spoon into the macaroni and cheese.

Hosancarrot took a bite. “Oh, this mac and cheese is so good.” He took another bite. “Oh this is so cheesy.” He took another bite and another. Hosancarrot gave the container back to Sal it was empty. “Thanks for the mac and cheese. Email me your mom’s recipe.”

“Sure, Detective Hosancarrot!” Sal promised.

“How are you going to unfreeze my parents?” Riley asked.

“Well, I have to take them with me so the scientists at the detective company can figure that out.”

“No! Please don’t take my parents, take HoundDog instead.”

“Ok. Don’t worry Princess Riley will unfreeze your parents.”

“Thank you, Detective Hosancarrot.” Hosancarrot took HoundDog and left.

“Well, Princess Riley since your parents are frozen you are now the queen of the kingdom,” said the guard.

Riley suddenly became happy. “Queen? Did you hear that Sal?”

“Yes, does that mean I’m the king?”

“Yes! Riley pulled out her cellphone. Riley and Sal took a picture together. Riley posted the picture on her BunnyBook with the caption Long live Queen Riley and King Sal.

When Hosancarrot got back to BunnyTale City he dropped HoundDog off at the detective company and went home to his wife Tiffany. Hosancarrot walked in his house.

Tiffany walked towards Hosancarrot and gave him a hug in a kiss. “Did you have a good day?” Tiffany asked.

“HoundDog froze the king and queen of the Cold Carrot Kingdom. Then HoundDog got frozen by the princess of the Cold Carrot Kingdom, but other than that I had a great day.”

“Hosancarrot, you need to talk to your son.”

“Why? What did he do?”

“He failed his math test and I think you need to talk to him about the bunnies and the bees.

Hosancarrot had a huge smile on his face. “Are you saying my son finally has a girlfriend?


“Awesome I’ve been waiting for this day since the he was born.”

“And he failed his math test.” Tiffany reminded Hosancarrot.

“Oh, I don’t care about that I failed math tests all the time when I was his age.”

“This is the third math test he has failed.”

“Maybe the teacher doesn’t know how to do math.”

“Hosancarrot, the teachers name is Mr. MathBunny.”

“Well, math doesn’t matter right now. The only thing that matters is my son has a girlfriend.”

Hosancarrot’s son was now thirteen years old. Hosancarrot Junior was in his room sitting on his bed. There was a knock on his bedroom door. “Come in!” said Junior.

Hosancarrot opened the door and walked in the room. “Hey son, how was your day” today?”

“Hey Dad, my day was good.”

Hosancarrot sat down on the bed next to his son. “Anything, you want to tell me?”

“Yeah, I failed my math test today for the third time.”

“Yeah your mom told me about that. I failed lots of math tests when I was your age and look how I turned out. I’m the best detective in BunnyTale City. Your mom also told me you have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, her name is Hannah we met in math class.”

“That’s my boy! Give me a high five.” Junior gave Hosancarrot a high five.

“Which pickup line did you use?” Hosancarrot wanted to know.

“I said there’s one math problem I know how to solve you plus me equals true love.”

“That’s awesome son, I’m so proud of you! I think we should talk about the bunnies and the bees.”

“Dad, I know all about the bunnies and the bees.”

“You do?”

Junior smiled. “Yeah, I got an A in that class.”

Hosancarrot laughed. “Just like your old man. Bring Hannah to dinner tomorrow night so your mother and I could meet her.”

“Ok, I will she’ll be so excited to meet you guys.”

“Good will be so excited to meet her. Hosancarrot stood up from his son’s bed. “Who knows maybe she will be your wife one day, and you”ll have a son named Hosancarrot the third.”

“Maybe.” said Junior.

“Goodnight, son! I love you!”

“Goodnight, Dad I love you too!”

The next day Hosancarrot and all the other detectives were having a meeting. They were all sitting around a big table. Scott Safety was sitting at the right end of the table. “So does anyone have any idea how we can unfreeze the king and queen of the Cold Carrot Kingdom?” asked Scott.

“Well, we have a Hot Chocolate Gun, but I don’t think the hot chocolate would be warm enough to unfreeze the king and queen,” said one of the scientists.

“Wait a minute! We have a Hot Chocolate Gun?” asked Hosancarrot.

“Yes!” said the scientist.

A gun that shoots hot chocolate?” Hosancarrot asked again.

“Yes!” The scientist repeated again.

Hosancarrot was shocked. “You mean to tell me all theses years I’ve been using a regular gun when I could have been shooting villains with delicious hot chocolate?”

“Yes!” The scientist said for the last time.

“Dude, you have to give me a Hot Chocolate Gun, right now!”

“Ok!” The scientist gave Hosancarrot a Hot Chocolate Gun.

Hosancarrot looked at the Hot Chocolate Gun. “Awesome all I need now is a Marshmallow gun for my hot chocolate.”

The scientist put a Marshmallow Gun on the table.

Hosancarrot became even more shocked. “Dude, you got to be kidding me!”

“What other ideas do you have?” Scott Safety asked.

“Well, we can build a Heat Ray Gun, but it will take some time to build.”

“Ok, sounds good start building a heat ray gun, right away.”

“Yes, sir!” said the scientist.

Later that night Junior brought his girlfriend Hannah to dinner. Hannah was sitting next to Junior. Hosancarrot was sitting next to Tiffany. They were eating spaghetti and meatballs. “This is the best spaghetti and meatballs I have ever tasted Junior’s mom.”

“Thank you Hannah!”

“You don’t have to lie Hannah this is the worst spaghetti I have ever tasted,” said Hosancarrot. Tiffany looked at Hosancarrot.

Hosancarrot laughed. “I’m just kidding honey you know I married you because you're beautiful and a great cook.” Hosancarrot gave Tiffany a kiss.

Junior took a sip of water. “Your spaghetti is delicious, Mom!”

“Thank you, Junior. “So Hannah are you any good at math?” asked Tiffany.

“Yes, I got A’s on all my math tests.”

“Oh, yeah I have a math problem for you what is 11 x 11?” Hosancarrot asked.


“Wow! beautiful and smart she’s a keeper, Junior.”

“Thanks, Dad!”

“Hannah, would you be able to tutor Junior in math.” Tiffany asked.

“Sure, I’ll make sure he’ll get an A in math.”

“Thanks, Hannah!”

“I’ll also make sure he’ll get an in math and for being the best boyfriend ever!”

Junior looked at Hannah “Your the best girlfriend ever I love you!”

“I love you too Junior!”

“Who wants carrot cake? asked” Tiffany.

Everyone sitting at the dinner table said “I do.” Tiffany gave everyone a piece of carrot cake. Everyone stared eating.

“Hey Junior’s Dad, I have a math problem for you to solve,” said Hannah.

“What is it?” Hosancarrot asked.

“What is 12 x 12?”

Hosancarrot thought about it for a second. ” OW! My brain hurts no math at the dinner table,” cried Hosancarrot. Hannah, Junior, and Tiffany laughed.

“I’m serious, I really suck at math,” said Hosancarrot.

The next day in the Cold Carrot Kingdom Princess Riley was now Queen Riley. She was sitting on her throne her boyfriend Sal was sitting on the throne next to her. Riley was looking at her phone. “Babe, I just ordered our crowns online they should be here in a few days.

“Awesome, babe!”

One of the snow rabbits was making an ice sculpture that looked like Riley. Riley starred at the ice sculpture. “Sir, I want you to melt that sculpture, and start over.

“But Princess, Riley I’ve been working on this sculpture for eight hours.”

“Excuse me! I’m Queen Riley now, and I command you to melt the sculpture and start over!” Riley pointed at the sculpture. “I would not wear that ice dress with those ice shoes.” “Sorry, Queen Riley! I’ll start over right away.” The snow rabbit melted the ice sculpture, and started making another one.

“Thank you! I want to have a party tonight to celebrate being queen.”

“That’s a great idea babe!” said Sal.

Later that night Riley had a big party with her friends from high school. Music was blasting in the ice castle. Riley was dancing with her friends. Even Riley’s pet polar bear SnowGlobe was dancing. Everyone was eating snow cones and drinking carrot juice.

“This is a great party, Riley!” said Riley’s friend.

“Thanks!” said Riley. Suddenly Riley’s friend’s started chanting “Long Live Queen Riley!” Riley was so happy she was queen, but she knew she was not going to be queen forever unless she stopped Detective Hosancarrot from unfreezing her parents.

The next day at the Scott Safety Detective Company the scientist who was building the Heat Ray Gun walked towards Hosancarrot. “Hey Detective Hosancarrot I finished building the Heat Ray Gun.” The scientist was holding the Heat Ray Gun.

“Wow! That was fast! I thought you said it would take some time to build a heat ray gun.”

“Yeah! Well, it turns out we already built one months ago to get summer tans.” The scientist pointed the heat ray gun at his face, and pulled the trigger. A bright orange laser beam fired out of the gun and zapped the scientist’s face. The fur on the scientist’s face turned light brown. “With this heat ray gun my summer body will be ready to go!”

“Let’s go unfreeze, HoundDog,” said Hosancarrot. Hosancarrot and the scientist walked into a room where HoundDog stood frozen like a statue. The scientist handed Hosancarrot the Heat Ray Gun. “I’ll let you do the honors Detective Hosancarrot.” Hosancarrot pointed the gun at HoundDog and pulled the trigged. A bright orange laser beam fired out of the gun and zapped HoundDog.

HoundDog became unfrozen he was shivering. “Where am I? What’s going on? “Where am I?” HoundDog demanded to know.

Hosancarrot hand cuffed HoundDog behind his back. “HoundDog, you are under arrest for freezing the king and queen of the Cold Carrot Kingdom.”

“Come on, Hosancarrot! Give me a break. Can you at least give me hot chocolate?” Hosancarrot took HoundDog to his cell. Inside the cell HoundDog was sitting on a bench. Hosancarrot handed HoundDog a cup of hot chocolate.

HoundDog grabbed the cup and looked down at the hot chocolate. “What no marshmallows?” HoundDog asked.

“Just drink it,” said Hosancarrot.

HoundDog took a sip of the hot chocolate and quickly spit it out of his mouth. “Ew! You made this hot chocolate with water haven’t you ever heard of milk?

“Shut up, HoundDog! I have to get to the Cold Carrot Kingdom and unfreeze the king and queen. I hope the flight has honey roasted peanuts this time.” Hosancarrot locked the jail cell.

Hosancarrot took a jet to the Cold Carrot Kingdom and ate honey roasted peanuts during the flight. When Hosancarrot got to the ice castle one of the guards was standing outside. “Welcome back, Detective Hosancarrot Queen Riley is in the living room, said the guard. Hosancarrot walked into the castle. Riley was sitting on her ice throne taking selfies.

Her boyfriend Sal was sitting next to her. “I can’t wait for my crown to get here!”

Hosancarrot walked into the living room. “Hello, Princess Riley.”

“Hello, Detective Hosancarrot my name is Queen Riley now why are you here?”

“I have a Heat Ray Gun to unfreeze your parents.”

“Great can I see it?”

“Sure.” Hosancarrot gave Riley the Heat Ray Gun. Riley froze the gun in the palm of her hand. “Hey what did you do that for?”

“I’m sorry, Detective Hosancarrot, but I like being queen.” Riley shouted “GUAEDS!” Hosancarrot quickly became surrounded by rabbits made of snow. “Take, Detective Hosancarrot to the ice dungeon.”

“Your not queen you don’t even have a crown,” said Hosancarrot.

“Queen Riley you got a package in the mail today,” said one of the guards.

“Give it to me!” Riley demanded. The guard handed Riley the package. She opened it and pulled out the crown she ordered online a few days ago. Riley put the crown on her head. “Well looks like I’m officially a queen now.”

“Hey where’s my crown?” Riley’s boyfriend Sal wanted to know.

“Oh, your crown is right here.” Riley froze Sal with her powers. “Thanks for letting me use your debit card babe,” said Riley. “Let’s go to the Scott Safety Detective Company. I want to fly the ice jet.”

“Queen Riley, you can’t fly the ice jet you're only 16 years old,” said one of the guards.

“Yes! I can I have my learners permit.”

Hosancarrot was taken to the ice dungeon. Two guards pushed Hosancarrot into the dungeon, and locked the big ice door behind him. “Can I get some honey roasted peanuts?”

“It’s an ice dungeon not a five star restaurant,” said one of the guards.

“Ok, can you at least turn on the heat?”

“What part of ice dungeon do you not understand,” said the guard?

“Wow for a rabbit made of snow you're pretty hot headed.”

“Shut up, before I come in there and make you shut up.”

Hosancarrot didn’t know how he was going to get out of the dungeon he thought for an hour. then he remembered he had the Hot Chocolate Gun in his pocket. The dungeon door opened one of the guards walked in with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, with no sprinkles. “Dinner!” said the guard.

Hosancarrot pointed the gun at the guard and pulled the trigger. Hot chocolate shot out of the gun and hit the guard. “Ow! The hot chocolate is so hot and delicious,” cried the guard. The guard melted.

The other guard walked into the dungeon. “Is everything ok in here?” Hosancarrot pointed the gun at the guard. The guard raised his arms in the air. “Don’t shoot I’ll do whatever you want.” Hosancarrot locked the guard in the dungeon. “Don’t lock me in here the only thing there is to eat is vanilla ice cream without sprinkles. Who eats vanilla ice cream without sprinkles?”

Hosancarrot walked towards the front door of the castle. “Stop!” A voice shouted. Hosancarrot turned around and pointed the gun. It was a polar bear.

“It’s ok Detective Hosancarrot I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m SnowGlobe Riley’s pet polar bear she got me for her 16th birthday. I want to help you stop, Riley.”

“Ok!” said Hosancarrot.

Hosancarrot and SnowGlobe flew back to BunnyTale City on a jet and ate honey roasted peanuts. When the jet landed Hosancarrot and SnowGlobe went to the detective company. At the detective company Scott Safety and all the detectives were frozen. Hosancarrot and SnowGlobe walked into Scott Safety’s office. Riley was sitting behind his desk taking selfies with her phone. “Ah! Detective Hosancarrot I was wondering when you were going to show up. What selfie do you think I should post on my BunnyBook?”

“I think you should post the selfie with you behind bars.”

“Oh that was a nice burn, Hosancarrot,” said SnowGlobe.

“Thanks!” said Hosancarrot.

Riley became angry. “Oh you think that was a nice burn SnowGlobe? Here let me freeze it.” Riley froze SnowGlobe. “I wanted a car for my 16th birthday not a polar bear.”

Hosancarrot pointed the Hot Chocolate Gun at Riley. “Taste hot chocolate.” Hosancarrot pulled trigger, but the gun was empty. “Dang, I knew I shouldn’t have drank the hot chocolate on the jet.”

Riley laughed. “Say freeze.” Suddenly a dark blue laser beam hit Riley, and she was frozen. Hosancarrot looked around and saw Detective Garret.

“Garret, what are you doing here?”

“When Riley got here I hid in the broom closet.”

“Thanks, for freezing, Riley, you really saved my life.”

“No problem, Hosancarrot if you ever need a partner I’m here!”

“I would really appreciate a partner.”

Hosancarrot unfroze Scott Safety and the detectives. Hosancarrot took Riley back to the Cold Carrot Kingdom. He unfroze Riley’s parents. Riley’s parents unfroze Riley and locked her in the ice dungeon. “Let me out of here the only thing in here to eat is vanilla ice cream without sprinkles. Who eats vanilla ice cream without sprinkles?” said Riley.


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