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Detective Hosancarrot 3: Detective Hosancarrot Meets King Leroy the Evil Shape Shifting Vampire Rabbit King

Volume 1 Story 3

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 4 months ago 25 min read

It was Saturday, and Hosancarrot was at his house spending time with his beautiful wife Tiffany, and his handsome son Hosancarrot Junior. It was a very important day because it was Hosancarrot Junior’s twelfth birthday. Hosancarrot and Tiffany were setting up tables and chairs for the party in the backyard. There was a knock at the door. ” I’ll get it,” said Hosancarrot. He walked over to the door and opened it. “Hello!” said Hosancarrot.

Scott Safety was standing outside” Hey, Detective Hosancarrot!”

”Hey, Scott! come in!” Scott walked in the house.

Hosancarrot gave Scott a hug. ”Thanks for letting me take the day off so I can help with Junior’s party, how was everything at the Detective Company today?”

”Good! The Detective Company hasn’t been that busy ever since HoundDog disappeared.”

“Well, that’s good!”

It’s been twelve years since Hosancarrot stopped HoundDog and The Hypno Hare from taking over the world. Hosancarrot and the other detectives haven’t been able to find him.

” HoundDog, is hiding somewhere, will find him some day,” said Hosancarrot.

Junior saw Scott Safety and shouted “Grandpa!”

” There’s my favorite grandson,” said Scott.

Junior ran toward Scott and gave him a big hug.

” Happy birthday!” said Scott.

” Thanks, Grandpa! “

“Your welcome! Hey I have a present for you!

Junior got really excited.” What is it?”

Scott Safety handed him a bag.” Reach into the bag, and find out what it is.”

Junior put his hand in the bag, and pulled out a video game. Junior’s eyes got really big.” Wow! This is the video game I wanted, Bunny Brawl 2. Thanks Grandpa!”

“ You're welcome, my favorite grandson.”

” Dad, you know I don’t want him to play those kinds of video games,” said Tiffany.

”Come on, Tiffany it’s very educational It will teach how to fight.”

” I don’t want my son to be a fighter. She walked over to Scott Safety gave him a kiss on the cheek ” Thanks Dad!

All of Junior’s friends showed up for the party. Junior was laughing and playing with all his friends, he was having a great time at his party.” Ok! Everyone go to the backyard where gonna have cake and sing happy birthday,” said Tiffany.

In the backyard all of Junior’s friends sat around a big rectangular shaped table, Junior sat at the end, he was wearing a birthday party hat on top of his head. Tiffany carried the birthday cake outside, and set it on the table. Junior and his friends stared the cake. It was carrot cake, it had bright orange frosting with five blue candles on top. Tiffany lit the candles, and everyone started to sing happy birthday. ” Blow out the candles, son, and make a wish,” said Hosancarrot Junior blew out the candles, and everyone had piece of cake. Everyone was having a great time at the party. Then one of the bunnies had an allergic reaction to the carrot cake, and Hosancarrot had to call an ambulance. The bunny’s name was Nathan.

At night Junior was in his bedroom getting ready for bed. Hosancarrot walked in the room.” Did you have a good birthday, son?”

” It was the best birthday ever!”

Hosancarrot smiled. ” I’m glad! You have one more birthday present to open.” Hosancarrot was holding a small box it was covered in dark blue wrapping paper, and it had a dark red bow on top. Junior untied the red bow, and took the lid of the box off. Then he put his hand in the box, and pulled out a magnifying glass.

Junior stared at it. ” Wow a magnifying glass!”

” It’s not just any magnifying glass, look through it.”

When Junior looked through the magnifying glass he was able to see through any object. He looked at Hosancarrot and saw his skeleton. ” Wow this is awesome!” Junior gave Hosancarrot a hug.

” I love it thank you, Dad.”

” You're welcome, son just don’t take to school. I don’t want to get a call from the principal that you were using it to look at cute girl bunnies.”

Junior laughed. “I won’t, Dad.”

” Good! Now get some sleep its way past your bed time.” Hosancarrot tucked Junior into bed.

” Are you still coming to career day this Monday?”

” Of course, I am!”

” Ok good! Do you want to know what my birthday wish was?”

” Sure!”

” To be a detective just like you.”

” A detective is a very tough job I know I make it look easy, but it’s very tough and dangerous. If you became a detective your mother would be worried all the time. You should be something more safer like a cashier.”

” A cashier is boring a detective is exciting.”

” That may be true, but everyone can’t be a detective. Now get some sleep”

” Ok, I love you Dad goodnight.”

” I love you, son goodnight.”

Hosancarrot walked out the bedroom, and turned off the light.

It was midnight and HoundDog robbed the BunnyTale City museum. The next day Hosancarrot was at the Detective Company. ” Hosancarrot, I need to see you in my office,” said Scott Safety.

Hosancarrot walked in Scott Safety’s office sat down. ” What’s up?” said Hosancarrot. Scott Safety was sitting behind his desk. ”HoundDog robbed The BunnyTale City Museum.”

” HoundDog finally came out of hiding?” asked Hosancarrot.

” Yes and he stole the body of King Leroy!”

” Oh no not the body of King Leroy! Who’s King Leroy?”

” A thousand years ago there was an evil rabbit named King Leroy.” Scott explained. “He ruled over all the rabbits in the desert. He lived inside a pyramid, and he had a special power that no one knew about, he was a shape shifter that means he can transform into any person place or thing. All the rabbits in the dessert were afraid to disobey him. One night when King was sleeping in his pyramid, he got bit by a vampire bat. King Leroy became an evil shape shifting vampire rabbit king. He bit all his loyal subjects, and they became evil shape shifting vampires. Sunlight is harmful to vampires, but since he was born in the desert the sunlight didn’t harm him. King Leroy had no weaknesses nothing could kill him until one day he ate a carrot. King Leroy didn’t know that carrot were poisonous to vampire rabbits, and he died. You must find out what HoundDog is planning to do with King Leroy’s body.”

” Don’t worry, Scott! I’m on the case.”

Hosancarrot left and drove to the BunnyTale City Museum.

Meanwhile at HoundDog’s evil underwater dog boned shaped lair, HoundDog was laughing evilly.” It’s a good thing my evil lair has invisibility mode, it's been twelve years and no one has been able to find me.” HoundDog was talking to himself. I’ve had a lot of time to think of a new evil plan. I am going to bring King Leroy the most evil shape shifting vampire back to life, with my back from the dead laser gun.”

HoundDog was holding his Back From the Dead Laser Gun in his hand. HoundDog aimed the gun at King Leroy’s coffin, and fired. A bright green laser beam shot out of the gun, and zapped King Leroy’s coffin. After HoundDog fired the gun, King Leroy’s coffin opened, and King Leroy jumped out. He had pale green fur, and dark yellow eyes.

King Leroy looked around. ”Where am I? I demand to know who woke me up!”

HoundDog stared at Leroy. ” Hi! King Leroy! I’m HoundDog, and you're in my evil underwater dog bone shaped lair. You have been dead for a thousand years, I brought you back to life with my Back From the Dead Laser Gun.”

Leroy looked around. ” This is the future?”

” Yes!” said HoundDog.

Leroy took a closer look at your at HoundDog. ” You're a dog?”

”Well, no not really I’m a rabbit in robot dog suit.”

”A robot dog suit? Do you have any other future objects?”

”I have a cell phone.”

” What is a cell phone?” HoundDog gave King Leroy his cell phone, and Leroy took pictures with it.

”I like cell phones,” said Leroy.

”I’m glad is it true you can shape shift into anything?” asked HoundDog.


Leroy quickly turned into HoundDog. HoundDog stared at Leroy in amazement.” Wow you're really handsome, what else can you turn into?”

King Leroy turned into a bat, a lion, and then a cow. ” King Leroy, I think where gonna be best friends forever, and together we will destroy Detective Hosancarrot once and for all!” King Leroy looked around, and suddenly became very angry. King Leroy screamed “Where is my crown?”

” It’s probably at the museum.”

“Museum? You must take me to this museum at once or you will feel my wrath!” demanded Leroy.

HoundDog became very scared. ” Ok, chill! will go get your crown right now.” Meanwhile at BunnyTale City Museum, the owner of the museum took Hosancarrot to King Leroy’s exhibit.” This is where King Leroy’s coffin was stolen,” said the owner.

HoundDog didn’t take King Leroy’s crown. King Leroy’s crown was in a big glass box. Hosancarrot looked up, and saw giant hole in the ceiling.” I think I know how HoundDog broke into the museum,” said Hosancarrot.

Suddenly HoundDog showed up in his helicopter. A bat flew down, and landed in the museum. The bat turned into King Leroy. ” I am King Leroy the most evil shape shifting vampire rabbit king in history I am here for my crown.”

King Leroy looked at the owner of the museum.” You their peasant give me my crown.”

The owner was terrified ” Sure thing, King Leroy!”

” No! Don’t give it to him.” cried Hosancarrot.

” Ok, Detective Hosancarrot!” said the owner.

” King Leroy! I’m Detective Hosancarrot the best rabbit detective in history, and if you want your crown you have to go through me.”

” Ok, then!” Leroy turned into a bat, flew on the Owner’s shoulder Leroy bit the owner in the neck.

The owner screamed “Ow my neck! I don’t feel so good!” The Owner’s fur quickly became pale green, and his eyes turned bright yellow. The Owner was now a shape shifting vampire rabbit. “Attack Detective Hosancarrot! King Leroy demanded. The Owner and Hosancarrot started fighting. Hosancarrot swung his left fist. The Owner blocked Hosancarrot’s punch, and pulled his ears. Hosancarrot screamed” Ow! And slapped the Owner in his face. As they were fighting, King Leroy was staring at his crown in the glass case. King Leroy turned into a grizzly bear, and smashed the glass case with his giant bear paw. King Leroy placed the crown on his head turned into a bat. ” Come with my new servant,” said King Leroy.

The Owner stopped fighting, and turned into a bat. The Owner and King Leroy flew onto HoundDog’s helicopter together.” See you later!” said HoundDog. He flew away laughing. Hosancarrot called Scott Safety and told him King Leroy stole his crown, and got away

with HoundDog. ” Don’t worry Detective Hosancarrot we will find out where they are hiding,” said Scott.

Later that night Hosancarrot was sitting at the dinner table eating chicken and mash potatoes. Tiffany was sitting at the other end of the table eating her dinner.

” Hosancarrot, how was your day?” asked Tiffany.

Hosancarrot was chewing on a piece of chicken.” Well, I met King Leroy the most evil vampire, shape shifting rabbit in history, and he tried to kill me! My day was great, honey.”

” It sounds like you defiantly had an interesting day. Well, I had a great day too, I got my fur done!”

” Wow! That’s great what does a rabbit have to get a glass of carrot juice around here?” Hosancarrot raised his glass cup.

Tiffany became mad. ” Excuse me?”

Hosancarrot realized what he said and apologized. “Im sorry, honey I’m just really upset King Leroy and HoundDog got away today.”

” I know Hosancarrot, but I know you catch them, and put them behind bars.” Tiffany got up from her chair and walked behind Hosancarrot’s chair.

”Thank you, honey!”

Hosancarrot gave Tiffany a kiss. Junior was playing his new video game, Bunny Brawl 2 in the living room.

” Junior stop playing that video game, and come eat your dinner,” said Tiffany.

” Ok, Mom!” Junior paused his video game, walked over to the dinner table, and sat down next to Hosancarrot.

Junior looked at Hosancarrot. ” Hey Dad I’m really excited that you're coming to Career Day tomorrow!”

Hosancarrot smiled. ” I know I’m really excited too!”

As Hosancarrot was eating dinner with his family, King Leroy and HoundDog was in the desert inside a pyramid. King Leroy was sitting on his golden throne. ” It’s good to be home,” said Leroy.

The Owner of the museum was standing next to King Leroy’s throne.” Can I get you anything, King Leroy?”

“Get me a root beer!” King Leroy demanded!

The Owner walked over to a mini refrigerator, grabbed a can of root beer, and then handed it to King Leroy.

King Leroy opened the can, and took a sip.” Wow’s that’s delicious! I haven’t had root beer in a thousand years!”

HoundDog looked around.” This is a really nice place you got here.”

”Thanks! Hey, HoundDog! Do you think you can bring my loyal servants back to life.”

”Of course, I can.”

HoundDog fired his Back From The Dead Laser gun at all five coffins of King Leroy’s loyal servants. All five coffins began to open.

”Rise and shine my loyal servants,” said King Leroy.

All five loyal servants had pale gray fur.” ” King Leroy is it really you?” said one of the servants.

” Yes! we all have come back with my new friend, HoundDog.”

All five servants stared at HoundDog.

”Hi! I brought you guys back to life with my Back From The Dead Ray,” said HoundDog.

” And with his help we will be able to destroy our new enemy, Detective Hosancarrot, and take over the world!” explained King Leroy.

All five servants cheered.

The next day at BunnyTale City Elementary in a classroom, career day was written in chalk on the chalkboard all the bunnies were sitting behind their desks. The teacher Mrs. Tammy TeacherBunny was sitting behind her desk by the chalkboard. Hosancarrot was standing in front of the class. ”Class I want you all to say hello to Detective Hosancarrot,” said Mrs. TeacherBunny.

All the bunnies in the classroom said,” Hello Detective Hosancarrot!”

Hosancarrot smiled “Hi everyone its great to be here! I use to go to this school when I was a little bunny just like you. As most of you know I am Junior’s dad, and I am a detective. Being a detective isn’t easy you have to be brave and smart.”

”My dad’s a baker!” said a bunny.

Hosancarrot looked at the bunny. “That’s great but I’m talking here, ok?”


Hosancarrot continued “Ok, great! Now where did I leave off?”

The Bunny yelled “My dad has a TV show it’s called The Baker Bunny, it’s on the Baking Channel on Monday nights at 8.”

”That’s awesome but while your dad is baking cake I’m fighting dangerous criminals to keep the city safe.”

” My dad can bake any cake in the world.”

Hosancarrot started to become very mad. ” Well if your dad is such a great baker why isn’t he here at career day?”

” He’s busy baking a cake for the mayor.”

Hosancarrot became surprised. ” Really? That’s so cool!”

” Yeah, he’s the one who baked Junior’s birthday cake.”

” Seriously? Well tell your dad I said thank you it was a delicious cake.”

The classroom bell rang it was time for lunch. Hosancarrot and Junior were eating in the cafeteria. Hosancarrot looked down at the grilled cheese sandwich on his food tray, he picked it up took one bite, and quickly spite it out of his mouth.” I see the food is still terrible.”

” Thanks for coming to Career Day, Dad! I have the best dad ever!”

” You're welcome, son! I know I’m awesome.”

Tiffany showed up. ” Hi Mom!”

Junior gave Tiffany a hug.

” Hi, honey How was Career Day?”

” It was great, Dad is the best!”

” Good I’m glad!”

” Tiffany, what are you doing here?” asked Hosancarrot.

”My dad told me that HoundDog, King Leroy, and six shape shifting vampire zombie rabbits are robbing a continent store. We have to leave, right now.”

” Six shape shifting vampire zombie rabbits, can I come?” asked Junior.

Hosancarrot and Tiffany both said,” No!” At the same time!

“Why not?”

” I’m sorry, son I told you it was too dangerous,” said “But I want to help. Junior cried. Tiffany said,” I’m sorry Junior but we have to go will see you later. Hosancarrot and Tiffany left the elementary school.

Meanwhile at the connivence store, the six shape shifting vampire zombie rabbits were eating chocolate bars.” Hey guys, if you want to eat the chocolate bars you have to buy them,” said the cashier behind the counter.

King Leroy pointed his laser gun at the cashier. ” Shut up, give me all the money in the cash register!”

The Cashier became scared. “ Ok man, I’ll give you anything you want just don’t hurt me!”

Hosancarrot and Tiffany showed up, Hosancarrot shouted” King Leroy put the gun down!” King Leroy pointed his laser gun at Hosancarrot. ” Detective Hosancarrot it’s nice to see you again.”

“I wish I could say the same. Where’s HoundDog?” asked Hosancarrot.

” He’s working on a plan on how we can take over the world together.” King Leroy stared at Tiffany, and quickly had little red hearts in his eyes. “Who is the beautiful rabbit standing next to you?”

” This is my wife, Tiffany.”

“Tiffany, my dear how would you like to marry a king, and be my queen?”

“ Sorry pal, but she's already married to a king.”

Tiffany started laughing, at Hosancarrot. “Who calls you a king?”

Hosancarrot stared at Tiffany. ” A few people do?”

“Like Who?”

“My mom.”

Tiffany continued to laugh. ” Your mom doesn’t count.”

”Yes she does! Tiffany honey don’t embarrass me in front of the evil villain. King Leroy you're under arrest.”

”Take one step closer Detective Hosancarrot, and I’ll turn the cashier into one of my servants.”

”No I’m too young and handsome to become an evil shape shifting vampire,” The cashier was a teenager he had acne on his face.

Hosancarrot fired his laser gun at King Leroy. A bright red laser beam was coming toward King Leroy, King Leroy quickly ducked down. The bright red laser beam zapped the shelf full of snacks behind him. The cashier rolled his eyes. “Great! I just stalked that shelf.

King Leroy shouted” Servants attack Detective Hosancarrot and his beautiful wife Tiffany.”

Seven zombie rabbits were running toward Hosancarrot and Tiffany. Hosancarrot punched one rabbit zombie in the face. Tiffany quickly spun around, and kicked two zombie rabbits in the face.

King Leroy snuck up behind Tiffany and bit her on the neck. Tiffany screamed. “OW!” Her fur turned pale green, and her eyes turned bright yellow.

Hosancarrot shouted,”Tiffany, no!”

“Tiffany, my dear come with me and be my queen,” demanded King Leroy.

Tiffany was now under King Leroy’s control. “Yes, King Leroy! I love you!” King Leroy kissed Tiffany.

“Everyone it's time to leave,” said King Leroy.

” No, I’m not letting you get away this time,” cried Hosancarrot.

King Leroy, Tiffany, and all seven zombie rabbits turned into bats. “See you later Detective Hosancarrot,” said King Leroy. and flew out the convenience store with Tiffany, and all seven zombie rabbits.

Meanwhile Hosancarrot Junior was playing Bunny Brawl 2. As he was playing there was a knock at the door. Junior paused the game, got up, and answered the door. When Junior opened the door he saw Scott Safety.

“Hey, there’s my favorite grandson!”

“Hey Grandpa what are you doing here?”

“I’d just thought I’d stop by and watch you while your parents are working.”

“I’m fine, Grandpa I don’t need a babysitter.”

“I know! I just wanted to beat you at Bunny Brawl 2.”

“Your on!”

Junior and Scott Safety started playing Bunny Brawl 2, then Hosancarrot opened the front door and walked in. Junior could tell by the look on Hosancarrot’s face that something was wrong. “Are you ok, Dad?”

Hosancarrot looked at Junior. “ Son I have some bad news your mother was kidnapped by King Leroy the most evil zombie vampire rabbit in history, and he turned your mother into a evil zombie vampire rabbit.”

“What? We have to save her now!” cried Junior

“I don’t know where King Leroy and HoundDog are.”

“Don’t worry, I”ll have every detective at the Detective Company find out where they are,” said Scott.

Hosancarrot thought about something for a second, and then had an idea. “Wait a minute! Scott didn’t you say King Leroy use to live in pyramid in the dessert?”

“Yeah!” Scott confirmed.

“Then that’s where they are, we have to leave, right now!” Hosancarrot and Scott jumped into the Hosancarrot Mobile.

Junior ran outside, “I want to come too!”

“No! Sorry, son it's too dangerous.”

“But I want to make sure mom is ok!”

“Hosancarrot just let him come,” said Scott.

Hosancarrot looked at Junior. “Ok, fine but be careful if anything happens to you, your mother will turn me into rabbit stew.”

“I promise.” Junior got inside the bus. The Hosancarrot Mobile turned into a plain, and flew off into the air.

HoundDog was in King Leroy’s pyramid and he just thought of a plan on how they can take over the world. King Leroy, Tiffany, and the seven zombie rabbits flew into the pyramid as bats. King Leroy turned back into a rabbit

“ King Leroy I’m glad you're back I just thought of a great plan on how we can take over the world.”

“ Really? Tell me.”

“Well if I had a piece of your fur I could create a ray gun that will turn everyone in the world into a zombie vampire rabbit.” HoundDog explained.

King Leroy gave HoundDog a piece of his fur. HoundDog put the piece of fur in a ray gun. ” King Leroy, say hello to the zombie Vampire Transformation Ray.” HoundDog pointed the gun at one of his guard dogs, and pulled the trigger. A bright red laser beam fired out of gun, and zapped the guard dog. The guard dog turned into a vampire zombie rabbit.

“That’s really cool!” said King Leroy.

“I know!”

“HoundDog I have some big news to tell you!”

“Really what is it?”

King Leroy pointed at a bat sitting on the floor. “HoundDog I would like you to meet my beautiful fiancé, Tiffany.” Tiffany turned back into a rabbit.

HoundDog was surprised. “Tiffany! Awesome you turned Hosancarrot’s wife into a vampire zombie rabbit.”

“Yes I did! I want the wedding to be tomorrow.”

“Ok!” said HoundDog.

“And I want you to bring my mom back to life. She’s been waiting a thousand years for me to get married. I’ll show you where she is follow me.”

King Leroy took HoundDog to a room, inside it was King Leroy’s mothers coffin. HoundDog fired his Back from the Dead Ray Gun at the coffin then the coffin lid was pushed off. King Leroy’s Mom sat up in the coffin, she took off her sleep mask, and shouted “Leroy this better be good. I don’t like anyone interrupting my beauty sleep!”

“I have a really good reason for waking you up mom I finally found a beautiful woman to marry me.”

King Leroy’s mom jumped out of her coffin. “Really?”

“Yes!” said King Leroy, and pointed to Tiffany.

King Leroy’s mom looked at Tiffany. “Wow she’s beautiful! It's about time you finally found a beautiful woman to marry you.”

“Nice to meet you, King Leroy’s mom.”

“Please honey, call me Patty.”

“Ok, nice to meet you!” said Tiffany.

” Hi, Patty! I’m the one who brought your son back to life,” said HoundDog.

Patty looked at HoundDog. “Thank you very much! What kind of dog are you?”

“Well, actually I’m not really a dog I’m a rabbit in a robot dog suit.”

Patty was surprised. “A robot dog suit? Wow! I really did have a long nap, so when’s the wedding?”

”Today, mom!”

Patty gave King Leroy a hug. ” I’m so happy for you, I wish the whole family was alive to see this!”

“I could bring them back to life with my Back From the Dead Ray Gun,” said HoundDog.

Patty became happy. “Really! Oh, how wonderful!”

Meanwhile Hosacarrot was in the desert flying in the Hosancarrot mobile with Scott Safety and Hosancarrot Junior.

“Are we there yet dad? This has been a long ride and I’m getting hungry.”

“We’re almost there son, I’m hungry too.”

” Hosancarrot look!” Scott pointed his finger to the right.

Hosancarrot looked and saw a Bunny Burger restaurant. “Well, Junior we can’t rescue your mom on an empty stomach let’s get something to eat.”

Hosancarrot pulled up to the drive thru menu. A voice came over the loudspeaker. “Welcome to Bunny Burger can I take your order?”

“Yeah, can I have two double cheese burgers?” said Hosancarrot.

At King Leroy’s pyramid King and Leroy and Tiffany were standing by each other. King Leroy was wearing a black tuxedo and Tiffany was wearing a white wedding dress. King Leroy’s whole family was sitting in rows on chairs.

King Leroy’s brother Lloyd looked around. “This is so unbelievable all these people never showed up for my wedding.”

King Leroy’s mother Patty was sitting next to him. “Shut-up, Lloyd and be happy for your brother.”

“I’ll try but its going to be hard.”

HoundDog was standing at the alter, “Hello, everyone we are gathered here today because King Leroy and Tiffany are getting married.”

Patty screamed, “Finally!”

“Can we hurry this up I have a thousand years of TV shows to catch up on,”

“ Shut up, Lloyd or I will ground you for a thousand years.”

“Oh, please do!” Lloyd screamed back.

HoundDog continued talking. “We are gathered here today because King Leroy and Tiffany are getting married, if anyone has any reason why theses two should not be wed speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Suddenly a voice screamed, “Stop!” Everyone looked behind them and saw Hosancarrot. He was holding a gun standing next to Scott Safety.

“Detective Hosancarrot, so nice of you to join us,” said King Leroy.

“Well, I can’t let my wife marry an ugly, old, zombie vampire rabbit.”

“Well she is.”

King Leroy’s brother Lloyd started laughing. “You called yourself old and ugly.

“Shut up, Lloyd! Guards get rid of Detective Hosancarrot!”

Two zombie vampire rabbits started running toward Hosancarrot. Hosancarrot quickly aimed and fired his gun at the two rabbits. A dark green laser beam shot out of the gun, and zapped the two rabbits. The two rabbits were no longer zombie vampire rabbits.

King Leroy was surprised. “How did you turn them back to normal?”

“The awesome scientists at the Scott Safety Detective Company,” said Scott.

Suddenly twelve detectives ran inside the pyramid, and surrounded everyone inside the pyramid. The detectives had their guns aimed at King Leroy. Twelve detectives had the pyramid surrounded outside.

“ It's over, King Leroy.”

“Wrong, Detective Hosancarrot. King Leroy turned into a bat and flew out of the pyramid.

“Go after, King Leroy will take care of his family,” said Scott.

Hosancarrot was wearing his rocket shoes. He blasted out of the pyramid looking for King Leroy. Hosancarrot found King Leroy, and chased him for miles. King Leroy snuck up behind Hosancarrot, and bit his left rocket shoe off. Hosancarrot fell out of the sky and landed on the ground. Hosancarrot was laying on the ground, he had sand in his mouth. Hosancarrot stood up spitting sand out of his mouth. King Leroy landed on the ground and turned back into a rabbit. Hosancarrot looked at King Leroy. “Ew why do you live in a giant litter box?”

“It’s over Detective Hosancarrot I’m going to turn you into a zombie vampire rabbit, and you're going to be one of my slaves. Do you have any last words?”

Suddenly a voice said “Carrot juice.”

King Leroy got shot in the back with carrot juice. “OW! It burns!” cried King Leroy. He fell to the ground.

Hosancarrot looked around and saw his son holding a gun full of carrot juice. Hosancarrot ran over and gave his son a hug. “Junior, what are you doing here? “I took a pair of your rocket shoes, and followed you. Grandpa told me that carrots were poisonous to zombie vampire rabbits so I decided to use carrot juice.”

Hosancarrot gave his son another hug, “Smart son, I’m so proud of you, but you're grounded for two weeks. I told you being a detective is dangerous, but I’m so proud of you.” “Thanks, dad! King Leroy started to stand up.

Junior quickly shot him in the face with carrot juice

King Leroy screamed “OW! My handsome face.”

“Nice shot, son let’s get your mother, and let’s go home.”

Tiffany was turned back into a normal rabbit. HoundDog escaped. King Leroy shared a jail cell with his whole family. They were all wearing orange jumpsuits.

At the jail King Leroy’s mother Patty slapped him in the face. “I was dead for a thousand years you, bring me and you're whole back to life, and get us put in jail.”

King Leroy was disappointed in himself. “I’m sorry, mom.”

“Who’s your favorite son now, mom?” asked Lloyd.

Patty slapped him in the face. “Shut up, Lloyd.”


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